DECEMBER 24, 9:53 PM (Negros Avenue)

Just as I have thought and imagined, there was only a single road inside the Maharlika Subdivision, and there were no other smaller streets or alleyways leading to other parts of the village for there seemed to be no other part of the subdivision other than the houses I noticed, the street lamps beside the houses that shone their light on the way, and the road I had been traversing. That was why despite the bloody footsteps ending in the fifth houses I passed through, I did not become confused and therefore managed to run through my course in order to find the murderer. I had known that the name of the solely wide road I ran on was Negros Avenue when I saw some street poles installed near the street lamps, and that was where I got the street's name. As I continued on sprinting, it seemed as if I ran through an endless path of cars and houses. I stopped and took some rest beside the street lamps when I became too tired for around three to five minutes before continuing on my pursuit to find the suspect. Thoughts of giving up were also circulating inside my mind, but I suppressed it by realising the fact that not only the woman should be given justice for the dreadful fate that rested upon her, but I was also already deep inside the subdivision, and therefore turning back and returning to guardhouse would make my marathon inside Maharlika Subdivision go into vain. Besides, I thought as well, the murderer might have acted alone, and no one would then act to tamper any evidence of the woman's death on the suspect's behalf or dispatch the corpse into an unsearchable place. My run had been cut short when I saw a pair of rubber shoes while I passed on the eleventh houses inside the subdivision. I stopped for a while and examined the shoes to seek more clues and information about the murderer. The pair of rubber shoes I discovered had a black and white colour alternating on it as primary design, as well as other smaller yet more specific designations. The shoelaces were white and were made of fabric, while the rubber soles were black. I touched the two shoes, even if I could or would tamper the evidence with my own fingerprints, and noticed that the soles were wet. I lifted the shoes up carefully and when the viscous liquid dropped on the surface of the road, I noticed that it had a darker red colour, as if the shoes stepped on blood. With this additional information, I confirmed that it was the shoes of the murderer and whoever he or she was could have removed it in order to remove the tracks he or she had made while on the run. When my palpitating heart has finally been calm, I persisted on running, and the houses on the side of Negros Avenue were cut short by a wide grassfield especially on the left side of the road, and I stopped when the grassland was on my sight. The grassfield was slightly on a lower level compared to the road and even to the houses, and I leaned on a wall of a two-storey family house when I saw the wide grassfield, whose green colour was also obvious since there were still street lamps installed on the side of the road. Yet this light only had a limited range, and this could not completely illuminate the entire grassfield. The surroundings were quiet, with the wind remaining to blow on its path, maintaining the cold temperature I had already been experiencing for hours. While I rested my body on the wall of the house whose residents I never honestly knew, I noticed a man in a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans approximately a few metres away from the house I leaned upon. The man stopped running on the left side of the road before looking around his surroundings but never looking back and making a descent to the grassland. It was like as if the man, who seemed to be the murderer I had been searching due to him not wearing any footwear, which signified to me that he owned the blood-tainted rubber shoes I have found and therefore pointing him as the suspect, found himself on a dead end and had no choice but to go down to the grassland. I was tempted to follow him, but I had to be careful in order to not be caught by him. I took slow steps to approach him and possibly to either apprehend him or convince him to surrender. I fastened my pace in a quiet manner to catch up with the man. I stopped by a street lamp and hid behind it to avoid detection. I peeped from the back of the street lamp to see where he would go. I still had plans to track the man down to see where he would go and report his whereabouts or much better, catch him. He stopped running in the grassfield when he had covered a few distances away from the road. It was my chance. The grass in the field was moderately tall, and if I could sneak well enough, I could quietly approach him and put him down. I executed on my plan and crept through the grasslands and tried not to not make any sound. I tiptoed on the fields while slightly crouching my body down and gently pushing the tall grass aside to pass by when suddenly the man, the suspect, the murderer let out a deafening bellow that lasted around five seconds and put me to a halt. I raised my body a bit and even if I was still far away from the man, I managed nonetheless to see stains of blood in his arms as well as on his t-shirt. He also held a dagger on his right hand, with the blade covered in the red fluid. I could be able to see that the blade of the dagger was around 12 centimetres, and since the blade was almost completely covered in blood, I assumed that the dagger completely pierced through the woman's body, effectively killing her. The man, who was weeping loudly and strongly and giving out a few more shouts of agony and pain, was tightly gripping the hold of the dagger. I could interpret from these actions that the man killed the woman out of grief and pain. That he did not want to kill the woman but somehow he had to due to some reason which I myself had no knowledge of. But I was certain that it could be a crime of passion, a crime committed out of love. However, I couldn't be certain as to the whole story of the victim and the suspect.

I wanted to continue on creeping through the fields in order to finally put him down, but my feet stayed on the ground when the man changed the way he held his dagger, as if the blade faced the opposite direction. He was no longer screaming, but he was still crying albeit in a low volume. I witnessed as the man aimed the blade to his own body and raised the dagger high before the final act was done. The man ended his own life by forcefully staking the dagger, the weapon he had used to murder the woman, on to his body, either on the chest or the stomach, before struggling and groaning due to the pain brought by the blade impaled on his body. In less than a minute, the man's struggle and suffering was finally put to an end and his now lifeless body fell down the field he ran to earlier, with the blood spurting out of his body seeping through the soil, watering the grass and moistening the ground his corpse served as his final resting place. I became immobile in my position for around ten seconds before I moved and finally stood up, making myself more visible. I ran through the field without having anything on my mind but the suicide I just witnessed, and made my way to the murderer's dead body. When I had finally got close to him, I inspected the suspect to get clues about him. The dagger was penetrated on his chest and still stuck on his body. The man, just liked the woman, died with his eyes open as well as his mouth, though not too wide. The man's face had slightly handsome features. He also had brown eyes, a more tanned but spotless skin, a pointed nose, and a set of lips that were a little thicker than the woman's lips, but still not too wide. The man had a slightly athletic built, had a well-cut and well-maintained hair style, and was around 5'9" to 5'11" tall. His body fell down on an area that had shorter grass than the usual in the field. The suspect had handsome features, whilst the woman was beautiful. They were somehow a match for me. It was remorseful that both their lives had to end in an awful manner. It seemed useless for me to stare at the poor man's dead body for much longer, and with that I decided to not touch the corpse and walked away from the fields and into the road.

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