Chapter 6


Zenovia’s lips and tongue were so delicious and sweet, setting aside the orange juice taste. It was intoxicating. Her lips were so soft and addictive; I couldn’t stop myself from deepening the kiss and pushing my tongue inside her mouth, which made her moan a little. 

Fuck! That sound was so good in my ears. Add to that, her kissing me back was already driving my hard staff insane, jerking inside my pants.

“Let’s get out of here,” I whispered to her when I broke off the kiss. 

Her eyes slowly opened, and she looked dazed. It amused me to see her smoky gray orbs gazing at me with so much desire. I knew she wanted more. I could feel it straight to my boner!

“W-where are we going?” She managed to ask, blinking, as though waking up from the trance.

I was still holding her chin, and my mouth was so close to hers. I could smell her warm breath. “Is your hotel close by?

She cleared her throat. “Yes.

I immediately stood up and took my wallet from my jeans back pocket, then summoned the waitress to our table. I left the 500 Romanian bill, told the waitress to keep the change and grabbed Zenovia’s hand. “Let’s go.” I discreetly signaled my bodyguards with just a look, and they stood up slowly to follow us.

“I just used a cab,” she informed me, slightly embarrassed.

I wondered why though and smiled at her. “It’s no problem. I rented a car, so you can just tell me the address and we’ll enter it in the GPS.” I winked at her.

My bodyguards would just follow me, and one already called my aunt that I would bail on her, so she should just have to entertain herself around here while I am busy with a girl. Anyways, she must have foreseen this when I agreed to have a vacation with her. She didn’t expect much that we’d explore together at all times. She understood my moods about this whole vacation thing. Besides, I knew she was also doing the same, while a couple of Russian bodyguards inconspicuously tailed her, as per my instruction.

Back in the Black Church, she told me there was a man she wanted to talk to. But that actually followed when she saw Zenovia staring at me and told me about it, as if I wasn’t having an eye contact with the Romanian girl.

Now Zenovia gave me a small smile. The car was parked near the Black Church, so we had to retrace our steps. 

As soon as we arrived in front of her hotel, which only had three stories and was situated on an elevated part of the city, she held my forearm. In the rearview mirror, I saw my bodyguards in another vehicle, unostentatiously parking not far away. They would just wait for me here, outside the hotel while I go in with Zenovia.

“Wait,” she said before I could get out of the car and open the door for her. I had no idea but I showed my gentleman side to her, which was rarely displayed even with the women in my family. But well, I only had Aunt Marisha as my family.

“What is it?” Despite the drive, I still had my boner. Chert poberi! (Damn it!) I couldn’t wait to fuck her already.

“I-I need you to sign something first before we do this.

My jaw hung open as I stared at her in disbelief. I was even speechless.

“It’s for both our interests, I promise,” she quickly added. “Besides, I can show you all my medical papers to assure you that I don’t have any disease that might contract you.

Wow! This was unbelievable! Incredible even. I hadn’t expected this coming. At all. See what I mean that she wasn’t ordinary? I just knew it from the start. So, there I was glancing at the scanned documents saved on her cell phone; her lavender-polished finger was fast to swipe every single one of them and enough for me to read them since they were translated in English. I could say she was prepared to have this affair with anyone. And it so happened she had eyes on me to be the father of the baby she wanted.

Apparently, I hadn’t thought much about the baby she talked about. All that registered in my brain was that we would have an affair for a period of time, which only God knows until when—until she got pregnant. Most probably only God knows if this was going to last for only a month. Well, more or less. 

The condition just hit me now. The baby. I must have been under a spell or something but then when I looked at Zenovia again after checking all those authentic-looking documents, I didn’t doubt her at all. I could see the sincerity in her.

“I have here the contract that you must sign before we do the act,” she added.

I couldn’t suppress a chuckle. This was an affair, not a business deal. But then, she was so serious about it that I couldn’t help but go along. I found myself nodding to her in agreement, which made her eyes dance in satisfaction. Ah, chert poberi! I would even give away my company just to see her happy. 

‘Now, where did it come from?’ I wondered. 

In just an hour of being with her, I must have lost my mind. Logically, it wasn’t good. But then everything about her screamed illogical, and I was acting spontaneously. Or was it something from deep inside me that propelled me to do it, which was supposed to be out of my own set of norm?

“You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?” I said.

She nodded. There it was again, her pleading eyes. And something else. Desperation? But why?

“Why?” I had to know. After all, I was going to be the father of her baby. I wanted to know what I was into.

“I want a baby but I don’t want to be married. I don’t want to be bound by someone,” was her reply. “To top it off, I need the baby ASAP!

I stared at her for a long moment, and then, I glanced at the agreement she already prepared, which said:

Agreement for Having a Baby

This agreement is made on ____ day of July, (year) in (city), Romania between CUZA, Zenovia (address), who’s known as Party A from here onwards, 

and (man’s name and address), who’s known as Party B henceforth. 

This agreement shall perform and fulfill the following:

1.      Sexual Affair

a.       Party B agrees that he will have a secret affair and agreement with Party A.

b.      Party B must protect Party A’s reputation during and after the affair. In return, Party A will do the same.

c.       Party B will not engage in other sexual activities of any form with a third party until this agreement has expired. The same goes for Party B.

d.      Party B will agree with everything Party A says with regards to sexual positions and the like. Party A may consider Party B’s suggestions if it doesn’t harm or hurt her.

e.       Forced sexual engagement is a no-no. If this is breached, the responsible party shall face the legal consequences.

2.       The Baby

a.       Party B agrees that Party A will have the sole and legal custody of the baby.

b.      Party A will not ask a single cent from Party B from pregnancy onwards.

c.       Party B will not appear in front of Party A or the baby when it is born, meaning that he will relinquish his parenthood as soon as Party A has conceived.

3.      Termination

a.       This agreement can be terminated when either Party A or Party B wants to, or

b.      This agreement is terminated when Party A is clinically confirmed pregnant.

c.       No financial liability is included in this agreement or affair from the beginning to end and its aftermath.

The signatures in this agreement are legally binding in both parties’ countries.

Party A (signature and date)                                             Party B (signature and date)

I saw she already signed hers with a date. Then my eyes lifted to meet Zenovia’s. Should I agree to all this?

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