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Grammy Winner Neo to Celebrate Christmas & New Year in India!

The latest to do India proud on the international platform is the young, Indian origin, heart-throb of international music, Neo!

Winner of 2 grammys; Best New Artist and Song of the Year for ‘I’m Not Done With You Yet’, is currently in India!

Though the official word is that he is on a personal visit to the country of his origin, the buzz is that he might hold a mini concert here in amchi Mumbai!

The glitterati has already organized various events to welcome the rising pop star to India.

Minister of Information & Broadcasting, Ms.Smriti Irani, has extended a warm welcome to Neo.

She has expressed her delight in his win at such a tender age. She hails him as a reflection of the youth of today, hardworking & focused! She has wished him her very best for his future endeavours!

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Aarohi was hanging by the tips of her fingernails here.

‘I’m Not Done With You Yet’ had been playing in a loop in her car, non-stop for the last 2 hours!

And Dev, her very soon-to-be-ex-best-friend’s enthusiasm to sing along the song in his high-pitched nasal voice still hadn’t abated!

Each note had sounded like nails scratching across a blackboard, yet unaware Dev had been enthusiastically singing the same song over and over and over and over again!

He didn’t know it, but their arrival at the airport had just saved his life and their friendship from a gruesomely violent demise!

Best friend or not, Aarohi’s patience with Dev & his starry-eyed fanboy love for popstar Neo had reached its limit a long time ago, like 2 hours ago!

“Aarohi”, whined Dev, “how unfortunate am I?

‘Wrong! You are extremely extremely lucky. You just don’t know it yet!’, thought Aarohi maliciously.

“I’m going back to Delhi just when my most most most favourite idol Neo is here in town, in Mumbai.

“It is so unfair!”, Dev pouted in overdramatic misery.

Rolling her eyes at Dev’s pathetic attempt at gaining sympathy, she pushed him and his suitcase uncaringly inside the departure gates.

Wishing him a pleasant journey home with thinly disguised glee, Aarohi hurried her friend inside the gates!

Finally cottoning on to his friend’s unfeeling attitude towards his heart and its condition, Dev disheartenedly dragged himself and his luggage towards the check-in counters.

At 19, Aarohi was much more responsible than her 24 year old friend! His unapologetic childish behaviour & unfailing loyalty had won him the friendship of an always serious Aarohi eons ago!

But that did not mean that Aarohi had not pulled herself right from the brink of manslaughter multiple times since knowing Dev.

Even at his age, Dev was surprisingly innocent to the ways of the world. How he was surviving in the big bad world of corporate was anyone’s guess. But apparently he was quite successful, given his 6-figure salary!

Breathing a sigh of relief at successfully sending her charge home, Aarohi turned to leave.

But the next second she found herself falling backwards because of unceremoniously bumping into something aromatically solid!

However, before she could splatter awkwardly on the cemented floor, she found herself in a classic Bollywood ‘dip & hold’ pose while staring straight into sparkling moss colored eyes!

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