Laurel let her whole body splashed by the hot shower in the bathroom. Feel confused. Her head was still throbbing, but at least her mind had begun to focus. She was completely naked with Mr White, on the bed in the man's private room. Have they made love?

If so, why didn't Laurel feel any difference? Laurel had never made love to another man before, so she didn't know. But from what she had heard, the first moment was a painful moment. And the pain will be felt for a while. But at the moment she felt nothing. There was no difference in her body, no pain that was said to be felt in her womanhood long after the first night. Laurel hesitated. Did she really sleep with Mr. White last night?

Her mind hoped that it didn't really happen, maybe they just fell asleep together and didn't go too far, right? But ... Mr White's attitude was so intimate and sensual, it implied that they had become lovers ...

Tears rolled down Laurel's eyes, tears of confusion and frustration. What should she do if she really had passed over her virginity to Mr. White? What should she do?

Laurel wiped her tears with trembling hands. She would ask Mr. White directly, maybe—unlike herself—he remembered what happened last night.

“I just found out that there are people who can get drunk just by drinking a glass of wine.

The man looked elegant and handsome, with his wet hair slicked back. Maybe he took a shower in another bathroom. He thrust a steaming hot cup of coffee in front of Laurel. “Drink it, maybe this will relieve your dizziness.

Laurel, who had put her dress back on last night, grabbed the coffee cup and held it in both hands. The atmosphere was very awkward for her even though Mr White appeared to be casual to her. She felt very cheap right now, putting back the dress she'd worn last night. Like the woman on the loose lifestyle who doesn't mind making love without the ties just for overnight fun.

“Did ... last night we do that?” Laurel's voice was low and hesitant, causing Aaron, who was pouring himself coffee to stop his movements and turned his head, staring at Laurel.

“Maybe. I do not remember.

Aaron momentarily felt sorry for Laurel, the girl was so pale and as Aaron thought she did not like the surprise this morning.

“But we most likely do.

After all, Aaron couldn't back down, he had come this far to have Laurel.

“But I didn't bleed, and there was no pain….“ Laurel swallowed hard as her voice disappeared in her throat. “We may not.

Aaron took his coffee cup and set it on the table in front of Laurel. He then sat opposite Laurel, staring at the woman with his sharp eagle eyes. “I've never had sex with a virgin before, Laurel, so I can't explain it to you.” Aaron is not lying about never having sex with a virgin before, he always chooses an experienced lover, who can satisfy his desires without feelings and without ties. “But from what I know, not all women feel pain and bleed the first night.

“If so, have we made love?” Laurel's face was white.

Aaron shrugged his shoulders. “I can't confirm it for you, dear, it seems I was too drunk last night and can't remember everything, just like you.” That's a lie, Aaron remembers everything, every second. “I think we should talk about our relationship in the future.

“Our relationship in the future?

“Yes, considering the possibility that I have tainted you, that will definitely be a very big problem for a nice girl like you. I will take responsibility. We can talk about marriage.


Laurel felt like a parrot, only able to mimic Mr. White's words. Is this boss kidding? Talking about marriage so easily? Marriage is important and sacred to Laurel. And that made her immediately reject Mr. White's offer. “I can't just marry you!

“You may already be carrying my future baby,” Aaron muttered calmly. “It didn't occur to you, did you, Laurel?

Laurel was stunned. Pregnant? But wouldn't that happen if they really had sex last night? Whereas now they are both not sure whether this really happened or not. “I'm going to see a doctor.

“And say what?” Aaron smiled sarcastically. “That you don't remember having sex or not and want to check your virginity?

Laurel swallowed hard, of course she couldn't do that, she would die of shame before she did. The throbbing in her head grew, between confusion and frustration, causing her to grimace in pain. Aaron saw it and pushed Laurel's coffee cup closer.

“Drink your coffee. Believe it will make you a little better,” he muttered softly as he took a sip of his own coffee.

Laurel complied. She took a sip of the coffee and felt a thick, bitter taste filling her mouth, regaining consciousness. They sat in silence, facing each other at the small dining table in the kitchen, until then Aaron sighed and started the conversation.

“I'm not going to push you, Laurel, you need to know I'm willing to take responsibility. You need to know that I've never tampered with an innocent girl before, and it's likely that you already had my child.” The man looked at Laurel, trying to compromise out of pity to see Laurel's face getting paler. “Maybe we can get engaged first until it's certain what our next action will be.” Laurel was silent, still confused about what to do.

“The engagement will not cost you. We will not announce it. Just between me and you and maybe some of our closest people. We can cancel at any time if it turns out that there is no agreement between us.

Aaron cursed himself for offering such a loose engagement. He should have married Laurel right away, making sure that the girl couldn't run away from him. But Aaron couldn't be rushed. Because the haste will only make Laurel more distant to him. He had to make Laurel feel comfortable with him, before then she would give herself up to him voluntarily.

Laurel fell silent at Mr. White's words. This man must be very good at negotiating, for he could put his words together in such a persuasive way. Laurel felt herself being persuaded. Which woman can find a man who is so responsible to her, remembering that if they were in that intimate relationship, there was no love in it. “I'll think about it.

“You have to take it, Laurel.” Aaron was half insistent, not wanting to give Laurel a chance to turn away and walk away from him. “You will be engaged to me and we will discuss marriage.” The man firmly stood up and looked at Laurel with an indisputable gaze. “Wait a minute. I will be back,” he muttered firmly, then left Laurel.

Before long, he came back. Carrying a box that, if Laurel was not mistaken, contained a ring.

Laurel's face immediately paled when she understood the seriousness of Aaron's side. “Wait a minute, Mr. White.

“Don't refuse, Laurel.” Mr. White smiled. “And call me by my name, call me White.” Although I would be very happy if you could call my real name with your soft lips, my real name… Aaron. Aaron winced as his conscience struck him. There would come a time when Laurel would call his real name, now he had to be satisfied to be called White, with no "Mr." in it. “I want to put this ring on your finger, a sign of our private engagement agreement.

“But… I can't just do it. Oh my, you can't just do that either.

“Me and you can.” Aaron's voice was so calm even though his heart was beating fast when he grabbed Laurel's finger, and put the beautiful little diamond ring on Laurel's finger. “This is an inherited ring from my father's family, which should be given to my fiancé. Look, it fits perfectly on your finger. Well, now we are engaged.

Laurel stared at her ringed fingers and felt a panic attack hit her, confusing her.

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