Brian really came that afternoon. With his dark green sweater and black pants wrapped around his long legs, he looked so handsome. However, Laurel could no longer feel attracted to him. The thought of Brian making out passionately with that woman made Laurel feel sick. That's why she stood some distance from Brian on the dormitory terrace and stared coldly at him.

“There's nothing to talk about anymore,” she muttered softly, trying to calm down.

Brian, on the other hand, was looking at Laurel with a look of regret. “I'm sorry, Laurel. I know you may feel disgusted by me. At the beginning of the night I asked you to be my lover and said love you, but then you found out I was messing with another woman.” The man ruffled his hair in frustration. “I myself do not know what happened to me, I am also sick and disgusted by myself.

Laurel was silent, did not flinch, even seeing Brian looking so sorry and frustrated did not make her feel sorry for some reason. She seemed to have gone numb to him.

“I want you to reconsider, yesterday I made a mistake and I don't know why I did it. Lyn, that woman, is indeed an easy woman who likes to seduce any man she wants. Somehow that night I was the target, I don't know why I couldn't refuse. Maybe it's because I'm a little drunk or maybe it's something else. I don't know, Laurel, I'm sure I never intended to betray you. I love you. I hope you understand that it was just a mistake and I won't do it again.

How can she be sure Brian won't do it again? A few moments later the man said he loved her, but at other times he made love to other women. Laurel couldn't accept Brian anymore, for whatever reason. Anything that ever had in her heart for Brian was now dead.

“I'm sorry, Brian.” Laurel looked sadly at Brian. “I really can't.

“Even if I kneel at your feet and beg for one more chance?” Brian looked at her expectantly.

“Don't do it, it won't work.” Laurel took a deep breath. “My feelings have gone numb.

Brian glared at her. “Is it because of Mr White?

Laurel was shocked, not expecting to receive such a question from him. “What do you mean?

“Mr. White.” Brian's voice became sharp. “I was here last night and waited for you until morning in the car, in front of the dorms, but you didn't come home. Did you spend the night with him, Laurel? Has he succeeded in seducing you and making you unable to accept me anymore?

“What the hell are you talking about, Brian?

“I know there's something weird about it all. Lyn, Mr. White's best friend who had never glanced at me before, even though she was famous for her reputation to play with men, but suddenly she seduced me hotly at Mr White's party. On the other hand, it happened that you and Mr. White found us. Then you suddenly spend the night with Mr. White.” Brian suddenly approached, then grabbed Laurel's hand and brought her to his face. “And you are wearing this ring! Is this from Mr. White, Laurel? Huh?

“Get off me, Brian! It hurts!” Laurel grimaced, trying to release Brian's grip on her hand. The grip was so strong it hurt her, but he was apparently too emotional.

“Let her go.

The stern and authoritative voice brought Brian to his senses and let Laurel's hand go. They turned together and found Aunt Sarah standing there, the woman had apparently returned from shopping.

“I hope you are polite when visiting this dorm. Otherwise you are not welcome here.” Aunt Sarah walked past the still stunned Brian, then pulled Laurel toward the door. “Come on in, Laurel.

Aunt Sarah takes Laurel in and closes the door from the inside, leaving Brian alone outside. The man still stood there for a moment, then gave up and walked away. A moment later, the sound of his car leaving the dormitory yard, made Laurel sigh.

“Are you okay?” Aunt Sarah's voice rang behind her. Laurel had almost forgotten that the house-mother was still standing behind her.

“Uh, I'm all right, Aunt.

“Thank goodness I came at the right time. I didn't expect Brian who seemed nice could be so rude to you.” Aunt Sarah gave her a doubtful look. “If there is anything you need to tell to make your heart more relieved, I'm ready to hear it, dear.

Laurel shook her head. “It's okay, aunt, I just want to calm down.

Aunt Sarah nodded her head and smiled understandingly, then left Laurel alone. She stood still and held her sore hand, Brian's rough grip earlier had bruised her skin a little. Laurel rubbed it to get rid of the pain. Her gaze was swept across the beautiful diamond ring on her ring finger, which Mr White had been firmly attached to there.

Brian may have gotten too carried away with emotions to link everything up in his negative thoughts and even scapegoat Mr. White as the mastermind of everything. What a stupid thought. How could it be Mr. White who got Lyn to seduce Brian? There is absolutely no gain in it for Mr. White. Laurel stared at the courtyard anxiously. What should she do now?