“Mr White's annual party was always lively,” Alin smiled while sitting at Laurel's table.

She already looked tired carrying her growing belly, her maternity leave was only a few days away, but she looked excited. “The food is absolutely high class, Mr White is really not stingy with us, his employees. You can't miss it.

Laurel laughed and played with the pen in her hand. “Are all employees invited?

“Of course, and most of them won't miss it. The year-end party at Mr White's house is one of the things you've been waiting for, you're coming, right, Laurel?

Brian had invited her to come together. Laurel thought to herself, suddenly feeling warm. She hadn't known Brian that long, but somehow it all felt right. They can chat for hours without feeling bored. Even Laurel realized that their relationship could go further.

“Your cheeks are flushed.” Alin laughed. “You're coming with Mr. Brian, right?

Laurel's cheeks flushed even more, she looked at Alin carefully. “Is that clear?” she asked in a whisper.

“What's clear?

“About our relationship.” Laurel brought her lips to Alin's ear and whispered softly, “Even Mr.White had time to ask me.

Alin frowned. “Mr.White asked you that? Wow, that never happened before, as far as I know, he never cared about the love gossip of his employees. If it were Mr. White to ask, maybe the rumors had exploded in such a way.” Alin chuckled. “But there's nothing to lose, you are a perfect match and Mr. Brian's heart finally anchored too.

It was Laurel who frowned. “Finally anchored too? What do you mean?

“Oops.” Alin seemed to feel guilty for letting go of talking. “I don't mean to expose Mr. Brian to disgrace, but it seems like he has changed since meeting you. In the past, Mr. Brian was known as a playboy, who liked to change girlfriends with unclear status. But humans can change and I hope your presence can change Mr. Brian for the better.

Laurel thought. Is it true that Brian was a playboy? But the man was very polite, very respectful, very kind. Maybe it's true what Alin said, Brian has changed for the better. Laurel really hopes so.


The night of the party, Brian picked her up even though it was a little late. The man looked neat and elegant in his dark blue shirt and casual suit.

“Sorry I'm late.” Brian looked at Laurel regretfully after he started the car. “My car tire was flat on the road earlier.

Laurel nodded her head and smiled. “It's okay, Brian.

Brian gave Laurel a meaningful look, confusing Laurel. “Why are you looking at me like that?

“It is okay.” The man looked away with a smile. “It's just that you are very different from the other women I've been close to. They will definitely sulk and get angry if I'm late to pick you up, even for any reason. But you are different, you accept my reasons with understanding.

Laurel just smiled in response to Brian's statement, but then Brian held her hand gently. “My feelings for you are different too, Laurel. I hope you feel the same.

Is that a declaration of love? Laurel wondered, staring at Brian for answers.

“Will you be my lover, Laurel? I love you, and I promise to be a good lover.

Laurel looked at Brian in a smile, then chuckled. “The answer is later after the party, okay?

Brian smiled back at Laurel, then chuckled with amusement. “Geez, are you on purpose, you want to torture me throughout the party, worried about your answer?” They then laughed together.

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