A Thousand Miles


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After an accident, Roseanne Pierce lost her memories. With time, they start coming back to her, all but the ones from her childhood.

It's as if her brain built a defense mechanism shielding her away from memories that could potentially hurt her. But at night, she keeps having the same dream, though, she is not alone. There's another person with her, who she can't identify.

As the new school year starts, Roseanne's dreams begin to change, and each time she gets a better glimpse of her past, however, the person in her dreams remains a blurry figure.

Roseanne finds herself on a path to retrieve her lost memories as well as identify the person in her dreams, who she seems to hold close to heart. On top of that, she battles developing feelings, as two people appear in her life, with one of them possibly holding the key to her past.

Will she be able to remember, or will she be kept in the dark forever? And how far is too far when it comes to learning the truth.

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