Chapter 8

Emily’s POV

I got dressed in my skin-tight black jeans and a white long-sleeved top. I felt the cool air this morning and I’m glad that I packed mostly long-sleeved shirted and my jeans with jackets. When I prepared for this trip I researched that it could get really cold. But cold was an understatement, it was fucking freezing.

Over the white top, I pulled on a black wool hoodie. I put on a black beanie, to keep my head warm. With the outfit and slipped my feet into warm wool socks. The last thing I wanted was to get sick.

While putting the last touches on my makeup, the doorbell rang. Glancing up the watch, seeing that he was right on time. I shook my head and smiled. I ran in my socks to the door and glided the last few meters.

I opened the door and Alexei took my breath away. Dress in dark blue jeans and a hoodie that made him look boyish. This was a completely different look from the suit guy that kissed my breath away this afternoon.

He glanced down at my socks and shook his head. “Come in, I’m almost done!

He took a seat at the breakfast bar and I glided back to my room. I slipped my feet into combat boots and tied the laces before slipped black gloves onto my hands. Last but not least, I took the white wool scarf from my bed and wrapped it around my neck.

He looked up when I walked into the living room. “You clean up good.” I glanced at my feet and then back at him. “Casual suits you.” He smirked and rounded the couch. He pulled me into his arms and tugged me closer.

“Sure you want to go out? I could keep you warm right here?” I laughed and pecked his lips before pulling away. “Nice try, but you got to woo me before you’ll get into these pants.” He smirked and nodded like he was accepting a challenge.

“Okay fine.” I grabbed his hand and we walked out of my room and down the hall. The elevator opened soon and inside was a couple kissing. I blushed thinking back to yesterday when he had me up against that wall.

The couple split and apologized in Russian. Alexei nodded and tugged me into his side. His hand slides down to my bottom and he gave it a squeeze. Great, he knew what I was thinking about. The memory heated me from inside and all I wanted, was for him to push me up against the wall once again and then have his way with me.

We got out when the elevator reached the lobby. Outside we waited for his car to be brought from the parking. It was a midnight black BMW, with tinted windows. The cold air brushed against my skin and I was glad that Alexei was holding me. He was like a human heater.

The Valet gave him his keys and Alexei opened the door for me. He got in on the other side. The seats were already warming up and placed my freezing hands under my bum to warm up. He smirked and shook his head.

“So, my brother and his girlfriend are already at the rink and my friend with his wife is also on their way.” I Nodded. So couples. This was looking like a date but I didn’t say anything. The Red Square was only a 12-minute drive away from the hotel.

“So, if you live in Moscow, why are you in the hotel?” Alexei turned to look at me then back at the road. “Well, I’m the owner of the hotel.” He stated it like it was no big deal, but this meant, Alexei had money. Lots of it.

“Oh, okay.” I wasn’t going to mention anything about money, we weren’t a couple and where he lived or what he owned was none of my business. The car ride was full of Russian music and I couldn’t understand a word.

After he got parking at the rink, we got out and walked to the gate. “Okay, so this is not a date, therefore, I’ll pay my own ticket.” He nodded and together we walked to the entrance. I gave him Money and he walked to the booth to buy 2 tickets.

Hand in hand we walked down the path to get skates. “European size 36,” I stated to the guy behind the desk. He nodded and grabbed a set of skates before handing it to me and then asking Alexei for his size.

I sat on the chair behind him and put the skates on my feet before giving the guy my shoes. Alexei led me to 2 couples on the right side of this rink. “Good evening.” He kissed the 2 women on the cheek and shook the men’s hands. “Emily, this is Michail and Alyona, Oleg and Diana, guys this is Emily.

I tried shaking their hands but they each pulled me into a hug. This was kind of uncomfortable. I gave a weak smile and together we got on the ice. The cold air started hitting us as we moved in the shape of the rink with the flow of the other people.

I was reasonably good at skating. I just had to go a few slow rounds to get used to the shoes and ice. Soon I waved at Alexei and started speed skating. I kept watch at everyone around me and avoided hitting them. When I slowed down after 6 rounds and then Alexei was next to me, skating backward. He grinned and tried to show off. I pulled him to me so he would avoid hitting the couple he was getting to close to.

The movement almost troughs me off balance and I had to grab onto Alexei. He kept us balanced and left a sweet kiss on my lips. “Is this woo enough for you?” I shook my head and laughed. “No, I need a few drinks and dinner. Not a date but just decency.

He smirked and slowed us down. The other people caught up to us and Alexei spoke to them in Russian. They nodded and the girls winked at me. I blushed because even though I didn’t understand him I knew he told them we were leaving.

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