Chapter 10

Alexei’s POV

I was stalling, which was unlike me, but I was waiting for Adrian’s call. Just as Emily walked to the bathroom, my phone rang and I answered it in Russian, “Yes… Okay… What?

I sighed in anger, shaking my head. I continued the conversation. “Listen to me Adrian, you need to find him. I don’t want to wait! Tell them I want his location by tomorrow afternoon.

“Yes, Boss.

I glanced up and smiled at Emily before talking again. “Why is it so hard to find him?

“I guess he found out that his cousin was killed and now he is in hiding.

“Adrian, find him! I’ve got to go.

I stopped myself before I could punch the wall and walked back to the room where Emily was waiting for me. “My apologies, it was work and I had to answer. Let’s sit on the couch.

She took the seat next to me and my cold arm touched her. She shivered and put it around her. I pulled her closer. Something caught my eye. I saw something red and lace in her pocket. Good lord, please be what I think it is.

She realized too late what I was doing and I pulled the lace underwear from her pocket. She blushed and laughed. “You shouldn’t have seen that.” She tried to take it back but I held it higher. As she tried to reach for it again and I crashed my lips against hers and dropped the sexy panties to the ground.

This kiss was heated. I half climbed on top of her. Her body glided down the couch making space for me on top of her. My arms kept me from crushing her under my weight. She opened her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I slipped between her legs keeping our lips locked.

Her one hand scratched down my back in pleasure when I moved my lips down her neck. “You’re a naughty girl and I’m going to make you beg for forgiveness.” She moaned and raised her hips, pressing them deliciously against my raging hard-on.

I grunted in please and pressed down, rubbing against her. Our clothes were starting to frustrate me. I raised my body and pulled my shirt over my head. I needed to feel her skin against mine. She struggled and I helped her to get the hoodie of her body.

Her top followed with the jacket and all that was left was her red lace bra. She gasped and I bent my head back down. My lips trailed down her jawline, neck and then to her cleavage. I placed an open mouth kiss over her covered nipples and she moaned.

“Don’t stop.” My hands found their way under her and I unclipped the offending red material. The cold air perked her nipples and I sucked one into my mouth. I was going to bring her to a high by just nibbling and sucking on the soft brown nubs. I switched between the 2 of them, making sure to give them the same amount of attention.

She moaned and wiggled under me. I grasped her hips in one hand to keep her from moving. She wrapped and leg once again around my waist and rubbed against me as I kept sucking. “Oh,” I popped this nipple out of my mouth and blew a cold breath on it.

She moaned and grabbed my neck pulling me into a kiss. She kept the movement of her hips going against my hard-on until I pulled away just before she could find her release. “Alexei, I’m going to kill you.” She was out of breath, on the brink of an orgasm.

“When you find your release, it will be with me inside of you.” She moaned and I smirked. So dirty talk turned her on. As her body calmed down we sat up straight and she got off the couch. Her breast heavy with lust. She smirked as I groaned looking at them. Damnit they were sexy.

I pulled her closer to my seating figure. Staring up into her eyes, I unbuttoned her jeans and dragged them down her soft, brown legs. As they reached her knees I stopped and rubbed my nose against her slit. She was already dripping wet.

She moaned as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. She tried to open her legs more but the jeans restricted her. A cry left her mouth as I put pressure with my tongue. “Alexei, please,” I smirked and pulled the jeans down, before standing up against her naked body.

Her eyes were heavy with need, her hands running down my chest to unbutton my jeans. I kissed the spot where her shoulder and neck met as she unzipped me. I helped her pull the jeans down but she stopped just after my length jumped out.

It was hard and the veins where prominent. She sighed and I groaned as she ran a finger softly of the soft skin. She was getting revenge. With my jeans still around my hips, I sat down, bringing her with me.

Her heated rest against me and she made a move to push it in. I shook my head and pulled out a condom from my back pocket. She slipped it on for me in a hurry but I stopped her from sliding down my length. To tease her I rubbed my head against her opening. She moaned and rested her head against my shoulder.

I grinned and pushed against her entrance. She moved her hips to help my head slid in. She moaned once again as it slid inch by inch inside of her. I groaned at the tight sensation. She slammed the breath out of me when she pushed down and pulled me completely side of her. “Dear Lord, you’re fucking tight!” I groaned against her ear.

She gave a breathy laugh, causing me to moan at the vibration. She rolled her hips before raising her body and plunging back down. My eyes rolled back in my head. Without looking into her eyes I helped her move up and down.

It wasn’t long before she started moaning loudly and clenching against me. “So close, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I sighed in her ear and started moving faster. Her soft moans tickled my ear as we both found our release at the same time.

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