Chapter 13

Alexei’s POV

I sat in the dark corner where the flickering light barely reach. It’s been a long day and we still didn’t know why Xenia’s cousin was in my room. We knew he was working for Mia, but why she sent him to my room was something I didn’t know. What could she possibly want with my client list?

She wasn’t an arms-dealer and Valentin would never try to steal my clients. We worked in different countries with different people. His people don’t want the things I sell and the other way around. So why would Mia send Xenia’s cousin to me?

After I left the office I called Valentin. I asked him about his cousin, Mason and when he asked me why I wanted to know, I didn’t want to tell him, but he had to know. Valentin then told me that according to his cousin, Mia had gone crazy.

Something happened that made her decide she didn’t want to sleep with his cousin anymore. They had been dating for almost 2 years and when things didn’t change, Mason broke up with Mia. But she went back to him and when he found out that she cheated on him with a stranger he lost it and broke things off between them.

Suddenly I knew. I knew why she hated me but I wasn’t about to tell my best friend the reason. So after I ended the call, I went to my club. This is where I’ve been sitting for the last 30 minutes. “Can I dance for you?” I looked up at the girl that was standing in front of me. She was barely dressed, only wearing a thin, red thong and feather bra cups. I ignored her and looked down at my hands.

I didn’t shake my head yes or no because I couldn’t think about anything other than the fact that I was the reason Mia hated me. The stripper took my non-response as a yes and started innocently dancing in front of me.

I wasn’t bothered by her and couldn’t spare her a thought. My head went back to business. It could have been any of my enemies, why did it have to be a girl I slept with almost a years ago. I mean my influence went international and that could mean that anyone wanted to see my family go down but it had to be the sad angry girl I slept with and then forgot about.

Suddenly my mind went to Emily. What if after our casual sex she turned into a crazy cat lady. Apparently I had that effect on girls and this thought caused me to shake my head. Dammit, I hope not. Emily was a mystery herself, she’s kept me distracted for the last few days. Since I saw her in that elevator the first time, she’s been on my mind and after last night just the thought of her made me go hard.

I checked my watch and realized it was past 9 pm and I promised to take Emily out for Dinner. Seeing as I never had time to give her a call today she didn’t have my number. Meaning she couldn’t contact me to find out where I was.

Fuck! I went to push the girl that was now happily grinding against my hard-on a moaning softly. The movement sent her off balance and further onto my lap. “Seriously?” I looked up at the woman in confusion and then behind her. Of Fucking Course. I pushed the girl off my lap and ran after Emily that had fled the scene so fast.

“Emily! Wait, it’s not what it looks like!” She abruptly stopped and spun around to glare at me. “It’s not what it looks like?” I nodded about to explain when she held up her hand. “It looks to me like you were just letting a stripper dance for you. It looks like you didn’t even bother to stop her. It looks like you have a hard-on.” As she said that last part she grabbed said hard-on and shook her head.

“It looks to me like you had a hard day, forgot you were supposed to take me to dinner, and then got busy with a stripper. You know the fact that you forgot about dinner isn’t what bothers me because I can tell you’re a busy man. What bothers me is the fact that you the night after we slept together you just ditch me and have a stripper dance on top of you. But what was I expecting?

Before I could stop her, she turned around and left the club. “Fuck!” I shook my head, maybe it’s for the best. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know enough about her. I mean she was technically engaged and I was a Mafia Boss.

There was too much shit going on right now to have her in my life. I mean I had a crazy sex-ex on a revenge spree and I was busy with Xenia and growing my business. I didn’t have time for a girl that wanted to even do things casually.

I had time for a bang it and leave it type of relationship. I almost canceled a meeting this weekend just to spend it with her. In her. I’ve never done that before. My business, my family always came first.

Shaking my head in frustration, I sat back on my old chair. The stripper was still waiting for me. I shook my head in anger, hoping she would go away. “Please sir” My dick gave a jolt and I looked up in surprise at the girl.

Her eyes were dilated and I could see a wet patch on her tong. Fuck. Emily didn’t mean anything to me! I could drag this girl to the bathroom and fuck her against the wall. I could make her scream. I could take my frustration with Emily out on this girl.

Looking around the room, I saw that in this corner, practically nobody could see us. I grabbed the stripper’s hips and dragged her down on my lap. It was uncomfortable and I started feeling guilty before I even did anything.

She smirked up at me and dragged her thong to the side before unzipping my zipper. My erection jumped out of my pants and she rubbed her wet lips against the top. Fuck I just had to close my eyes and get it over with.

Suddenly as the stripper started taking me into her, green eyes and blond hair flashed before me. I swore and stopped the girl. She whimpered and begged me to take her but all I did was shake my head, pull out of her, and zipped my pants back up.

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