Chapter 14

Emily’s POV

I had the worst taste in men. I knew this was just supposed to be a causal relationship and it was what I wanted but for the first time in my life I decided to make a causal relationship a bit longer than one night and this is how it turns out. Him, ditching me, to get danced on by a stripper. I can’t fucking believe it.

And like I said to him the fact that he ditched me isn’t even what pisses me off. I knew that he was a busy man. I could see since we meant but the fact that he dropped me to get danced on by a stripper, just made me want to kill him.

I decided to call my friend Caroline, to blow off some steam. She’s been my friends since the first year of college, where she met the love of her life. She now lived with her husband, who moved to Australia a year ago after he got a job offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Hey! It’s been forever!” I chuckled at her dramatic way of answering the phone. “We speak every week, in fact, this is the second time I’ve called you this week.” I could practically feel her roll her eyes on the other side of the line.

“Bitch, we don’t talk enough. I fucking miss you! It’s about time one of us visits the other one.” I laughed. Then I remembered why I called her, suddenly my mood turned for the worse. “Well, maybe it’s your turn, seeing as I’m getting married.

“Married! When the fuck did that happen. I didn’t even know you were dating anyone!” She shouted my ear off with her statement. I had to draw the phone away from my ear in hopes to have an eardrum left after this call.

While she was screaming at me, I poured a glass of wine for myself and plopped down on the couch, waiting for her to finish asking questions so I could actually answer them. “Would you call down? I’m not dating anyone!

There was silence on the other side and this I took as my cue to answer her questions. “It’s Rayon. Our fathers agreed it would have mutual benefit and so I don’t have much of a choice.” I took a sip of the wine, once again angry with my father for forcing this on me.

“Wait, do you mean like a arrange marriage?” I practically poured the rest of the glass down my throat. “Yes! He said, if I want to take over the business, then I needed to get married. Rayon is apparently the perfect candidate because our mothers are already planning everything.

I stood up to bring the bottle back with me to the couch. I opt to leave the glass and just drink from the bottle. “But isn’t that like old school? Like I know Rayon loves you, he has since the first day he laid eyes on you, but your parents know you don’t love him right?

“Well yes they know, but his family is rich, mine is rich so in their eyes they don’t care that I don’t love him. But this isn’t the only reason I called you.” Taking a few more sips of the expensive wine, I told her about Alexei.

“So let me get this straight. You started a causal sex relationship with a total hot Russian stranger. And after sleeping with you and asking you to go away for a weekend with him, he ditched you to get a lap dance by some stripper?

The wine bottle was almost empty and I just sat there and sadly stared at the unlit fireplace. “Spot on and I don’t have feelings for him but that kind of hurt you know? He wouldn’t have told me if I didn’t catch him in the act and then maybe when we had sex again I would have gotten some sort of STD and died!

Caroline burst out in laughter and I started giggling. The wine was going to my head and I knew Caroline probably had her own glass of wine in her hand. It was always like this. We would talk for hours and somehow both end up drunk.

After giggling for what felt like an hour we calmed down, “Aren’t you maybe overreacting? Before you say anything just hear me out. So you both agreed on causal and probably that meant to him that getting a lap dance was okay. And it might be your last causal sex relationship because we both know that you are one faithful bitch.

I sighed in frustration. Caroline was right. “You could just tell him that even though you guys are causal that doesn’t mean he can sleep with anyone else. Go on the weekend trip with him and fuck him until he never forgets your name.

I laughed once against, “You know what, your right! Oh, wait, someone’s at my door.” The knock on the door was persistent and didn’t once stop in the 30 seconds it took me to walk to the door. “Jeez, what do you want?” It was Alexei on the other side of the door.

He was about to start talking when he saw the phone against my ear and glared at it. “Caroline, I’ve got to go. If I don’t call you in the morning call the cops!” She laughed and said goodbye. I hung up and Alexei stood in front of my door dangerously angry.

“What the fuck was that! We said causal and the one second you see someone else clinging to me you get pissed?” His words made me so angry. “Pissed? Yes, I was fucking pissed because you were practically having sex with her in the middle of the club. I’m pissed because not even 24 hours after we had amazing fucking sex you went to a stripper!

We took turns shouted at each other about how that was crappy and that it wasn’t what it looked like. Then he asked me what I was doing there and I turned around, trying not to think about the fact that I wanted to stab him with a very sharp knife.

My eyes caught the sight of a few knives in the kitchen and I could feel my fist twitch. My head was pounding thanks to the bottle of wine and my anger was causing my blood boil. I took a deep breath and started to calm down.

I turned to face Alexei.

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