Chapter 16

Alexei’s POV

“So much for snowmobiling.” Emily sighed into my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. My fingertips ran over her naked flesh and I could feel the goosebumps rising on her skin. We’ve been here since Friday night, and haven’t stepped a foot outside our room.

I chuckled before nipping at her ear. “I’m sorry we have to leave early. Unfortunately, I have to go home.” My other hand glided over her tanned soft leg that was hanging over my abdomen. Looking down at our bodies, all I had to do was turn over and my length would be in the perfect position to just slide inside her.

“Again?” Emily looked up at me with big eyes. I grinned, “I can’t help it. Just looking at you makes me dizzy.” Her long nails trailed down my pecks, into the lines between my abs. She followed her fingers with the tip of her tongue before sitting on my thighs.

“You are insatiable.” My cock grew harder if that was even possible. She was teasing me, getting back at me for last night. I had withdrawn my fingers/tongue away from her pussy every time she was seconds away from an orgasm.

She had hated me but once I rewarded her with an orgasm she was weak-limbed and out of breath for almost 10 minutes. She grabbed my cock in a tight hold and squeezed. I groaned as a drop of cum came out of the slit. She smirked and ran her tongue over the slit.

“Salty… I want more.” The words were barely out of her mouth before she took me inside. Her tongue glided on the downside of my cock. She stopped when my cock head hit the back of her throat.

Dear Moses, it was deep. The fact that she had no gag reflexes made me grab the headboard. She moved up and down, nibbling at the head each time she pulled up. I couldn’t stop my hips from flexing and bumping the back of her throat.

She was watching me. I could feel my balls tighten and knew that I was about to find a release. Gasping at air she pulled back up and released my swollen cock. I groaned causing her to smirk at me while lining her opening with my cock.

Fuck she was wet. Emily gripped just under the head and rubbed the tip up and down her slit. A moan left her throat and a shudder rocked through her body. Raising her hips she slid down my length. She was tight, no matter how many times I found myself inside her, she was always tight.

Emily moved in slow motion, up and down, rolling her hips and then back up and down. I could feel her clench against my cock. Enough of this. I sat up straight, pressing my thumb against her bud, working in fast circular motions.

She cried out my name and I could hold back no longer. Rolling us so her back was on the bed, I thrusted harder. Leaning forward so that each time I pulled out my cock would rub against her clit. She shouted my name and her nails pierced the skin on my back.

I grabbed her leg and wrapped it over my hip, thrusting in deeper. With each thrust, she gasped at air and I mumbled words in her ear. “Come Emily, NOW!” her stomach tightened under my palm before she moaned my name and found her release. With her release, I found my own and fell on top of her.

Being inside of her was like finding home in some sense. With her, I didn’t want to leave after sex. I actually wanted to stay inside of her and kiss her sweet swollen lips. I wanted her to forever remember my name.

I wanted her to think about me each time her husband pushed inside of her. I wanted to be the only thing on her mind when she found her release. I wanted to be the reason she had to make sure she didn’t accidentally shout my name.

With my thoughts, I could feel myself already beginning to stiffen. She winced and shook her head. “No more.” I kissed down her throat before pulling out. She winced and rubbed the back of her hand over her sweaty forehead.

“I have no idea how you can be hard again. I can still feel the aftermath of that orgasm and you’re ready to go again? No way are you human.” I smirked and bite her lip before standing up to grab a wet cloth.

Aftercare was imported and most of the time I didn’t care if the other women had to do it themselves. With Emily, I wanted to rub a cloth over her thighs and between her legs. I wanted to clean her up and take care of her.

While cleaning her up I decided to ask her something, I’ve been thinking about the whole weekend. “I’ve been thinking.” She moaned and stated, “Nothing good ever comes with that statement.

“Normally I would agree with you. But what I’m going to say might just be good for the both of us.” She watched me through tired eyes, “What if you came and stayed with me. We could wake up like this every morning and you can go to sleep with the bliss of an orgasm every night.

Her eyes grew big, almost like she wanted to disagree with me, “Well of course until you have to leave.” My statement seemed to calm her down just a bit. “Stay with you?” she asked in uncertainty.

I nodded while placing a kiss on her pussy-lips. She moaned and whispered, “You’re not playing fair.” I split her lips and ran my tongue down, “Never said I would.” She grabbed my hair and raised her hips. “I’ll agree, only if you promise not to stop with what you’re doing right now.

Her words came out breathless and between every few a moan left that delectable mouth of hers. I didn’t reply with words. I replied with giving her 2 more orgasms before we both collapsed in exhaustion.

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