Chapter 17

Alexei’s POV

Other than the radio playing, the ride home was quiet with neither of us saying a word. The sun was setting behind us as we drove back to the city. I drummed my finger on the steering wheel with the beat of the song.

Andy Grammer’s ‘Don’t give up on me’ was interrupted by the ring of my phone. It was Taya. I caught Emily staring at the screen before looking away and I contemplated not answer the phone, but if Taya was calling it had something to do with work.

“Hey, Cuz.” I saw the tension leave Emily’s body causing me to smirk. My cousin spoke in Russian, so that meant that Emily had no idea what she was saying.

“Alexei, we got Mia’s Location. She's in Mexico. Should we wait for you or will you not be joining us?” I glanced at Emily. How would she feel if I left her at my house for a few days? I would need to go with them. I couldn’t let Mia slip from us. “Wait for me. I’m 2 hours away.

Taya hung up and the radio started again. This time some Russian song was playing, so I turned the volume down. I removed my hand from the gearstick and placed it on Emily’s thigh. She tensed under my cold hand before relaxing.

“So it seems I’ll have to leave the country for a day or 2.” She blinked up at me and then nodded. “Okay, I’ll just stay at the hotel until you get back, and then I’ll stay with you.” I guess that answered my silent question. Of course, she wouldn’t want to stay at my house if I wasn’t there.

“Okay, I’ll be back as soon as I can but I’ll have to leave tonight.” She nodded and then turned the volume up. I frowned at her strange reaction. Rolling my eyes I pinched her inner thigh and she squeaked in pain. “What?

Emily smacked my hand away and frowned down at the red spot. “What’s wrong with your face?” She glared at me, “Wrong with my face?” I nodded, “You’re frowning.” She sighed in irritation. “So you had to pinch me and say there is something wrong with my face?

Her statement caused me to roll my eyes. “Well, I know women. If I just asked you ‘what’s wrong’ you would have said ‘nothing’ and then we wouldn’t get anywhere.” She continued glaring at me. “Nothing is wrong. I was just thinking, I need to call Rayon and my friend again.

My fist clenched at the mention on Rayon’s name and I frowned before relaxing it. “Okay.” At the mention of her fiancé’s name, the mood turned sour. Over the weekend I forgot that she was engaged and that this was just a distraction to her.

The ride continued in silence until we were about half an hour away from the city. I growled in frustration and pulled the car over. She frowned and looked out of the window. The sky was already growing dark.

“I don’t want us to end the weekend on wrong terms. We had a great few days and now we’re not even talking.” She rolled her eyes and gaped at me. “Seriously. You fucking pinched me. I bruise easily and that’s going to leave a mark.

I looked at the roof of my car and said nothing. “I like your mark on me, just not a pinch mark.” Her statement caused my cock to stir in my pants.

I looked at her and nodded, “This morning I imagined that this ride would be filled with my finger in that pussy until your smell was in the car for the next week.” Suddenly her eyes dilated and she squeezed her thighs together.

“That dirty words do things to me,” I smirked and wiggled my fingers. She moaned and turned back to face the window. “Alexei! Drive the car and stop!” I smirked and started the car. Emily was flushed and it made me grin.

I knew that with only my words I could turn her on enough to make her come on my passenger seat. The rest of the ride was filled with sexual tension as I rested my palm on her squeezed thigh. The smirk didn’t leave my face the rest of the way to the hotel.

I parked my car in the garage, opting to park it myself and not use the valet. The underground garage was dark and we were the only one currently inside. I parked in one of the parking’s close to the elevator. I let go of her thigh as I switch the ignition off.

Before I could unlock the door, Emily turned to look at me and smirk, “Wait.” That look on her face made me worry. She wrapped her hand around my neck and pulled me closer for a kiss. Our tongues connected and a breathy moan slipped from her lips.

I bite into her lip and wrapped my hand around her hip. With our kiss, the windows started fogging up. She released my neck and I pulled her onto my lap. I pressed a button to the side of the seat and it moved back, away from the steering wheel giving Emily more space to sit.

Her skirt hiked up her hips as she moved against my bulge. We continued kissing as I slipped her panties to the side and ran my finger over her swollen lips. She released my lips as I moved one digit into her already wet pussy.

“Oh, that feels good.” Our current position wasn’t one of the most comfortable, so I dragged my finger out of her and moved her closer to me. Her head rested on my shoulder. I slipped my finger back inside of her from behind causing her to bend her back in pleasure. “Oh, don’t stop.

I slip a second and then a third finger into her and could feel her spasm. The car windows were completely fogged up from our heavy breathing. I slowed my fingers and she moaned in frustration. She started grinning into my fingers, moving her hips faster, trying to find just a little bit more friction that would cause her to find her release.

Emily bites into my uncovered neck as she moaned. Her pussy walls clenched against my fingers as she shuddered and found her release. I slipped my fingers from her and placed them into my mouth, tasting her sweetness.

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