Chapter 18

Emily’s POV

I plop back down on the couch with a cup of coffee in my hand. Dressed in thick black tights with one of Alexei's sweatshirt and wool socks, I relaxed on the couch. Alexei's been gone for a full 2 days. He'd informed me early today that he would be landing in Moscow early tomorrow morning.

I clenched my thighs in anticipation. Before he left Sunday night he had given me another mind-blowing orgasm. We've been teasing each other over text since he left. Sometimes it took him a few hours to answer which made the game even harder for me. He'd challenged me to not come once while he was gone and I thought it would be easy but it was not.

Every night, morning by him, he would call me. It was never an innocent call. He would always bring me to the edge with just his dirty words. For example, just an hour earlier he had called me. He told me to touch myself and just as I was about to come he would stop and talk about something boring. I've had near orgasms probably 5 times since he left.

But I was keeping my promise not to come because he told me that when he sees me, he'll keep me busy the whole day and by the end of the day I wouldn't be able to get the feeling of him out of me. That one was close. Literally all I had to do was circle around my clit once more and I would have come.

My phone rang, bringing me out of my lustful thought. I glanced at the phone, feeling an inch of disappointment when I saw that it was Caroline and not Alexei.

"Hey, Caro."

"What'sup Em?"

Caroline and I talked for a few minutes about what was happening and how everybody was. Then we talked about work and Caro's Husband.

"So, I have to tell you something," Caroline said after a few seconds of silence. "Hmm," I mumbled well taking the last sip of my now cold coffee. "I'm pregnant." I coughed and wiped the coffee from my chin. "Seriously? That's amazing news!"

Caroline and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for almost 5 years. They'd found out she had a major hostel uterus and her chances of miscarriage were higher than most. And that was true because almost 2 years ago she got pregnant and lost the baby at 10 weeks then she got pregnant again and lost that one at 15 weeks.

The last one was really bad. Caroline had been depressed for months. So if she was now telling me she's pregnant that means everything is good with the baby. "Yes. We're officially 5 months. I haven't told anyone, not even mom and dad, you're the first to know outside me and Keith. I saw the OBGYN yesterday and she said the baby is doing amazing."

My stomach fluttered in happiness for my best friends. "Caro, I'm so happy for you. You and Keith will make the best parents!" We continued talking about the baby for another few minutes before she mentioned Alexei.

"So tell me how's your long term, casual relationship doing?" I grinned and before spilling the beans about everything that happened in the last 5 days.

"I've never in my life had so many orgasms in a week. Like this weekend probably a total of 15 times. He is mind-blowing in bed. He does this thing with his tongue that makes me see stars and when he uses his fingers, nothing can stop me from having an orgasm." Caroline gasped and then laughed. "Oh. My. Word. I can't tell you the last time Keith and I had an orgasm weekend." I laughed at the title she gave it.

"I mean, we're still active but with work and now that I'm pregnant we're just extra cautions. We haven't had sex since I found out. We've done other things but definitely not intercourse."

I stood up and placed my coffee in the kitchen. After talking for a few more minutes, Caroline said goodbye and I hang up. Looking at the time I saw that it was already almost 10 pm and Alexei said I should get some rest because tomorrow was going to be a long day.

I quickly washed the coffee cup before jumping into the shower. Time to clean up. I shaved and washed my hair, soaping up my body to make sure I smelled like grape. Alexei had a key to my room so he could come in anytime and surprise me.

I got dressed in some silky pajamas and then slipped under the comfy warm blanket.

« • x • x • x • »

A cold breeze blew over my open body, waking me up. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at the window in my room. It wasn’t that one, so where was the cold coming from. I sat up and pulled down my shirt that had lifted during the night.

I grabbed my phone on the nightstand and saw a notification from Alexei.

'Almost home, can't wait to hold you' I grinned at the text. Suddenly a shiver ran down my back at the sound of something breaking in the kitchen. Was he already here? Why didn't he wake me? I stood up and rubbed my eyes, clearing the sleep from them.

"Alexei?" When it was silent and I didn't get a reply so I walked out of the room. The living area was dark and I could barely see anything, so I used the light my phone gave and walked to the kitchen where I heard the sound come from.

On the floor was the coffee cup I drank from earlier. Another shiver ran down my back and I felt a pinch of fear. I heard breathing from behind me and turned around. Suddenly pain flashed all over the side of my head and I collapsed on the floor.

The pain was causing light-headedness and I looked up to see blond hair before closing my eyes. My last thought was ‘Who the fuck was in my room and what the hell did they want with me?

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