Chapter 19

Alexei’s POV

Fuck! She slipped from our fingers for the second time. After Taya, Maxim, and I arrived in Mexico we met up with Matias and Isidora. They were my contacts that lived in Chile. They came down to Mexico to keep an eye on Mia.

They knew where she was the whole time until we arrived and then she slipped from the surveillance. We had to look everywhere and the one time we almost caught her she had someone get her out of the hotel before we were able to get to her room.

I stayed a whole extra day looking for her but she probably left Mexico as fast as she could. Now that she knows we're looking for her, she's going to be extra careful about what she does and where she is.

I shook Matias hand at the airport before leaving. They will stay in Mexico, in case she comes back but I don't think she will. She's smart, I had to give it to her, and she probably learned a few things from Valentin's cousin.

I rubbed my forehead in frustration. The headaches' been there since I arrived in Mexico 2 days ago. I decided to take a nap for a few hours while we flew back in time so that when I arrived back in Moscow I'd be fresh to spend the day with Emily.

I looked at the time and decided to send a Text to Emily. She should be sleeping by now. 'Almost home, can't wait to hold you' It was short and sweet and I hope it didn't sound too clingy. Before I could decide to delete it I locked my phone and closed my eyes.

Maxim woke me up as the pilot said to fasten seatbelts. I could feel my heart starting to beat fast. Now I really couldn't wait to hold Emily. I would slide into bed behind her and just hold her until the sun started shining.

And then I slip down that covers and wake her up with exceptional oral treatment. My jeans tightened and I shook my head. It was only Emily that could give me a hard-on by just thinking about her.

We hit a few turbulence down but nothing that would worry me. It was almost an hour later that I took a seat in the back of the Black SUV. Usually, after a trip like this, I would just drive to the office and nap there but now I had a reason to go back to the hotel.

I opened my phone to text Emily again when I saw there was a text from her. Frowning I opened it. 'I think we should stop seeing each other. Don't drop by.' I glared at the screen. What the fuck was she talking about?

Earlier when we talked she could stop saying how she couldn't wait to get me in her bed and now this. I continued glaring at the screen as I told Ruslan to drive to the hotel. There was no way that she was just going to send me a message and expect me to not drop by.

He nodded and started driving. I locked the phone and sat back in my seat. My shoulders were bunched up in tension and anger. It felt like the drive to the hotel took forever. Ruslan dropped me off in front of the door and I hastily walked to the elevator.

The receptionist smiled at waved at me but I simply ignored him and pressed the up button. I pressed a few more times, hoping it would come down faster. When it finally arrived I hopped on and once again, pressed the level 6 button a few times.

I could feel the anger in me. It was getting harder and harder to control and I wanted to punch the mirror behind me so much. I glanced at my watch as the doors opened and I walked down the hallway. It was 7 am and I didn't give a fuck that everybody on the floor was probably still sleeping.

Out of pure decency, I knocked on the door. After a few seconds, I knocked again, harder and longer this time. When she still didn't answer I slipped her extra key card out of my back pocket and opened the door.

All the lights were off and the windows and blinds were closed. I looked around the room before going into her room. The bed was rumpled and there was no sign of Emily. I opened the bathroom door before going to the kitchen.

It was then that a shiver of worry ran through my body. On the ground was a broken coffee cup, a small splash of something red that I was 100% sure was blood and Emily's phone. It was open to our conversation.

I swallowed the worry down and called Oleg. He answered on the second ring. "Yes, Boss?" "I need you at the hotel. On level 6, room 609." Hanging up I couldn't take my eyes off the blood. Somewhere inside of me, I hoped it wasn't Emily's blood.

Maybe it was someone's blood that tried to take her but failed. It could be that she dropped her phone in a hurry to run out of here after hitting the person over the head with the mug. But reality kicked in. With the distance between the blood and the mug, it indicated that the mug broke before the blood was there.

There was no trail of blood so whoever was hit, didn't just walk out of here. They had to be carried. Meaning that whoever took Emily, had to be strong or wasn't alone. Oleg announced his arrival by opening the door and placing a hand on my shoulder.

He spotted the blood and hunched down. I could see he was analyzing the scene as I'd done already. I swallowed my fear and hardened my face. "I need you to find out what happened here." I left Oleg to continue his work as I walked back to the room.

Lifting her pillow to my face, I could smell her grape flavor body wash. Her bag was still in the corner and all her stuff was still laying around. Oleg knocked on the door. "Someone was taken. There are 2 sets of fingerprints on the mug, the blood is about 2 hours old and with the phone on the floor I'd probably say that whoever was taking, went against their will."

"Her name is Emily," I stated before turning around and walking out of the room. "Find whoever took her. I want her back, safe, and sound."

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