Chapter 25

Alexei’s POV

She was beautiful. Even with her hair a mess and dark circles under her eyes. I laid on my side staring at the beauty next to me. Her dark lashes kissing her skin and her stomach moving up and down with each breath she took.

My phone started buzzing on the bedside table and I softly turned around and answered, “Hold on.” With one last look at Emily, I stood up from the bed and walked out of the room into the hallway. The door clicked softly behind me and I leaned my head against the wall.


“Sir, Miss Mia is back in Moscow. What should we do?” at the mention of her name my blood started boiling again and I thought about the scar Emily would have for the rest of her life.

“Put her in the basement, give her a little of her own medicine. Keep it dark, Give her a glass of water every 2 hours and keep her tied up. Don’t talk to her and don’t touch her. I’ll be back soon.

“Yes Sir. Anything else sir?” I sighed and looked down the hall. “What about the other man? What did Oleg do with him?

“Roman sir? Oleg took care of him. His body won’t be found anytime soon.” I nodded even though the man on the other side couldn’t see me.

“Okay, send a few men in my mother’s house in Saint Pietersburg. I need someone to keep an eye on Miss Kloss if she chooses not to see me again.” The man agreed and I ended the call.

After breakfast, I’m going to take Emily for a drive and talk with her. She can decide if she still wants to see me or stay in Saint Pietersburg as she originally planned. I walked back into the room, only to find Emily not inside the bed anymore.

I heard the water running into the bathtub and decided to just see if she needs any assistance before going downstairs where I was sure, my mother was waiting for our arrival. I knocked on the door and heard scrambling before Emily opened the door.

She had a white towel wrapped around her body. I swallowed trying to keep my head out of the gutter and then decided to stare over her head.

“Sorry, do you need help with your bandage?” After a few seconds, she nodded, “Yes please.” I closed my eyes and moved into the bathroom with her, closing the door behind me. I told her to turn around and started removing the bandage from behind.

I moved her hair to the other shoulder and softly touched her skin, starting to peel the bandage from right to left. After a few seconds, the exit wound showed. Emily was shot with a .22 caliber, so the wound was fairly small and she only needed about 5 stitches on each side.

The area around the wound was red with irritation and a little swollen. She winced as the bandage moved of her shoulder to the front. I pulled as slowly as I could to prevent causing any more pain. As the bandage lifted from the front wound she whimpered and bit her lip, causing me to apologize, “I’m really sorry.

Emily nodded her head but kept her eyes closed. Once the bandage was fully removed I took hold of her hand and helped her into the bath. She dropped the towel after making sure I wasn’t looking directly at her.

Even though I’ve seen her naked many times before, this was different. It wasn’t in the moment or lustful and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by staring at her body. Once she was comfortable seated I stood up and started walking to the door.

“Wait!” my shoulders bunched with tension and I quickly turned around, “Everything okay?” She had a guilty look on her face, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it was going to be so hard, do you mind washing my back.

I could feel my cock stir at the thought of touching her naked back. I had to take a deep breath and think of my grandmother’s underwear to stop myself from growing hard. I smiled and nodded, “Sure.

She gave me a loofah that I covered with vanilla-scented soap and rubbed it up and down her back. The soap caused bubbles all over her back and I had to resent leaning forward and placing a kiss on her shoulder.

Once done I stood up, washed my hands at her feet, and walked out of the bathroom as fast as I could. Once the door was closed behind me I looked down at my now hard appendage. Apparently the thought of my grandmother’s underwear was nothing with Emily naked in front of me. Especially once I saw that her nipples had grown hard when I touched her skin.

I got dressed in something else before walking down to the kitchen, where my mother was waiting for me. She had her hair down and was sipping a coffee while reading a book. She did that every morning since I was a kid. “Good Morning Mama.” She looked up from behind her book and smiled at me.

“Good Morning Alexei, sleep well?” I nodded and poured myself a cup of coffee before taking a seat in front of her. “Emily is nervous to meet you. Don’t make her uncomfortable.” My mother smirked at me and winked.

“But this is the first girl you’ve ever introduced me too. I have to make her nervous.” I rolled my eyes at her and she glared. “Please Mama?” Finally, she sighed and nodded, going back to reading her book. I released a breath of tension and drank my coffee in a few swallows.

“I’ll be back right now.” She didn’t even glance at me causing my eyes to roll. I went back up the stairs just as Emily came out of the room. She had on the clothes I left on the bed for her. It was one of my shirts with yoga pants my mother borrowed me.

“Breakfast is almost ready. You okay?” she glanced up, apparently startled before swallowing and nodded. “Yes, I’m starving.” I took her hand and led her down the stair to the kitchen where my mom was now looking at us.

“Emily, this is my mother Adelaida Volkov, Mama this is Emily Kloss.” Emily reached out her hand to shake my mom’s but my mom's hand none of that and pulled her into a hug, carefully avoiding her wound.

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