Chapter 28

Alexei’s POV

4 Weeks Later

I pulled away from Emily. My gaze was heated from the kiss that we just shared. Her lips were swollen and her eyes were still closed. As she blinked them open her eyes dazed. She smiled and I rolled away from her.

Our naked bodies stayed entwine while the sun raised. My phone started ringing on the bedside table. I contemplated not answering because it would mean to move away from Emily, but then decided to roll over.

The name ‘Octavia’ blinked on the screen as my ringtone continued disrupting the silence in the room. Emily moan and pulled a pillow over her head. I chuckled and swiped right on the screen. “Hi!” With the phone pressed against my ear, I walked out of the room to let Emily sleep.

“Yes hi! What is your ETA?” I frowned and tried thinking back. “Did we plan something?” I heard a growl on the other side, and then Octavia talking to someone else, ‘Told you he would forget!’ She then started talking to the phone again.

“Yes Alexei, we’ve been planning this trip for months! And you forgot again.” I hit my head against the wall in frustration. Of course, I forgot about the whole lake house trip. My life had been so busy and full of Emily I didn’t even think about my other friends.

“Shit, I completely forgot. I won’t be able to make…” Octavia cut me off with a shout. “No! You will get your ass in a car or on a plane and be here today!” Before I could answer she ended the call. Damnit.

I re-entered the room. Emily was sitting up straight on the bed, playing with the bed cover. “What was that about? I could hear that last shout all the way in here.” I nodded and with a sigh fell onto the bed next to her.

She cuddled into my side and I played with the end of her hair. “I forgot about a lake trip my friends have been planning for months.” I could feel her shake under me with laughter. “Really, you forgot about something?

I rolled my eyes and playfully pushed her away before pulling her back under my arm. “Just because you’re teasing me, I’m not taking you with.” She gasped and pulled away with a playfully surprised look on her face.

“Well, then I guess you’ll have to go without my lips for a weekend. I frowned and pulled her back, smashing my lips against hers. The kiss was heated and within seconds I had my hand between her legs.

She moaned when my fingers found her wet entrance. I played with her lips for a few seconds before entering a finger inside of her. She clenched around me and pulled her lips away from mine to gasp for air.

Her nails were piercing my shoulder skin as her legs fell open to the pleasure. I smirked and brought her to a release. Her legs were shaking and her eyes had long since rolled back into her head. Her chest was weaving and I pulled my finger out.

I licked my finger and groaned at her sweet scent and taste. I rolled over to get a condom. Once it was on I spun her onto her stomach, pulled up her hips, and entered her from behind. An animalistic sound left my mouth as I pounded into her.

« • x • x • x • »

We were both out of breath by the time I pulled out and threw the condom away in the basket beside my bed. I smacked her round ass and she yelped before glaring at me. “Pack! We leave in an hour. Remember it is cold and the lake is frozen.

I got walked into the bathroom, took a shower before getting dressed as Emily showered. I wanted to shower with her but needed to get some work done before we left. I jogged down the stairs then down the other set of stairs to the basement.

Over the last 4 weeks, I’ve been torturing Mia in a way that truly hurt her. I ignored her pleas to see me and it was time to drop by. The cold basement sent shivers down my spine. Mia was curled into a ball on one side of the cell.

“Hello, Mia.” I heard a shuffle and then she was in front of me. Her skin was pale and her eyes had sunken in. In other words, she looked horrible. “Alexei, finally realized that it’s me you want?” I chuckled and it echoed around us.

“No Mia, I’m actually here to tell you, Emily and I will be gone for the weekend.” Mia’s eyes dulled and she pulled back into the darkness. “I told myself I wouldn’t admit that this is worse than death but it is. Just kill me, please Alexei.

I shook my head, knowing that she still saw me. “No Mia, you’ll be in the cell for years to come.” I walked away and up to my office. After a few calls, I went back up to the room catching Emily walked out with a bag in her hand.

I took the bag in one hand and her hand in my other hand. Her skin was warm and soft and it brought me back to the reality that existed outside killing and torturing people. Our car was already waiting outside.

I pushed her up against her side of the car before placing a kiss onto her lips. The kiss continued for a few minutes before she pulled away for air, “I’ll never get enough of your lips.” I smirked at her out of breath statement, before placing a kiss on her forehead.

“Come on, get in. We have a long weekend in front of us. You’ll be meeting a lot of people that are important to me. She nodded and slid into the black SUV. I placed our bags on the backseat and got into my side of the car.

As I drove out of the driveway, I took her hand in mine. I couldn’t imagine having any other hand in mine. I needed to make sure that we were on the same page. The page that stated, I wanted her to stay with me for as long as she wants me.

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