Chapter 5

Alexei POV

She stood in front of the open doors, not making a move to come in. When the door started to close, I kept them open and said, “Darling, I won’t bite. Except if you want me to.

She blushed, pulling her shirt down and then getting into the elevator. She stood in the far corner and I chuckled under my breath. She was breathtaking. I turned to face her and looked her body over. She shivered and tried to make herself smaller. She smelled of something intoxicating and I could barely stop myself from moving closer.

“Do I make you nervous?” She winced then turned to glare at me. Which was surprising because seconds ago she couldn’t even look at me. “Yes, in fact, you do. Why are you staring at me like that?” I grinned, “Like what?

She rolled her eyes, “You really going to make me say it?” I nodded. “Fine, like you want to eat me and then make me beg for more.” The way she said the words caused my jeans to tighten around my nether regions.

I smirked, “Would you like me to eat you and make you beg for more?” She swallowed hard and then turned back to face the doors. “Maybe after a few drinks.” She whispered it softly but I heard her and I wanted to push her up against the mirror and make her mine.

Unfortunately, before I could make a move the doors opened and she walked out of the elevator and away from me. Oh, this was going to be fun. I smirked and followed behind her. She took a seat at the one side of the bar and I took a seat on the other side.

I wasn’t going to push her. But after a few teasing moments, she will be begging to come to the room with me. I ordered a Samogon and watched her from this side. As the night progressed, I moved closer and closer without her noticing, or if she did, she didn’t show it.

It wasn’t that long before I was 2 seats from her. It was only then that I knew she noticed I’d move closer. She rolled her eyes, stood up, and took the seat next to me. “Are you trying to make me nervous?” I shook my head.

“No, just wondering how many drinks you’ve had and how many more before you let me eat you?” She blushed and for a second she was speechless. “I’m not sleeping with you.” I moved slowly to place my hand on her leg. It gave her a long enough time to decide if she wanted to stop me.

I tilted my head a bit and then decided if she wanted to play hard to get then so will I. “Okay” She looked surprised but then nodded and ordered another Whiskey and Water. I frowned at the combination. I honestly couldn’t imagine the taste.

Giving her thigh one squeeze, I let go and turned my whole body to face the bar and order my 5th glass of Samogon. We sat there the whole night and sometime around 2 am just before the bar closed, I realized she was serious and that when we leave here we would be going to different rooms.

We were the last 2 to leave the bar and together we walked side by side to the elevator. She laid against one side of the box and I stood on the other. There was no way that I was going to let her leave this space before I kissed her.

I shrugged my shoulders and went for it. My one hand was on her cheek and my other arm wrapped around her body to drag her closer. She had no time to react as I placed my lips on her slowly. When she didn’t pull away I went all in for it.

Our bodies were crushed together. Her one hand grasping my shirt and the other running through my hair. She moaned as I pulled her closer. The elevator door opened but we didn’t stop. I moved closer to press my floor because there was no way that I was going to stop now.

I lifted her one leg around my hip and then the other. The mirror in the elevator was fogging up and all I wanted to do was get her out of her clothes. I moved my hips against her as the door opened once again. This time I pulled away from the wall but still kept her against my hips as I walked to my room.

At the door, I struggled to get the key card out of my back pocket. She pulled away and with heavy eyelids, she shook her head. “We can’t do this.” I sighed as she slid down my hips until her feet were firmly planted on the ground.

I stared down at her, struggling to get a full lung of oxygen. “Okay.” She rested her head against my door and I took a step back. My jeans were uncomfortably tight and my lips were swollen. “Alexei” I stated my name and reached out my hand to hers.

She grinned and said, her name while shaking my hand. “Emily,” Closing my eyes, I grinned. “Good to meet you, Emily, now I think you need to leave before I can’t stop.” She sighed and nodded. “Look, Alexei, I really want to, but I can’t.

“Boyfriend?” She shook her head no but then nodded yes. Frowning she said, “Something like that. I’ll see you around Alexei.” She walked to the elevator and I said, “Good night” She turned around and grinned. “Dream about me!” Before I could say anything, the elevator doors were closing.

If only she knew. I opened my door and stumbled into the shower. The famous cold shower was all that’s going to help my current problem. By the time I got out of the shower my lips were blue and my body had calmed down.

I towel dried my hair before slipping on pajama pants and getting into bed. I’m hoping for a good night’s rest because somehow I’d need energy for tomorrow.

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