Allesandra (Book 3 of Larove Series)


61.17k words

21 chapters



Table of Contents


This book in unedited. Read at your own risk

This is book 3 of Larove Series.


Allesandra @ Alle Larove is now 22 years old. Because of her genius mind she the youngest student graduated from CJBS (Cambridge Judge Business School) and top of her class, she's ready to work beside her older Sister, Hope. Everybody see her life as perfect just because she's a Larove. For Alle, it's not complete. Like her mother's and Sister, she found love from her female Best Friend, Kylie.

After the death of her girlfriend in a tragic accident, she shut her heart completely. She blamed herself for the lost of her beloved Kylie. She changed from a very cheerful person to a cold, moody and impatient person. She feel like she's betraying her late girlfriend if she's dating again.

Since she started to work for her daddy (Carmen), she met several woman. Some bad. Some nice. Some willing to do anything to be a Larove.

Will Alle found love again?

Will she open her heart for someone new?

Can she move on

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