Aurora's Rapture


53.6k words

23 chapters



Table of Contents


This is a dark erotic revenge romance novel with a psychological twist*

A dark and painful past!

A devastating secret!

And a broken girl.

Aurora is focused on revenge, after all the tears and pain Nicolai Mitchell Lucious has caused her. She intends to give it all back in ten folds but she knows everything isn’t what it seems.

With a painful past that continues to still haunt her and a struggle for her to find herself stuck in a world of no rules or laws whatsoever and where family honor meant everything.

Bound by her revenge to a man who threatened and builied her life and now threatens to steal her soul and also her heart…

She needs and craves for vengeance.

As her sanity becomes more fragile, she believes enacting her revenge on her bully would bring her peace and put a stop to everything.

But the very person she doesn’t want to allow inside her shattered psyche pushed his way in.

Just like he always does...

As the 7 trails of life begins it cycle.

Will Aurora be able stop it in time.

Or wil



Friday Aiyalogbe


2020/9/1 Reply

Josie Frank

A novel packed with dark romance, love, hate, passion, betrayal.... Curious? Read and find out

2020/8/19 Reply