I hate him!

How dare he came into my apartment and did that to me. Take advantage of me and just went on with his night.

I was on my way to work, angrily glaring at everybody in front of me. The pain in my ass wasn't there but It felt different, obviously, something was once up there.

I looked around the town carefully, looking for that one blue-eyed dipshit of a gang leader. Oh! how I wanted to slap his sexy face and kissed him. Wtf am I saying?

I sighed and pushed the door to the small flower shop that I worked in. I threw my bag over the counter and it landed in the basket. I took up the watering pot and floral scissors.

"Good morning, Aunt May," I said as I walked past my aunt by the window

"Morning, sweetheart."

My aunt is the only family member I have near me. My mother and father both live in Canada with my grandparents. I don't move there because of the university and my parents say I should be somewhere near family. I love my aunt. I would go crazy if something is to happen to her.


I didn't have any class today, so I'm gonna be here the entire day. It was almost lunchtime and I was writing down all the orders so far today

"Micah, it's delivering time." Aunt May smiled at me and handed me a bouquet of roses neatly wrapped in a decorated plastic with an envelope attached to it.

"Here's the address you're gonna ask for, Mrs. Adams, when you arrive at the building."

"Okay, I'll be back soon."

I opened the door and walked along the sidewalk in the direction of the street address on the piece of paper. I couldn't help but smile down at the red roses in my hands. It must be nice to have someone surprise you with things like this, which means that a person loves and cares for you.

I was about to enter through the automatic door when I spotted that stupid bitch.

He was on the other side of the street sitting by the water fountain surrounded by his stupid followers. He had a frown on his face as he wrapped his knuckles in a white cloth. I glared at him from where I was standing, watching him pour liquor onto his bruised hand.

I was so angry that I just wanted to march over there and slap him. I shook my head and turned towards the door of the building. Once it slid open, I walk to the front desk.

"Delivery," I mumbled

"To who?" The man at the desk asked without looking up from his laptop

"Mrs. Adams."

"Sign and go up to the third floor. First door on your right."

I signed his book and walked to the elevator. Once I delivered the roses, I exited the building and crossed the street. I stomped my way over to the scary-looking crowd. My action got everybody's attention instantly because who would be so brave to walk up to them but I was beyond pissed and ready to confront 'Leo'.

I walked up to Leo who was watching me with a grin on his face. He stood up when I was almost in front of him

"How dare you!"I raise my hand and slapped him but regretted it instantly.

I gasped and covered my mouth.

I just slapped a gang leader.

I'm dead.

Leo just stared down on me with an evil smirk. His eyes turn cold as he gripped my neck and pulled me closer to him.

He wasn't trying to strangle me. That's good but he was holding me close to his face with me balancing on the tip of my toes.

I know by now everyone around us watching from the corner of my eyes. I could see one of the many guys rubbing his hands together as if waiting for Leo to tell them to do something to me

"You just slap me." He whispered. His voice filled with nothing but coldness and his eyes darkened with anger and fucking lust

"I'm sorry, so sorry but you shouldn't have done that."

He let go of me and stepped back. Everyone around him started closing in on me. I felt like I was gonna pee on myself.

Leo held his hand up telling them to stop. They did that almost instantly, he then motioned with his finger for me to follow him. I hurried after him wanting to get away from the men. He walked behind the building and stopped before turning to me and pulling out a cigarette from his sweater pocket. I watched him lit it and inhaled hoping he would somehow choke on it.

"What's your problem, princess?"

"Do NOT call me that. I'm not your princess. I'm a guy." I slightly yelled watching him carefully to see how he would react

"I'll call you whatever I want." He mumbled

"You...yo-what you did last night was unacceptable and disgusting!"

"You didn't exactly tell me to stop." He shrugged

I opened my mouth to say something but closed it. It was true, I didn't tell him to stop

"I'm going to report you." I pointed a finger in his face but he just stared at me with a blank expression

"For what?"

"Breaking and entering." I crossed my arms

"I didn't exactly break into your house."

"You fucking did!"

"Don't fucking raise your voice at me." Leo hissed gripping my forearm.

I ignored the pain I was feeling and glared up at him

"I'm going to the cops." I threatened but he only laughed in my face

"In case you haven't noticed, I fucking ran this place. I could be in jail today and out tomorrow and what exactly are you gonna tell them? that you beg for me to fuck you?"

I forcefully pulled my hand out of his grip not caring if it's gonna leave a bruise or not

"Just...stay away from me okay?"

I didn't wait for an answer I turned and walked away. I walked as far as possible from the group of men and crossed the street. I was heading to the hardware store before going back to work. Just in case Leo wanted to break into my house again, I had to get some door and window locks to keep him and everyone else out.

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