G.L 5

I was in the library at school looking over some old books about law and sociology. I was with one of my friends- Destiny since we are doing the same courses. I've known Destiny since the first day of university and she's my closest friend. We have different personalities whereas she's all bubbly and always excited. She wears bright colors. She even wears rainbow extensions. Her favorite artists are Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. She's originally from Mexico and love to watch romance movies. She's sweet though.

"How's that fictional case going?" Destiny asked

"I'm almost done. I have like three more pages back and front."

"Damn! You're doing good. I'm almost on my third page." I laughed at Destiny and continued to skip the pages of the books.

Half an hour later, we took a break from all the school work, Destiny coloring in her 'Adult coloring book' and me playing guitar that belongs to the library.

After school, I picked up on my shift at the flower shop. Aunt May had a doctor's appointment so it was just me, the security guard and two assistants today. I sat on the spinning stool around the counter writing ideas to finish up my case completely ignoring the customers walking around the place.

I heard the little bell on the door ring but I didn't look up. I kept writing on my torn out book page


I looked up at the guy that walked in and smiled. He was actually handsome. His bleached blonde hair came down in his face almost covering his brown eyes. He was about 5'7 and had a nice smile.

"Hello, how may I help you?" I asked putting down my pen.

"Ummm, I just got some pet fish for my apartment and I want their aquarium to look as natural as possible. What plants would you suggest?"

"I like Coontail but if you want something to spread around I'll say get the Vallisneria."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Can you show me?" We both laughed at that

We went outside to the back where the pond of the different water plants was separated by aluminum.

"So do your fishes have names yet?" I asked Anthony as I got the plants from the water and take off my long gloves.

"Yes, I have a male betta. His name is Angel, and I have two angelfishes, a male and female name, Nature and Valley." Anthony blushed and looked down at his shoes

I giggled at his cuteness and shook my head.

"Those are very unique names, Anthony."

"Thank you." He smiled

We bought the plants back to the counter along with some seeds to re-grow the plants.

"You might think I'm crazy about this but would you maybe want to go on a date with me?"


I was a bit shocked by the sudden question. I had to stop and think. It's time to forget Leo and move on. I'm not quite sure because every time I think he's gone, he'll come right back to put me in my feelings and go. He obviously doesn't want me the way I want him and this is all new to me. I've tried to look at a girl a certain way but it isn't working.

"Sure, yes." I smiled and Anthony returned it

"Great! Is tomorrow good?"

"It's perfect."

I gave him my address and number and he went on his way.


I was tying my shoelace when I heard a knock on my door. I ran to open it and smiled at Anthony who stood outside my door


"Hi! I got you chocolates."

"Thank you so much." I took the heart shape package from him

"I'll put these in the fridge and be right with you." Anthony smiled and nodded as I went into the kitchen. I put the chocolates in the fridge and grabbed my wallet.

We took the elevator down and out the door to Anthony's car where he parked on the street. He opened the passenger's door for me and I smiled but before I got in I looked across the to see Leo staring daggers at me and Anthony. I rolled my eyes and got in the car. Anthony shut the door before proceeding to his side and started driving.

We arrived at the movie theater and I picked the movie 'Warriors'. Anthony bought the tickets and I bought food without his consent.

We were in the movie and I must say it's amazing. I like it and I know Anthony likes it too because his eyes were glued to the screen. He made sure to tell me things I didn't understand and I was grateful for that.

When the movie was over, I got up and pulled him up with me, and head out of the theater. Since we were near some restaurants, we walked hand in hand down the sidewalk. I was a little nervous being out in public like this but Anthony gave me a little confidence, he didn't care and no one was actually looking at us weirdly.

We settled for an Italian restaurant that didn't require reservations. Anthony and I ordered the same thing and went on eating.

"So what's your favorite color?" I asked.

"What?" Anthony chuckled.

"I don't know anything about you," I blushed

"Let's see. I'm twenty years old. I work as a supervisor at Whispers Hotel. My favorite color is green. Favorite food-pizza, favorite fruit-apple and mangoes, favorite movie-The Cure, favorite is beneath your beautiful and I like to go hiking. I can't stand homophobic people and I hate mustard."

"I hate mustard too." I chuckled.

This date actually went well. I was so happy and relaxed by the end of it. It was nice to go out and not worry about school. Anthony is such a nice person. He's sweet and kind and always smiling. He's just someone I'd love to hug for the rest of my life. He's amazing and he made my night.

I opened my door to my apartment and entered. I sat down on my couch, looked up at the ceiling, and sighed happily.

"Had fun?"

I screamed and fell off the couch rolling to the coffee table. I stayed where I was scared for my life. I gritted my teeth and stood angrily when I recognized the voice.

"What the fuck, Leo!"

Leo was standing behind the couch facing me with his hands in his hoodie pocket and a deadly look on his face

"You can't go out with him again"

"Why not?" I crossed my arms and pouted.

"Because I said so!" He raised his voice causing me to jump back in fear.

"You're mine. Did you forget that already?" Leo asked, taking slow steps towards me

"I don't belong to you, "I whispered.

"Micah." Leo chuckled. Once he was in front of me he slowly wrapped his hand around my neck.

"I'm not scared of you, Leo." I dared he could see right through me that I was lying. Even though I like him, Leo is capable of doing 'things' that would leave me with nightmares.

Leo smiled and moved his hand to my cheek. He rubbed circles with his thumb which was actually pretty soothing. As soon as I closed my eyes ready to enjoy the little gesture.



I latched onto Leo immediately and hid my face in his chest as he held me close and tight.

"Hey, it's okay."

He moved towards my bedroom as the shots continued.


Even though they didn't sound near, I was still scared. Scared that something bad was happening and people could get hurt. And to add to it, Leo put me in bed and turned to leave.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"I have to go." He came back and kissed my cheek

"You're safe, Micah."

He exited my room and locked the door on his way. I heard the front door locked and a car speeding down the street a minute after

What the hell was happening.

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep but It was hard. Soon, the gunshots stopped but police sirens and screaming started. Leo was on my mind. I was worried about him. I was going crazy.

Eventually I fell asleep through all of it hoping he's okay.

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