There was definitely something off with her.

It was as though she was lacking something or maybe she wanted something so bad.

Whatever it was, Charles wondered what it could be.

Sitting back into the leather chair he had specifically had constructed to his taste, he wondered when she exactly was going to walk into that room and ask what his proposition was with attitude.

He smirked to himself. She sure acted like she did not break his heart six years ago. And he knew her so well, it was sure that she would keep up with that attitude for a while until he decides to break it. Smiling even more, he could totally picture the defiant look on her face once he does kill that attitude.

Charles groaned inwardly.

She was driving him crazy.

So, so crazy.

And that was wrong to him. He should be the one making her regret. He was meant to be driving her crazy. All she had to do was show up, Charles was sure he would do that perfectly.

Almost absent-mindedly, he checked his watch, something was telling him that the woman he was waiting impatiently for was nearby. And he really hoped his guts were right.


Charles turned his attention to the men seated opposite him.


"We asked if you are okay with the plan," the man clothed in a grey suit carefully said, his low bangs bobbing as he peered at his boss who had suddenly arranged for his and his colleague's arrival in the States for certain business issues.

Charles adjusted his silk robe which he hadn't bothered to change out of since he was in his residence. "I gave a response didn't I?"

"Uh... no sir. You actually just smirked... smiled actually." Even the man was surprised at what he just said.

"I did?" His famous stone look was back in a jiffy.

"Uh... sir? The plan?"

Charles ringtone filled the anxious air.

"Excuse me." He majestically crossed his legs which were clothed in matching blue silk pants.

" Yes?" He prompted Miss Kane to talk without wasting his precious time.

"Isabella Shade is here to see you sir."

He wanted to smirk again, well actually grin, but a look at the gentlemen in front of him, he kept it in and disguised it with a low throat clear.

"Let her in." Charles also hoped he was doing a good job of hiding how much his chest was beating.

"But you are in a meeting sir."

"Did I stutter Miss Kane?"

"I'll let her in right away."

"Mr. Wade, Mr. Blunt," he faced the men who turned their attention fully to him. "I like the plan, but I want to know more about this business. Have the owners properly prepare a presentation and..."

"Good evening." His knees fell so weak, his legs had to disentangle, her voice did that much to him. But like the strong man he was, he was quick to regain composure.

"Miss Shade. Have a seat." Charles pointed at the seat that was close to his huge neatly dressed bed. As he watched her take a seat, he suddenly wished that the chair was not there. Seeing her on his bed was a sight he missed. And a sight he would love to see again and again.

"Sir... you were saying something."

"Yeah... Have them prepare a presentation and meet me sometime next week. I want to know more." Charles also wanted to know what had Isabella glued to her phone. His eyes didn't just stop at staring at her slender, cute and quite sexy hands.

Slowly, as he half-listened to what Mr. Wade was saying, he traced her entire body. From her slightly opened lips that she hardly adorned to her sleek hair that kept calling him to run his hands through them, he noticed every single thing. That look he could not decipher was present too.

"Mr. Oxford?"

Charles realized he had zoned them out. A very unusual thing for a man of focus like him. He was sure the men would be so confused to be seeing him acting that way.

"Just let me know how everything goes."

"Okay sir."

After they had packed their stuff and left, Charles just had to let out that smirk he had been hiding. "Miss Shade."

Her head came up finally. "Mr. Oxford."

Charles's smile widened. She was trying to act professional. The next few minutes sure was going to be fun. He got up and made for where she was seated.

"It is good that you showed up." She gave a short shrug as her eyes followed him- as they should. But as his robe came off suddenly, her eyes which bore a grim look suddenly widened.

"I was starting to think you had given up on your suffering company." His pants came off next as he made for his small wardrobe, her eyes swiftly darted elsewhere.

"You said you have a proposition." Isabella said, her head obviously trying not to look back. Charles wondered how much her body reacted to him at that moment. Years ago, that sexy body of hers melted on just seeing him.

"I don't start my meeting that way Miss Shade." He walked back into the other room, fully clothed in a casual tee shirt and sweatpants.

"Why exactly are you here Miss Shade?" His legs crossed again.

"My company is in a lot of debt." It was ridiculous that she was seated so far from him, but he wasn't going to stress on that. She definitely would move closer at a point.

"So I gathered when I did my research."

Isabella scoffed. "I see you are still nosy."

"It is habit. So, what do you want me to do?"

Her eyes became a shade of pity, it was like she was sorry for herself. "I would actually appreciate it if we could reach an agreement that will benefit you and pull me out of the debts."

"Hmm." Charles sat back.

"Well, like I said when we met, I have a proposition that would benefit you extremely."

"What is that?"

Charles smirked as he knew what he was about to say would force her to come sit closer to him.

"All you have to do is marry me."

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