Blue Bolt


111.59k words

39 chapters



Table of Contents


Superheroes have always been on a kid's mind, whether it's make believe or on the big screen. Every child wants to be a superhero, especially in the year 2134 where superheroes actually exist and make up 25% of the world's population. The only catch? You can't use your powers until you've graduated from college due to a law that passed when the first heroes came around, stating that you can only use your powers in an official organization that typically first becomes available at college age.

And that is perfectly fine with Anneliese Andrews, a girl who blocks her own electric abilities because she got her powers in an accident that she doesn't even remember. However, when Anneliese moves to a new school district and gets into a club full of kids just like her, who've developed their powers early, she quickly discovers that not everything in her seemingly perfect society is what it seems. As she and the other kids in this superpowered club uncover a plot to hurt the superheroes, Anneliese needs to decide to

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