Chapter Three

Jayda woke up slightly tired. She blushed and buried her face deeper into the pillow as soon as she remembered last night's event. She was also very sore but sore in a good way. Lilian, her best friend will be so proud of her when she tells her that she got a good lay.

Jayda opened her eyes and saw that the space beside her was empty, she sat up with the duvet wrapped around her curvy body and came face to face with Sebastian who was dressing up. His back was turned to her so he couldn't see her. She could tell he just had a shower because of how his hair looked.

Jayda ran her fingers through her messy hair before she spoke. "Good morning." She said but got no reply.

Maybe he didn't hear her.

"Good morning, Sebastian." She said again. This time around Sebastian took a glance at her, said nothing, then turned his attention back to buttoning his shirt. He made no attempt to reply to her greetings. He also had a stern expression on his face.

"Aren't you the one I'm talking to?" Jayda said. She was starting to get irritated. The slight headache she woke up with started turning into something more.

Sebastian didn't respond. He reached for his Rolex on the nightstand, put it on and reached for his wallet in his back pocket.

Jayda's heart fell when she saw him counting a few dollars. "What did he take her for?"

Sebastian placed the money on the nightstand. "This is for your services. Make sure you're out of here in an hour's time or they will kick you out."

Tears welled up in Jayda's eyes, she tried her best not to let it fall but she failed. Never had she felt used. Sebastian was acting the opposite of how he was yesterday, As at last night, it was love making but now he was paying her for her services when money was the least of Jayda's problems. Even if Jayda decides to retire today, she has more than enough to cater for herself for the rest of her life.

She threw the pillows on the bed at him. "You're nothing but an evil bastard!" She said as the tears kept on falling.

"Watch your language woman, Nobody talks to me that way," Sebastian said with gritted teeth.

"You're so impossible, so heartless, so cruel, I can't believe I gave myself to you. The man I was with last night was different from this manipulative bastard I'm looking at. You're the worst person I've ever met and I hope you rot in hell you bastard of a thousand fathers."

Sebastian's face was red with anger, the woman before him was crossing her boundary. "If you mention that word again, I will destroy you." He threatened, referring to her last statement.

"Fuck you! Do you think you can intimidate me with the money you have? You are just a spoilt brat whose parents gave him everything on a platter of gold. You're a sadist, you have no human feeling and I hope you rot in hell because people like you are not meant to be seen amongst humans. You're totally sick."

Sebastian was even angrier now. Smoke was almost coming out of his ear. "You're the one who is sick. I gave you double of what I would have given other girls and you are not even grateful."

"Not everything is about money you dumbass." Jayda cried. She couldn't believe this was the evil person she gave her virginity to. Last night, he was the sweetest person she had ever met and this morning, he just turned so cold.

"I don't want your money, just take it away and get the fuck out of here." She shouted at him.

"Are you sure you don't need the money? You didn't steal anything from me remember? How will you survive?"

Jayda couldn't believe her ears. Was he trying to call her a thief?

She didn't care if she was naked under the duvet, She untangled herself from it, ignored the soreness and pain in between her thighs, closed the gap between them and slapped him really hard.

"You're so full of yourself. You have no idea how much I hate you. Get out of here and don't forget to take your stupid money with you." Jayda left his presence and made her way to the bathroom.

Jayda had never been a violent person but the pain and hurt she was feeling now made her act without even thinking.

She saw one leg of her pair of heels by the door of the bathroom. She picked it up and threw it hard at Sebastian which earned a loud groan from him. Then she stepped into the bathroom and locked the door.

Sebastian was busy caressing his left cheek where Jayda slapped him so he had no opportunity to dodge when she threw her heels at him. It hit him hard on the right side of his forehead.

With his hand on his forehead, he collapsed on the edge of the bed and tried to massage the place the heel hit him. But he couldn't massage it because it was hurting him. No blood was gushing out but he could feel a bump.

"This woman! what the hell have I gotten myself into?" Sebastian cried in pain.

Truthfully, he had the best time of his life last night. But last night will only remain a satisfying one night stand to him. He was brought up in a way to understand that the outside world was cruel so he refused to be nice to anyone except his family. To him, women associated themselves with him because of what he has. He gave Jayda twice the amount he would have given other girls but wondered why she rejected it. No lady had ever rejected his money, not even his sisters who loved free money.

He was also surprised to see all of his stuff intact when he woke up. Usually, before he wakes up, the lady he had a one night stand with would have escaped with his money, Rolex and other handy items she could steal.

Sebastian truly felt something different for Jayda but as soon as he woke up, he decided he couldn't continue to stay nice to her. He knew there was a great attraction between them but hopefully, it was just a crush which will fade in no time.

He knew of some of his business partners who ended up being weak and lost everything because of a woman and he wasn't ready to go through that.

Sebastian proceeded to the bathroom door where Jayda locked herself in, He almost raised his fist to knock on the door but he changed his mind. He picked up his suit Jacket, didn't bother to take the money he placed on the nightstand, then he exited the hotel room.


As soon as Jayda slammed and locked the bathroom door behind her, she sat on the edge of the bathtub and cried. She had spent all her life building her reputation to the extent that she received nothing but respect from people.

Sebastian Miller came from nowhere and crushed everything. She felt used. Even though she couldn't deny that last night was the best night of her life, she regrets giving her virginity to him. Sebastian was a devil in disguise who played his role well. He had the worst personality on earth and yet he was breathtakingly handsome.

Jayda cried harder when she remembered him leaving some cash on the nightstand, saying he was paying for her services. She totally felt inferior, like she sold her body for money. She thought what they had meant something to him but it didn't.

After having a good cry, Jayda got into the shower, then dried her body with a fresh towel provided in the bathroom. Unconsciously, she took a glance at the mirror in front of her and almost died when she saw the amount of hickey Sebastian left on her body.

Some on her neck, uncountable on her breasts and chest area and some on her stomach. He was all possessive over her last night; never had it occurred to her that he was only using her.

Jayda went back into the room. She noticed Sebastian did not take the money he left on the nightstand. She picked up her dress and underwear from the floor, put them on, reached for her purse and the money. She left the money at the reception for it to be delivered to Sebastian Miller along with a short note.

On a normal Saturday, Jayda will spend the morning hours cleaning her apartment and then work from home throughout the day but she was in no mood to do anything. She just wished she could see Sebastian Miller one more time so she could cut off his balls. He was the most ruthless person she had ever come across.

Jayda ignored her growling stomach as soon as she walked into her apartment. She went straight to her room, soaked herself in her bathtub for a while, then tried to wash off Sebastian's scent from her. No matter how hard she scrubbed her body, his scent just wouldn't come off and that annoyed the hell out of her.

She gave up, rinsed her body and went in search of something to wear. Jayda settled for shorts and a tank top. She put her hair in a messy bun and applied some ointments on the hickeys on her body. She went back into her room, gulped down a bottle of water and climbed on her bed. She hoped to sleep off her anger and hopefully feel better when she wakes up.


"Leave me alone Lily" Jayda whispered as she snuggled closer to her pillow. She could tell it was Lilian, her best friend who was trying to wake her up from her dear sleep. Lilian had a key to her apartment and so did she to Lilian's apartment.

"Come on, you've slept for way too long. It's evening already." Lilian announced which made Jayda open her eyes. Taking a glance at the alarm clock on her nightstand, she saw that it was almost 7 pm, She slept for so long. She couldn't blame herself, she and Sebastian found it hard to keep their hands off each other yesterday so she hardly got any sleep.

"When did you arrive?" She asked Lilian.

"Two hours ago. You were sleeping soundly so I thought of giving you more time to sleep but I couldn't take it any longer, I was getting bored so I decided to wake you up."

"Oh my God!" Lilian exclaimed excitedly when she noticed the hickeys on Jayda's neck and cleavage area. She saw them when Jayda was trying to sit up.

"No wonder you decided to take a nap. I can see that you and Zach couldn't keep your hands off each other. Damnnnn, you finally got laid, I'm so proud of you. It's time for you to tell me every detail." Lilian smiled.

"I never knew Zach was somewhat possessive, do they hurt?" Lilian referred to the hickeys on her body.

Before Jayda could say anything, she gulped down a glass of water that was on her nightstand.

"Zach and I broke up." She announced.

Lilian frowned, "What do you mean?" She asked, confused.

Jayda looked down at her hands, "It happened so fast. I went to his place so we could celebrate my promotion but it turned out I was disturbing his date with his new girl."

"I don't make time for him, I never took our relationship seriously, he has been there for me more than I've ever been there for him, he's looking for someone to settle down with and I'm clearly not the one because I'm not ready for that phase in my life. So he broke it off."

Jayda looked at Lilian with tears in her eyes. "You were right all along. I acted carelessly and now I've lost him."

Lilian took Jayda's hand in hers and gave it a light squeeze. Zach would have been the perfect man for her. He was handsome, rich, respectful and loving but her best friend was just too obsessed with work that she never took her relationship with him seriously.

"I can help you talk to him," Lilian offered.

"There's no need. I lost Zach and I think it's a burden I should leave with. Besides, I think nemesis already caught up with me. I want no man in my life anymore." Jayda burst into tears.

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