Chapter Five

Sebastian Miller heaved a tired sigh as he slammed the document he was going through on the table. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t concentrate on anything. All he could think of was Jayda; the passionate night they had together, how he acted like a jerk to her the next morning, the tears in her eyes when he hurled hurtful words at her.

The more he remembered her with tears in her eyes, knowing he was the reason for her sadness, the more he hated himself and regretted not going into the bathroom and apologizing to her.

Since that night, no second has passed without Sebastian thinking about Jayda. She was all he could see in his dreams and it was making him crazy.

He did his best to forget her by calling an ex-fling to meet him at a hotel but for some unknown reason, he couldn’t go through fucking her. He stopped halfway after a little bit of smooching because he realized he wanted something more. He didn't feel the heat, the passion, the burning desire that he had with Jayda.

Obviously, Jayda has destroyed him for other women.

Sebastian was brought out of his thoughts when his intercom buzzed and he was informed that his best friend, Caleb was here to see him.

Caleb came in and was surprised by what he saw.

“You seriously look like Shit. Haven’t you been sleeping well?" Caleb asked as he sat opposite Sebastian.

“You thought I was joking when I said I don’t understand what’s going on with me anymore,” Sebastian mumbled before burying his face in his hands.

Caleb chuckled, “Karma is already dealing with you.

“It’s not funny, Caleb. I literally can’t do anything without thinking about her. This is so unusual and strange. I’m never this clingy about any woman I have an affair with.

Caleb gave his best friend a closer look and saw a small bump at the right side of his forehead. “She did that?” Caleb asked, trying to hold back his laughter.

Sebastian ignored. He poured himself a half glass of Ciroc, then gulped it down immediately.

He paid a visit to the hospital on his way from the hotel on Saturday morning. Fortunately, he saw his family Doctor, Dr Ellie, who examined his bump.

Going to the hospital that morning was the last thing on Sebastian’s mind. But he went there eventually because he had a very serious headache on the right side of his head and as someone who was very particular about his looks, he wanted some cure for the little bump.

Doctor Ellie gave him painkillers. She also prescribed a creme for the bump. Sebastian religiously applied the creme but the devilish bump just wouldn’t disappear immediately. Left to him, it was as if the bump was getting bigger day by day.

Sebastian’s fear was for the bump becoming a scar. He didn’t want something that would disfigure his handsome face.

“I thought if I had a nice time with Alice, I’ll be able to forget her so I called Alice and I couldn’t even make it past kissing her and a little smooching.

“It was not just the same. Jayda and I had this sort of connection, we had a burning desire between us."

Caleb had the biggest smile on his face as Sebastian spoke. It was as if he had detected something that was still unknown to his best friend. He knew a day would come where Sebastian would truly feel this way and he was glad to be alive to experience this day.

“Just admit it to yourself, you like her.

Sebastian chuckled, “You must be kidding me. I can never like anyone, most especially Jayda. She’s so rude and witty. Do you know how many times she called me a bastard and a dumbass?

Celeb and Sebastian were very close. They tell each other everything. For some reason, he knew this Jayda was different and had no doubt she was the one for Sebastian.

No woman Sebastian has been with ever had the guts to stand up to him or call him names. In all, he was glad his best friend actually had some sort of passion for an opposite sex again which was a good thing.

“Maybe if you didn’t hurl those hurtful words to her she wouldn’t have said those words to you,” Caleb said.

“It’s all your fault, if only you had come with me to the club, I wouldn’t have met her at all,” Seb mumbled.

Caleb shrugged, “I had to make time for my girlfriend. Besides, I think this has nothing to do with me being there or not. Your Mystery girl was bound to be at the bar."

“The most surprising thing is that she had no idea who I was. I was kind of hurt because no one has ever refused me or claimed they didn't know me. I won’t deny that she was different but I don’t do relationships anymore or feel anything for women.

“I’m sure if Jayda is aware of my status, she will be after my money, just like the others.

Caleb shook his head in disbelief, his best friend was so proud and full of himself. No doubt Sebastian needed someone like Jayda in his life so she will put him in his place.

“Do you like the idea of Jayda going to bed with another man?” He asked.

“She wouldn’t dare!" Sebastian blurted out in a possessive tone before he could stop himself. A known smirk crept to Caleb's lips. The anger on Sebastian’s face said it all.

He hasn’t given a thought about Jayda and other men but now that Caleb asked the question, he found out he wasn’t comfortable with it. For some reason, he was happy he was the first man to make love to Jayda and the thought of another man having with Jayda what he had with her was making him crazy and insanely jealous.

Sebastian sighed and buried his face in his hands, he was truly whipped. It would take some time for him to actually be able to forget her.

“I’m your best friend Seb and I want you to be honest with me. Do you feel anything for Jayda?

“No.” He replied firmly.

“Okay, fine, maybe a little.” He replied to Caleb’s accusing eyes.

“I honestly regret what I said to her and the way I acted like a jerk the next morning. But I did what I had to do. Maybe if I can convince her to spend one more night with me, I will be able to forget her after that.

Caleb shook his head in disbelief, Sebastian was really a dumbass.

They were interrupted by Sebastian’s secretary, Jessica, who walked in with a white envelope.

“Someone from the club dropped this for you, sir.” She handed him the envelope then took her leave.

It was from club 232, the one he went to on Friday.

“What the hell?” Sebastian exclaimed when he opened the envelope and came face to face with some cash.

He saw a folded note in the midst of the cash, he took a look at it.

“I don’t need your money, Mr Arrogant. You and your money can go to hell. I hope we never cross paths again. People like you don’t deserve a place on earth.” Jay.

Sebastian hadn’t realized he read out the words that looked like they were scribbled with anger on the paper until Caleb started laughing. Caleb hasn’t met Jayda but he was in love with her already. Hopefully, she will be the one that will change his best friend for good.

Sebastian finally saw his match, someone that won’t accept any bullshit from him.

Sebastian squeezed the paper and tossed it into a nearby bin. No one has ever refused or returned his money or told him to go to hell or told him he doesn’t deserve a place on earth. For some unknown reason, her words hurt him deeply.

“So what next?” Caleb asked with a smile playing on his lips. He saw a look of hurt on Sebastian’s face before it turned to that of anger. His best friend was used to hiding his emotions and would hardly ever open up to anybody.

“She’s just a spoiled brat, I’ll deal with her my way.” He mumbled.

“You need to calm down, Seb. You can see now that she’s not after your money. You like her and I suggest you act on it before it’s too late.

“I don’t like her, I’ll be over her in a few more days. I’ll make sure I find someone that can pleasure me like her.” He lied and quickly changed the subject.

“I hope you are coming to Dad’s party? It’s in a couple of days.” Sebastian asked Caleb. He was sure he would survive the party if Caleb was around.

“I’ve never missed any of your family's events so I’ll surely be there. Besides, I can’t wait to see Amelia and Olivia again.” He smiled.

Amelia and Olivia were Sebastian’s younger twin Sisters. Despite the fact that there was a nine-year age gap between them, he loved his sisters dearly but there were times where those girls could be a handful.

“I miss them too but I hope something will come up so I’ll have the perfect excuse not to attend Dad’s birthday dinner.

“You can’t be serious Seb, It’s your Dad’s birthday.

“I know, I just hope he doesn’t bring up the usual talk about me being old enough to get married. And since it’s his birthday, I’m sure he’s going to give me more reasons why I should give him grandkids.

“And don’t you think it’s time to settle down and have your own children?” Caleb teased.

“Says the guy who isn’t married yet.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at Caleb.“Besides, I’m just 32, I want to enjoy life the more before thinking about settling down. That’s if I ever will.

Caleb heaved a heavy sigh.

Sebastian used to be the most selfless and sweetest human being Caleb ever knew. But his experience with his last girlfriend changed everything about him. He became ruthless, heartless and cold and was known to be the number one playboy in the country.

Because of what his ex did, He filled his head with the worst thoughts about women. He only mingled with them when he wanted pleasure and then discarded them as if they meant nothing to him.

Deep down, Caleb knew this Jayda girl would be able to do something to bring his best friend back. Maybe he should reach out to her first.

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