Chapter Seven

"How is my niece doing today?" Albert pulled Lilian in for a hug.

She smiled, "I'm fine uncle, Happy Birthday to you. Long life and prosperity."

"Thank you, dear. I'm glad you're here."

"You remember your cousin, Sebastian?" Albert said, gesturing at Sebastian who was standing beside him, holding a glass of champagne.

Lilian took a glance at the asshole who hurt her best friend. As usual, he was looking very handsome despite the fact that he had a stern look on his face.

Lilian had never seen him smile, perhaps he would be more handsome when he smiled. Sebastian was the total opposite of his parents and twin sisters, it made Lilian wonder what planet he came from.

"I do remember him" Lilian mumbled, looking back at her uncle.

"Good. I was just asking him when he was going to give me my first grandchild." Albert said which made Sebastian groan.

"We've agreed not to talk about this Dad."

"I'll keep on talking about it until you give me a grandchild. I want to have one now that I'm still healthy and have the energy to run around with him or her."

"Because I asked for a grandchild doesn't mean I expect you to get involved with a lady only for the baby and neither do I expect you to bring a woman to your mom and me, pretending to love each other and then you guys will divorce few days after the baby is born."

"I just want you to be happy and build your own family. I want you to experience what your mother and I have."

"It's not my fault Dad, they are always after my money." Sebastian interrupted and Lily looked at him in disbelief.

"I believe there's someone for you out there, someone who will love you for you and not for what you have. Just give yourself the chance to mingle." Albert completed.

Sebastian wondered why his father was saying all these in front of his cousin who he didn't like a bit.

"You both should catch up, I will go say Hi to the other guests," Albert said, then left the duo.

After Jayda told Lily everything Sebastian did, she had wanted to go to him and hurl insults at him but she didn't because Jayda begged her to avoid trouble.

She chuckled as soon as she saw the right side of his forehead, where Jayda threw her heels at him. Though the bump had gone down there was still some loose skin around that side which was an evidence of the bump.

"I see that my so-called cousin cannot resist drooling over me" Sebastian spoke, handing over the empty glass to a waiter.

Lily chuckled in disbelief. Her cousin was so full of himself.

"Sorry to disappoint you Seb, I don't find you attractive. Even if you were the last and only man on earth, I would rather die single than to be with you."

"Whatever makes you sleep at night." He said as he tucked his hands into his pocket.

"By the way, What happened to your forehead?" She asked, pretending not to know anything.

"Not that it's any of your business but I bumped my head against the wall," Sebastian said almost immediately as if he had been practising the sentence so everyone will believe he bumped his head against the wall.

"Really? It looks like someone threw something at you. Like a stone or something." Lilian mocked, trying to hold back her laughter. She was happy that her best friend threw her heels at him.

"As I said, it's none of your business," Sebastian said with gritted teeth. Lilian could almost see smoke coming out of his ear.

"So when will you give your Dad a grandchild?" Lilian asked interested but Sebastian gave her no reply.

"Perhaps if you treat people nicer and if you stop having stupid thoughts that everyone is after your money, maybe you will eventually find someone who you might like."

"I didn't ask you for advice, Ma'am."

Lilian chuckled, "You're a dumbass and a huge asshole. I feel so sorry for whoever will put up with you. I also pray your child looks nothing like you in terms of behaviour.

"Don't bring my future unborn child in our fight." He clenched.

"Right? That's if you eventually have one and not die a lonely person." Lilian mocked.

Suddenly, a petite-sized blondie walked up to Sebastian, wrapped one of her arms around his waist possessively and shot Lilian a polite glare.

Lilian shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't believe Sebastian had moved on as if what happened between him and her best friend meant nothing. Jayda, on the other hand, was trying very hard to forget about him.

"I hope you know he will end it up with you the moment you both step out of this party." She said to the blondie who was clinging to Sebastian.

"Sheila is not my date. She is a friend." Sebastian said as he untangled Sheila's arm from his. It was so obvious Sheila was into him. She might be his friend but the blondie wanted to be more than just his friend.

Lilian wanted to confront Seb about his night with Jayda but she had promised Jayda she wouldn't bring the matter up in front of Sebastian. For some unknown reason, Jayda doesn't want Sebastian to know she was friends with Lilian.

But Lilian couldn't help but ask indirectly. "I saw you at Louix two weeks ago. I called you but I guess you didn't hear me. You were with a girl. Your eyes never left hers as you guys made your way into the hotel. Was she that special?"

Sebastian went still. Louix was the hotel he went to, to have fun with ladies. The last time he went there was four weeks ago with Jayda and that was the last time he had sex. He couldn't believe he had been celibate for a month now.

"What I do with my life is not your business, Lilian." He replied with gritted teeth. From his reaction, Lilian could tell he felt the same way as Jayda. She was satisfied her best friend was not the only one suffering.

"I shouldn't be telling you this but because you're my cousin I'll tell you. A colleague of mine came with that same girl to our office party last week. Liam said he likes and he not only plans on making her his girlfriend but also his wife and mother of his future children. He said the girl had gone through a lot of heartbreaks and he plans on making her forget all the douchebags that broke her heart."

Lilian smiled. She knew her mission was accomplished when she saw Sebastian's angry face with his clenched fists.

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