Chapter 5

Bren lay down on his bed that night, his mind is filled with concern and worries. What if things went wrong, what if Mark suddenly wants to end the contract. He really can't afford for the older man to just drop him off, what with him quitting his jobs to be a full-time lover for the famous Mark Roberts.

"Should I really go through with this?" He whispers to himself. Shaking that incessant feeling inside he grabs his phone from the nightstand and makes a quick text message for his sister.

He has always been like that when in doubt he always calls his sister to hear her voice. It calms him down, it makes him stronger knowing that somewhere out there, there is still that one person who genuinely loves him. His sister eventually replied and said she can't talk right now because his niece has just been confined to the hospital and seeking medications at the moment. That made him straighten up his backbone and finally made up his mind.

His sister will never ask for his help, as she knows that he also has his own burden to carry but right now he realizes that he has this one chance to be able to help for once.

"I'm in..."

James knocks on Bren's door before barging inside.

"Hey babe, are you ready?" the man asked referring to that list that Mark wanted him to do.

Bren shakes his head.

"I suddenly have no idea what to write down, for now, all I want to do is to please that Mark dude so that he'll give me lots of money for my niece's medical expenses," Bren said with a sigh.

"Vera is in the hospital again? I'm sorry to hear that babe. Listen, Mark is the key for a stress-free life in regards to money but you really have to make that list. You being the submissive one in the relationship doesn't mean that you will let him get the upper hand. He also needs to respect you." James calmly said.

"Alright, you have a point there. Wait where's my pen and paper. So let's start. I will list the things that I want on this side and what I don't want on the other side." Bren mutters as he starts to write.

"I want mutual respect, he can voice out his opinion and I can voice out mine."

"That's a good one, straight to the point." Bren nods his head.

"Respecting private space and time. We need to be with each other most of the time but I also want to have some me time for myself." Bren mutters as James claps his hands.

"Me time with James, I like that babe keep going."

Bren smirks at his friend knowing that James is in it because of the shopping spree which both of them enjoyed by the way.

"I want no disturbance when I'm in my study mode, education is my first priority after all."

"Hear, hear my future graduate."

"I want to make my own decisions and he has to respect my decisions and choices as I will also respect his," Bren added.

"Fair enough..." James mutters as he looks at his friend.

"I want open communication between us, so we can avoid miscommunication as I don't really know him that much. I mean, I only know him as what you described him to be. I also want him to spend time with me, in order for this relationship to work he needs to commit."

"Wow, you got it all right on paper Bren."

Bren nods his head in satisfaction.

"Now to list down what I don't want. I don't want him opening doors for me or assisting me to sit anywhere, I am not yet comfortable being treated like a girl in the relationship." Bren said with a scowl as James looked at him in disbelief.

"Like for real? You look like a twink bitch," he said with a mean smirk on his face as Bren lifts up a finger at his best friend.

"Shut up, next is I don't want any side chicks for him, whether its a girl or a boy. When I get to commit I stay loyal to him and I expect the same from him." Bren tentatively bites his lips on that one as he is not sure whether Mark will say yes to that.

"You're fifty/fifty on that one babe, remember he can do whatever he wants in this relationship while you don't have that right just because he's the one with the money." James quietly said as he looks at his friend.

"That's one of my worries,...what if it will be all about him."

James grabs his hands and forces his best friend to look at him.

"Listen, why don't we forget this list and just talk to him, say what you want and what you don't want to happen in your set up with him and see if he agrees that would be amazing, if he doesn't then you don't have to push through with the contract I mean, it's your choice babe. I can always search for another job for us, I can help you with your problem and no...don't speak let me finish. You don't have to feel uncomfortable with all that loan from me because I'm your best friend and we'll be with each other until forever and that is a very long time babe I am sure you can pay me back when you finally get settled in, after you graduate I am sure that you'll be able to land a decent job that pays well." James rant on and on when Bren suddenly grabs him and hugs him close.

"Thank you James, you're really my angel. I will forever be thankful for your friendship with me." Bren whispers as he hides his face from James.

James pats him on the head.

"You're welcome, babe."

Meanwhile, Mark is all ready to go when Yell suddenly arrives with a serious expression on his face.

"I just got your text, you said you're with that twink that we met in the coffee shop?"

"Yes..." Mark tentatively said wondering what's on his friend's mind.

"I saw his workmate, you know that dumb blonde dude that flirts with me and I walked in front of him hearing him say the words "it's just for the money anyway" I mean what the fuck! That means he is thinking about his friend Mark, that twink is just using you for the money, don't go through with this. This is a bad idea." Yell warned his friend who looks at him and lifts his eyebrow.

"Oh is that so...actually Yell I see no harm in that. You're forgetting something, I am also using him. It goes both ways, I can do anything I want to him in exchange for my money so all in all this whole set up is okay." Mark calmly said as he grabs his phone to call Bren.

"Hello? Yes, I'm about to pick you up. Did you get your things ready? Alright, I see you in a few minutes."

Yell looks at him in disbelief.

"Dude, are you bewitched or something?"

Mark looks at his friend and shrugged.

"No, but I am excited and very much interested in him. It breaks the monotony in my dull life I am actually quite enjoying myself. Aren't you happy that I am entertained and enjoying myself for once, dear friend?" Mark sarcastically said as Yell shakes his head at him.

"Shut up, I am your best friend and I want nothing more than for you to finally be happy but I really have a bad feeling about this. I just want you to watch your back." Yell explained as Mark taps him on the shoulder and gently squeezed.

"I know man, thank you. For now, let's see what happens alright? Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself." Mark confidently said as he walks out of the elevator.

"You can take care of yourself but you can't take care of your heart." Yell shakes his head and followed his friend out.

Back at the apartment, Bren sneezed for the third time that evening.

"What's up with your nose?"

"I don't know,..." Bren whines as he looks for a napkin.

"My mom told me when it does that it means someone's talking shit about you behind your back."

"Whoever he is I will kill him when I find out. Wait, my bags..."

"I already dragged it in the front door. Are you sure you're accepting this sudden move in thing with him? Isn't it too early for that?"

Bren sits up straight and fiddles with his fingers.

"I know, it sounds weird but he really wants us to get settled in fast, and I think he has a point. This way we can get to know each other better."

James looks at his best friend.

"I'm gonna miss staying up late just to wait for you to get home," he whispers.

"I'm gonna miss you too."

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