Author Pov.

Damon: Come here.

He said pointed a finger at her as she silently obeyed him and walked near the dining table.

Damon: Did you eat breakfast.

She nodded her head making him raised his eyebrows.

Damon: What did you eat.

Lucy: Uhmm bread toast with jam and milk.

He looked at her in disbelief. It was hard for him to believe that even after being a grown-up woman she doesn't drink tea or coffee.

Damon nodded his head because for him, her breakfast is quietly acceptable. For the past week, he started to give her proper meals and even started to order her to eat properly or he will punish her.

He had no idea why he started to behave so concerned about her but seeing her almost behaving like a mute person and obeying him silently starts to do things to his heart.

She stood there looking away as he finished his breakfast. This was what he ordered her. Whenever he ate or do his work she needs to be near him without doing anything.

Luciana was confused why he wanted her to be near him all the time when he himself said that her presence disgusts him and he hates her so much.

Watching her not giving him any kind of attention he grabbed her wrist and pulled her on his laps making her gasp out in surprise.

Her hands gripped his shoulders for the support. He smirked at her shocked face and wide eyes. Ignoring everything he started to eat his food like nothing happened.

Luciana knew protesting against him will only bring problems and her resistance will anger him so she silently stayed on his laps.

Finishing his breakfast he looked at her whose face was looking down. He held her chin making her look at him.

A Gasp left from her lips when he pecked her lips making her flinch.

Damon: Why so surprised wifey. It's what every husband do before going to work right.

He said before pulling her up and again pecking her for the last time and heading out of the house smiling a little.

While on the other hand Luciana was frozen as she tried to decipher what happened. Blinking her eyes multiple times she gulped before shaking her head.

She convinced herself that he was just playing with her nothing else. Sighing heavily she remembered that she had to do laundry today.

Damon hates maid or any house worker. Before Luciana, he was used to cooking for himself while Maxwell and his other men cleaned his house.

His life was never a bed of roses. No one can even think of the miseries he had gone through. His fate and people made him what he's right now.

He's a monster in disguise. A beautiful tough man but behind this mask, he's only a cruel demon who had given up on many things. Who had lost many things but he never showed it.

No matter how cruel he is there is always a small broken soul in every heartless person. He never hurt an innocent before. Despite being a ruthless mafia, he's a man of his morals.

But this time he's feeling a deep guilt and uncomfortable feeling while touching Luciana. He had no idea why after making her cry he felt regretted.

Luciana started the laundry and was thankful that he also had the same machines which she used in her father's house.

By using these machines she always finished laundry faster and easily. Sighing heavily she turned on the dryer and walked out of the room as clothes will take a little time.

Her clothes were a little wet and also her bandage. So she decided to change it before it could harm her burn.

But before she could walk further her body froze meeting an innocent eyes blinking at her in confusion.

: Who are you.

The girl asked her with a frown. She seems almost Luciana's age might be a year or two older than her. Luciana felt her tongue got stuck as she stared at the beautiful girl softly smiling at her.

Lia: Hey. I am Lia Knight. But what are you doing in my brother's house? Who are you?

Luciana decided to answer her but still couldn't speak what she could even say. His wife. But what if he becomes mad at her. His maid. But what if he punished her for lying.

Damon: Lia what are you doing here.

Damon questioned his sister earning both of them attention. Lia smiled at her brother and went towards him giving him a side hug while Damon gave her a small smile.

Lia: Nothing brother. I just missed you. I don't even know when Ryan is coming back from London. But forget it tell me who is this beautiful girl.

Lia asked him making him turn his gaze towards Luciana who smiled at them feeling a little uncomfortable as Damon stared at her intensely.

Damon: Your sister-in-law.

Luciana's head snapped at him with a stunned face as he blankly stared at her. Lia gasped before glaring at her brother.

Lia: Seriously brother. You're kidding me. Right.

Damon: Why would I. She's my wife. Lili-- I mean Luciana Knight.

Lia slapped his chest as he rolled his eyes walking towards the couch.

Lia: How could you. I am your fucking sister. You didn't even invite me. How could you. I am hurt?

Damon sighed before looking at her emotionlessly.

Damon: She had to spend her life with me then why I need others to see what's mine. Plus it was a simple marriage so I decided to not involve anyone.

Lia glared at him furiously before turning to uncomfortable Luciana. Smiling brightly she jumped on Luciana taking her for a surprise.

Lia: I am so happy that finally, my cold brother decided to give his life a chance. I mean I can see how much he loves you that he didn't even wait.

Damon and Luciana both got stiffen at her words. Clearing his throat he stood up with a small fake smile and walked towards Luciana.

Wrapping his arm around her waist he pulled her closer making her stand beside him. Her eyes widened when he pecked her cheek.

Damon: Of course I love her. I fell for her the first time I have seen her.

He said proudly as Lia squealed seeing her brother for the first time in his whole life being so lovey-dovey and soft with someone.

Lia: Wait let me take a picture. Wait don't move.

Damon chuckled as she ran back to her purse while he took a chance and whispered in Luciana's ears.

Damon: Don't let her know the truth. Don't even think of taking Liliana's name. And also she doesn't know anything about Ryan so don't say anything just keep on agreeing on what I am doing or saying. Understood.

Luciana nodded quickly and Damon smiled at Lia as she started to take pictures of them. After a small photo session, Damon got a call that he had to go to work. But he decided to eat lunch first.

Damon: Well now tell me why are you here. Suddenly.

Lia: Well I wanted to invite you to my birthday next week. But now I have planned something else.

Damon: And that is.

He questioned with a frown as she smiled brightly staring between Luciana and Damon.

Lia: On my birthday your going to have your reception as well. And I am not taking no. So shut up.

She said sarcastically smiling at him as he growled in annoyance and finally giving up because he already knows how stubborn his sister is.

Lia got a call and went outside to receive it. Luciana hesitated but she wanted to ask him this question for so long so she decided to finally ask him.

Luciana: W-why didn't you call me Liliana. Do you believe me now?

Damon: Not yet.

He replied with his usual cold tone making her sighed out.

Luciana: And about the party do you think I should go I mean. How will you introduce me when you yourself don't even believe me.

Damon dropped his spoon before turning towards her and staring in her chocolaty eyes.

Damon: Don't worry. I will know everything before that party.

Sometimes coming events bring a chaotic result but what more misery has written in her fate.

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