Luciana Pov.

I don't understand that man. In one second he called me Luciana giving me a false hope that he might believe me but again snatched it by leaving me alone and not answering my question.

Is it fun? Do he found fun playing with me? With my feelings. Am I some kind of joke to him. How can he just play around with so sensitive matter?

Here am I. Standing all ready and walking towards the hallway being beside this demon. Suddenly he wrapped his arm around my waist taking me for a surprise.

Damon: Don't talk to anyone. Especially men. I am sure there will be many dorks whose gonna hit on you tonight. But remember princess your only mine.

He whispered in my ear tightening his possessive hold on me as I nodded still not looking at him. He dragged me inside the mansion. It was so hard to walk in those heels but still, I tried to keep a proper pace with him.

Entering the hallway my breath got stopped for a second as I never had seen so much crowd of people and that be wearing so fancy dresses.

Their attention went to us making me more nervous. I clutched Damon's coat feeling extremely uncomfortable at the attention we were getting.

Damon: Relax. They wouldn't dare to touch you. Or they know what will your husband do to them.

He mumbled in my ear placing a soft kiss on my head before dragging my slightly shivering body towards the crowd. Lia came running she hugged both of us.

After some time we started to celebrate Lia's birthday and then host announced "So Mr and Mrs. Knight why don't you give us a small dance"

My head snapped towards Damon who without asking for my permission dragged me in the centre and grabbed my waist pulling me closer.

Lucy: M-master I don't know how to dance. P-Please.

I whispered to him but he forced my one hand on his shoulder and other pulled up using his hand.

Damon: I don't want to stay here for long. Just follow my lead.

He said harshly clearly sounding upset and angry. What happened to him so suddenly. I did what he said and started to dance following his steps.

Soon they made a circle around us and started to dance while exchanging their partners. I gulped looking at Damon who was also annoyed.

Damon: Fucking hell. Listen to me wifey no matter what happens don't talk to anyone. Understand.

I nodded and he hesitantly spun me making me stumble a little but then I felt a hard arm around my waist saving me from falling.

"You seems like you don't know how to dance Mrs. Knight." He said with an enthusiastically. I was about to answer him but stopped remembering Damon's warning.

I ignored him and he looked at me for a second before silently dancing. I was having a rough and hard time as I didn't know how to dance. My feet were kept on slamming on his as he was hissing. And why wouldn't he be in pain? I was wearing heels. I kept on giving me apologetic glances which he replied with a small smile.

He finally let out a sigh of relief spinning me around and I landed on a hard chest. My head completely got pressed against it as I was about to fall but he saved me and pulled me closer.

I turned my head and got stunned at our close proximity. Instantly leaning back I looked away. I didn't like this man, not even a bit. Whole dancing thing with random guys was uncomfortable for me but this man was another case.

There was no respect for me or softness in his eyes. He was staring at me with his intense. I gulped but didn't really look at him.

"I know who you are. " He whispered making me shuddered as I felt goosebumps all over my body. I turned my head and a small smirk appeared on his lips.

"Luciana Miller. " I stared at him with wide eyes making him more satisfied as his smirk become wider.

"Do you think only Jack Snider had his eyes on you. Hm," I stared at him in shock. I felt him caressing my back gently. His grip on my waist become tighter and he kept on pulling my body near him.

"Trust me, Luciana. I know you from so long that you can't even imagine. I don't care who you married I only know. That" He leaned to my ear as he pressed me against his.

"Your Mine."

My breath stopped as I heard his whisper. I started to struggle in his hold. "L-leave me. Get o-off me "

I said with my trembling tone as I hit his chest with my tiny fists but soon a loud gasp left from my lips when he left my body taking steps back holding his head.

Someone just smashed a full tray of champagne glasses on his head. I looked at the person and my breath hitched seeing a raging demon. His eyes were red and breathing was uneven.

Damon Pov.

Everything was fucking annoying. I hate how she was looking so beautiful. I hate how all fuckers present here staring at her with either admiration or lust.

I just wanted to poke their eyes out. While dancing i suddenly got a call and it was important I looked at my wife and she was silently dancing which made me wanted to laugh as she was kept on stepping on the guys feet.

I was satisfied as no guy tried to misbehave with her. I walked to a place where I can be alone so I could attend the call peacefully.

After coming back I felt a burning lava inside me as I witnessed my wife in the arms of another man. I don't know who that guy was but I know one thing he's so dead.

Without thinking twice I took fast steps towards them and snatching the tray of glasses from servant I smashed it on his head.

Luciana Pov.

Damon: Fucking touch her again and I will tell you what I can do to you.

Damon seethed before grabbing his collar and started to punch the guy mercilessly. That guy wasn't protesting. He was taking Damon's beating without doing anything.

Damon pulled his gun out and pointed at the guy making my breath hitched. I have to do something or he will kill him. I instantly back hugged him.

Lucy: P-Please don't. P-please.

I begged him tightly hugging him as he slowly lowered his gun and glared at the guy. He harshly pulled my wrist and side hugged me.


He growled glaring at the crowd who instantly looked down but that guy was still staring at him with a challenging look. His face was bruised up badly.

I was surprised and confused that why he didn't fight back and moreover who he is.

Your mine. What does that suppose to mean? I don't even know how these guys came to know about me when I never even met them for once.

I came out of my thoughts when I felt a hard tug on my wrist and a harsh pull on my body. Damon was roughly pulling me out of the mansion and threw me inside the car.

I was holding my seatbelt tightly as he was driving with almost an inhumane speed. My eyes snapped at him when he started to speak.

Damon: Who was he.

He said gritting his teeth while I looked at him with a frown.

Lucy: I-I don't k-know.


I started to tremble badly as I didn't know what to say.


Lucy: I-i swear I-i don't know h-him. H-he was saying that I am h----

Damon: SHUT UP.

I flinched at his sudden yelling. I don't know anymore if I should tell him or not. What if he thought I am lying and all but I still have to tell him.

But before I could speak he stopped the car harshly making me lean forward in the process. He roughly pulled me out dragging me inside. It was a different house.

It wasn't the mansion in which we used to live it was different. It was almost like a penthouse.

Lucy: P-Please listen t-to me.

I tried to make him stop but instead of letting me go he harshly pulled me towards him slamming my body against his making me almost fell down as the heels were hurting my feet badly.

He held my waist and then I realised we had reached a room. He threw me on the bed and I instantly crawled back hugging my knees near my chest.

I shook my head when he locked the door and stared at me with his psychotic red eyes. My tears kept on embracing my cheeks I was feeling extremely frightened.

Lucy: N-No please d-don't come near me.

I said pressing my back against the bed's headboard. I wanted to disappear I wanted this wall of bed to just swallow me up. His intentions weren't good. He was angry. No, he was in a rage. He was moving towards my frighten figure while removing his coat and unbuttoning his shirt.

Damon: I told you to not to talk to anyone didn't I. Was it fun dancing in his arms. Were you enjoying hugging him? HUH

I flinched shaking my head as he was crawling towards my balled up figure. Sitting on his knees in front of me. He harshly pulled my heels out of my feet and threw them on the floor. He leaned to my face leaving only a few inches difference between us.

Damon: I think I was too nice to you. Now I think it's the time to show you who you belong to.

The time he started to give a chance to his heart. The demons inside him pushed him back from where he started.

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