Author Pov

Ken: Do you even know what have you done Damon.

Ken said gritting his teeth while Lia also shot a glare at Damon who was sitting there having no effect from their scolding.

Lia: He wasn't someone you can easily play with Damon. You have no idea what a big problem you have brought on yourself.

Damon turned his head towards her meeting her blue eyes looking completely unbothered.

Damon: That bastard was touching my wife and you want me to do nothing.

Lia sighed heavily making Ken continue the conversation.

Ken: We understand Damon. But not by beating him you could have insulted him and this could have affected his reputation, not yours.

Lia: Do you even know you just beat Liam Black.

Damon raised his eyebrows before looking at them clueless.

Ken: Liam Black is Jack Sniders Stepbrother. But the thing you need to understand is. If you're a Mafia king and he's considered as a Mafia Prince. His smart mindset and cunning personality no one can match it.

Damon chuckled sarcastically and rolled his eyes making Maxwell sighed out as well

Max: He's not lying DK. Liam Black is an extremely cunning man. And the thing is last night when you beat him he didn't do anything on purpose. Because now everyone is against you they are saying that Liam was just dancing with your wife and from nowhere you came and started to beat him for no reason.

Ken: Exactly we know you, Damon. We know that you will never beat anyone without a reason but the point is no one has seen him harassing your wife that's why they are now plotting against you.

Damon sighed before shaking his head smirking at the people in front of him.

Damon: Do you think I give a shit. Only thing I care is he was forcefully hugging my wife and I had to show him, his place. Moreover, I have a perfect reason to accuse him now.

All of them stared at him with curiosity except Maxwell as he already knew what Damon was planning.

Damon: Liam is Jack's stepbrother right. And because Jack is already dead and he indeed has a perfect reason to harass my wife because he blames me for his brother's murder.

Ken and Lia were shocked to hear that Jack is dead. Ken glared at Damon.

Ken: I still remember you were torturing him when he tried to force Luciana. Don't tell me that you ---

Before Ken could complete his words Damon interrupted him rolling his eyes.

Damon: He died after I set him free. I let him go 2 days before his death. He was killed by a shot on his forehead. Yes, the bruises on his body were given by me but that bullet in his head wasn't granted by me. Someone else killed him and put the blame on me.

Ken sighed nodding his head. He knew that Damon can never kill Jack because he never wants to start a war between their gangs. And after his statement, it was clear that someone else was framing Damon.

They all knew that Liams beating and this small matter wouldn't affect Damon in any way or his work. But the main problem was the culprit who killed Jack and put the blame on Damon.

They knew that this will not be the last thing he will do. He will try to do everything in order to bring Damon down. And by showing his weakness towards Luciana he clearly told that person that by using Luciana they can easily bring Damon on his knees.

But only Ken knew the truth. Damon's obsession on Luciana was out of limit. If anyone put even a single finger on Luciana he knew that Damon will end up destroying everything even if the result will a bloodied death of his enemy or his own.

After talking and taking things into consideration. They all talked and went out of the house. Lia wanted to meet Luciana but Damon stopped her by telling her that she isn't well.

Time skip.

Damon entered the room but froze on his place witnessing Luciana limping towards the door. She was also frozen on her place her face was scrunched up as the pain in her ankle wasn't letting her walk properly.

Damon sighed heavily before walking towards her making her step back but in doing so she stumbled back because of the pain in her ankle which resulted her to fall on the floor. But Damon instantly held her waist protecting her from falling.

Her chocolate eyes met his dark orbs making her shiver in fear when she witnessed nothing but emptiness in them. Gasp left from her lips when he picked her up as a bridal style and started to walk.

Luciana didn't protest as she was extremely scared of him. She just stayed quiet and let him held her. Walking towards the kitchen he placed her on the kitchen counter like a baby and went to the fridge.

Luciana tried to jump off the counter but hearing his one growl she sat stiffen there not moving an inch.

Damon: Here. Drink this I will make you a simple porridge.

He said giving her the glass of milk. Luciana was never a picky person in food. She always eats whatever was given to her because she was never pampered in any way.

She drank the milk without any hesitation as she was extremely thirsty. She was hungry as well but there was something in her mind which made her appetite to disappear.

She didn't do anything but stared at his back with a blank gaze while he was stirring the porridge and finally, after a few minutes, he placed the porridge beside her. He was about to walk towards the table to settle it so he could bring her there but stopped hearing her voice.

Lucy: When w-will you let me go.

Her question at first froze him. But then anger flooded in his veins realizing that all this time she was only thinking about escaping from him.

Turning towards her he smirked at her pale face.

Damon: Never.

Her eyes got widened and she stared at him in disbelief.

Lucy: But I don't want to live with you.

She said this time louder and a little anger was evident in her voice.

Lucy: You already know the truth now. I am not my sister with whom you wanted to marry. I am Luciana. There is nothing I can do for you to keep me here. I want to ---

Damon: SHUT UP.

He said harshly slamming his palms on the counter beside her making her startle. She didn't even notice when did he walk towards her.

He was breathing heavily and his eyes were burning in anger. He just couldn't understand why she kept on asking him to let her go.

Damon: What do you want me to do. You want sorry. Fine, I am sorry. I know the things I did to you can't just be forgotten or forgiven just by a simple sorry but trust me, princess. I don't want to hurt you. But seeing you with another man burned me. I can't control my anger when it comes to the possessiveness that I have in your matter.

He explained to her calmly trying to control his anger which was ready to jump on her and again hurt her but he tried his best to control it.

Leaning to her face he stared in her eyes with some emotions which she failed to decipher. Seeing him closing the distance fully she tried to lean back but he grabbed her waist and pulled her near his body.

Seeing the close proximity she turned her head away from him but it didn't affect him. He nuzzled his nose in her cheek making her breath hitched. His lips were brushing her cheek.

Damon: Trust me, Luciana. I never wanted to hurt you. Give me a chance. Just one chance to prove my love for you.

Luciana turned her head towards him in shock making her lips to brush his. Their eyes were only inches away as they both stared in each other's eyes. Him with adoration and her with shock.

Damon: Yes baby. I am crazily obsessed with you. I am insanely in love with you Luciana Knight.

Luciana's breath hitched even more making hard for her to breathe.

Damon: At first I thought I am obsessed with you and that wasn't wrong yes I am extremely obsessive and possessive in your matter but after understanding my emotions after understanding that why I was so much jealous seeing you with other men. Why even after knowing the truth I can't let you go. Then I understand it wasn't an obsession. It was love. My love that was being stubborn to not let you go out of my life.

He leaned, even more, making his lips touched hers. Wrapping his other hand on the back of her neck he held her face on the spot.

Lucy: N-No. I don't want it. I don't want to ---- mmm

Her words got swallowed by his lips as he slammed his lips on hers roughly in order to shut her up. He was tired and angry. He was tired of convincing her. He did everything to convince her. He confessed his love. He used sweet words and lovable acts when he don't even about these things.

But again hearing her rejection hit him hard. Now he was persistent. He was never a guy who will behave this soft and gentle with a girl but in Luciana's matter, he did try to be gentle so he could win her.

But everything got wasted when she let out a word "No" from her lips. That time he decided. 'If my love can't win her heart. Then forcing her is the last option to make her stay with me.'

Kissing her like a beast and holding her body tightly against his he sucked her whimpers away and kept on bruising her already bruised up lips.

Her bandaged hand fell on his shoulder as she tried to move her head away and tried to break the kiss but his grip was too strong.

Pulling away from her he let out a heavy breathe while she was breathing heavily with closed eyes and tears streaming down her cheeks. He brushed her tears away.

Damon: Open your eyes princess.

Luciana knew he hates whenever she closed her eyes while talking to him so she steadily unfolded her eyes and stared in his dark ones. There was no remorse or guilt in them.

Damon: You know princess. I don't care if you want to live with me or not. Because when I said I am not letting you I mean it.

He said staring at her with his psychotic eyes making her more scared. Dread seeped in her veins when she heard his last words.

Damon: If my love can't hold you back then wouldn't mind forcing you to stay with me. Because the day I said never try to escape me or I will destroy everything. Trust me, baby, I mean it.

Set her free wasn't his motive but forcing her to accept his feelings was his intention.


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