Author Pov

Laying on the carpeted floor Luciana was busy in her thoughts when suddenly she heard a loud thud of the door opening. She saw Damon with a tired face. He was walking towards the wardrobe but stopped frowning at Luciana who was laying on the floor.

Damon: Why are you laying on the floor.

He asked her raising his eyebrows while she only avoided his gaze.

Lucy: I a-always laid on the floor. You're the one who asked me to never even look at your bed.

Damon sighed before turning towards her curled up body.

Damon: Fine now I am telling you to lay on the bed. I will come back and you should be on the bed. Understand.

Saying that he walked towards the wardrobe and then went to the bathroom again telling her to lay on the bed. Luciana thought for some seconds before again laying on the floor.

She didn't want to lay beside him so she simply ignored his command and closed her eyes.

Damon exited the bathroom and sighed heavily seeing her still on the floor. She's so stubborn. He thought before doing what he's good in.

He picked her up making her gasp out and forced her body to lay on the bed. Luciana tried to jump off the bed but eventually got caught by him as he forced her body to press against his.

Their noses came in contact making him smirk at her stunned face. He wanted to squish her in his arms as he never held something or someone so soft like her before.

He noticed her gulping and breathing heavily in fear so he forced her head to connect with his chest letting her hear his unsteady heartbeat and tightly held her near him.

Damon: Relax wifey. I wouldn't do anything. Just sleep.

He murmured in her ears but she was still wide awake. It was extremely difficult for her to sleep in someone's arms who she feared so much. Her muscles were tensed she felt no warmth or relaxation laying in his arms.

But on the other hand, Damon was fast asleep feeling her near him. Her warmth and softness drift him in a beautiful and peaceful sleep.

Soon her eyelids started getting heavy and at last sleep seeped in her muscles.

After some time Damon woke up feeling her shivering in his arms. She was breathing heavily and sweat was all over her forehead.

He instantly started caressing her back trying to calm her but nothing was working she was still letting some whimpers out. Damon leaned his ear to her lips trying to understand what she was mumbling.

"L-Luca. Don't go. "

Damon was confused but soon jealousy flooded in his veins hearing her mumbling some other guys name but again. She has locked up for the whole of her life in that basement then who the fuck is this Luca.

He controlled his jealousy and again patted her back while mumbling soft words but hearing her next words he lost his every control.

"I-I love y-you. Luca"


Liliana Pov

I can't fucking believe what the hell my father had done. How can he stoop this low? Oh please Lily don't you know who you're talking about that bastard never had any level.

My spy who I always left behind for Lucy whenever I went to any business work out of the country. He told me about father marrying my sister to that bloody monster named Damon knight.

I knew he is Ryan's elder brother. I had met only Lia but not him. I never really liked him after the things I had heard about him. He was famous for his cold-hearted acts and merciless punishments.

And now my poor sister who doesn't even know how to simply kill a bug now was with that monster. I wasn't able to connect my spy for over a month.

And now he called me and told me that my father came to knew about him spying over Luciana for her safety but because that asshole didn't want me to know about this marriage shit he caught my spy and locked him for a month.

But as soon as he escaped from my father he called telling me about what that bastard had done. No one knows why the great Damon knight married my sister when no one even knows that she exists.

I have to go back and save her from him. She's not a girl who can spend her life with a mafia king. I tried to contact Ryan too I know my father said he's dead but I don't believe it I know my Ryan can't die. He can't leave me. He will never leave me.

Closing my eyes I inhaled sharply sitting in the plane. I was going back to the country so I could meet Damon and Lucy. I can't even explain in words how much I am worried and nervous for my sister.

Please God, don't let anything happen to my sister. Keep her safe.


Author Pov

Damon harshly pulled her arm making her wake up. She was stunned to see him glaring at her like he will kill her anytime.

Damon: What did you just say. I dare you to say it again.

Luciana stared at him confused. They were sitting on the bed facing each other. Noticing her frown Damon squeezed her arm making her hissed at the force.

Damon: What the fuck you were dreaming about.

Luciana still had no idea of what he was saying. She just stared at him not knowing what to do.


She got startled at his sudden outburst.

Lucy: I-I d-don't know

She said shaking her head making him angrier. She felt her arm will break anytime as his grip was dead tight.


She again flinched hardly widening her eyes hearing the familiar name. The same name which she used to adore so much. The same person who she used thought of every second but now she had accepted the truth.

Damon: Why aren't you answering me. Huh.

Before Luciana could open her mouth he pushed her on the bed and hovered over her. Her face went pale and her eyes gaze changed into only fear.

Damon: You love him. After all the things I told you. After all the feelings I confessed to you. After all the words I told you that how possessive I am you still have guts to say another man's name when your sleeping in my arms. HUH.

His lips were brushing her as he completed his outburst. She was trembling under him not knowing what to do. She said I love you to Luca. Then she remembered her dream.

Gulping down and cursing at the dream she had she hesitantly make eye contact with his burning glare which was ready to swallow her alive.

Lucy: I-Its not like that. Luca was ---- Ah

She let out a small scream when he banged his fist beside her head making her more scared.

Damon: Don't you dare to take his name. I swear Luciana. You're really testing my patience. Just when I told I love you, and you're here saying the same confession but to another man. WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO PLAY WITH ME LIKE THIS.

Finally, a cry broke out from her lips when he yelled on her face. Few drops of his saliva even met her lips making her squeezed her eyes as she was beyond scare.

Her hands and body were trembling badly. He wasn't letting her explain neither he was letting himself to be relaxed. He was angry and his anger was eating his calmness

Damon: Now your crying. I should be the one weeping here. I wasn't only got rejected but also my wife who was sleeping in my arms but instead was having dreams of another man. SHOULD I LAUGH ON MY FUCKING FATE OR SHOULD I CRY WITH YOU?

He again growled at her earning a louder sob from her.

Damon: You know I have a better option. Why not I just put the end to your rejection and at last make you mine. Completely.

Her eyes snapped open when he threw his head in her crook earning a gasp from her. His lips aggressively moved on her neck to her jawline. She tried to push him but instead, he roughly slammed her wrists on the bed.

She let out a small yelp when her bandaged hand got pressed in his grip. He started to bite her skin earning small yelps from her. She started crying harder.

But her weeping had no effect on him. He was burning in rage. He roughly pulled her shirt down to her shoulder slightly ripping it. He sucked on her shoulder roughly squeezing her wrists.

His kisses were bruising and rough. He was aggressively showing her that she belongs to him. That he's the only one she can think of. But in doing so he was making her despise him more.

Lucy: S-Stop. Please stop.

She begged him but instead, his actions became harsher. He was looking so different. He did harass her before but this time he was different.

It was almost like he was possessed and he wasn't stopping. Other times he always stopped but right now he was proceeding his work making a pool of fear flood in her veins.

He tried to undo her trousers but then his actions stopped and only silence took over the room when a hand came contact with his cheek.


Yes, she slapped him. They both were breathing heavily. Damon's face was turned to the other side while Luciana's hand was still in the air. Soon realization hit her making her eyes widened in shock. Only one thought came in her mind.

I slapped him. God, what have I done?

Wanting someone to love you by using force is as foolish as thinking of living without a beating heart.


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