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She stared at the man standing in front of her in shock. Unconsciously she took a step back in fear which didn't go unnoticed by him.

He clenched his jaw realizing that she fears him this much that even standing only a few feet away from him startles her.

Liliana instantly stood in front of Luciana while Ryan was confused. He only knew that Luciana is now his brother's wife but had no idea of how she became his wife and why he married her when she was clearly caged by her father for whole of her life.

Lily: Don't you even dare to come near my sister. You have done enough Damon knight.

Damon's eyes were still stuck on Luciana whose eyes started to get teary. She knew he will take her. She knew he will punish her and this time it will be brutal than ever.

Damon: You don't want to see what I can do sister in law. Stay away from our matter. She's mine. My wife. So don't dare to come between us because I had vowed to destroy everyone who will try to take my princess away from me.

Ryan looked shocked at his brother. He was looking so fierce and a possessive beast. He had never seen him like this before. He was looking crazy for Luciana.

Ryan: And you don't get to talk to my Lily like this brother. I respect you doesn't mean you can insult or threaten my girlfriend like this.

Ryan exclaimed glaring at Damon who only chuckled at his brother's overprotectiveness over his girlfriend. He knew Ryan can be scary sometimes but this time Damon was only looking at his wife. He wanted to take her with him as soon as possible.

But he needed to show her that what consequences she and her helper will face if she again tried to take this step. He isn't letting her go. He wouldn't let her go. Never.

Ryan: Now will anyone tell me what's happening how they both got married and why she's looking so scared of Damon. What's really happening.

Damon turned his head towards Liliana when she scoffed at Ryan's words. He knew she will tell him everything and this time he didn't care. She can tell him the hell she wants right now his only concern was the trembling girl hidden behind her sister.

Lily: Your brother married my sister thinking of her as me. He thought that I was responsible for your condition and he wanted revenge but my after as you can see we are twins he married Lucy to Damon telling him that she's Liliana and even after she told your brother that she's Luciana my twin sister he didn't believe her and tortured her. Look at this.

She said gently grabbing Luciana's hand and bringing up making Ryan shocked at how damaged it was. It wasn't bandaged anymore but the burn and purplish bruise were all over it. Liliana motioned him to look at Luciana's leg.

And he left more baffled witnessing her ankle wrapped in a heavy bandage she was indeed limping when he entered the house now he knew why.

Lily: And all of these are gifted by your brother and he still has guts to show his disgusting face. And you know Ryan even after he came to know that my father tried to kill you and Luciana was telling a truth he didn't stop. He didn't let her go he caged her claiming her as his. Telling her that he loves her. What a selfish bastard.

She seethed but it didn't affect Damon much. Yes, he was feeling humiliated and insulted. For a second he wanted to strangle her but then again all these are his fault. He would have tried to search for more before torturing her now he's reaping what he sowed.

Damon: I can tolerate your every curse and words, Lilliana Miller. But not a single word against my love for Luciana. I love her and it's true even after doing so much I still can't let her go why because I love her.

Damon: I was never a guy to believe in emotion like love. But with time I indeed fell for your sister. And no matter what you say. Yes, I regret the things I did to her. But I don't regret mistaking her as you and marrying her. Now she's my wife and I am trying to make our marriage work so better not put your nose in it.

Liliana again scoffed at his words. While Ryan was left shocked it was hard for him to believe that his ruthless mafia brother was finally in love with this girl. But the only problem this girl is too innocent for him and also from the way she's fearing him that she couldn't even utter a single word it might not be possible for Damon to win her.

Lily: What did you just say you regret. If you had regret for once you wouldn't have forced her again. She told me about that party night. You knew Damon you knew very well that my sister wasn't on fault still you tortured her to the extend that she ended up fainting. You call this love. For me, this is nothing but your selfish toxic feelings for her. A toxic obsession nothing else.

Damon clenched his jaw as his breathing started to get heavier. He was done with Liliana's nonsense and her protest. For him, She has no right to interfere in their marriage life. She was her sister but now her sister is his wife.

Damon: I am asking you, Luciana Knight. You want to leave me.

The words left from his lips wasn't a question but a threat. A demonic threat asking for her if she is ready to dare him and will leave him...

Her lips trembled watching his red psychotic eyes which were only glaring at her with threatening but mad gaze clearly indicating her to say what he wants or she will face the chaotic storm if she disobeys him...

Lucy: Master. I---

Before she could complete her words... Her sister interrupted her with an angry tone glaring the fuming Demon in front of her.

Lily: Master. What the fuck you asshole.. How dare you to make her call you Master. I will fucking kill you...

She snarled at his face and was about to attack him but instead, her neck got caught with a large hand. His neck turned facing the cause of everything. His every wrongdoing today is slapping him right on his face.

Luciana's eyes got broadened when she witnesses his veiny hand on her sister's tiny neck.

Ryan: What the hell. Leave her Damon.

He tried to fight Damon to get the girl out of his grip but only end up getting caught by Damon's men. Luciana shot a pleading look towards her ruthless husband..

Her beautiful orbs were begging him to not do anything but once Damon wants something he gets it either with right or wrong.

He pulled the girl in his grip towards his bulky body tightening his grip on her neck. She tried to push him. She did everything in her power but was too helpless against the beast.

Lucy: Please I beg you. Leave her... Please you will kill her...

Damon's eyes were still glaring at his crying wife.

Damon: You want to leave me wifey.

He again questioned her tightening his grip on the poor soul in his hands. Luciana shook her head and fell on her knees vigorously crying at her poor fate.

Damon: How dare you to even think of leaving me. You belong to me, Luciana.

He said tightening his grip on the girl. Her face started to get pale. The struggling Ryan's eyes started to get teary watching almost passing out Liliana still on Damon's mercy.

Luciana hugged Damon's legs and begged him while crying her heart out.

Lucy: No No No.. I will never leave you. I am your wife. I will live with you. I will do whatever you say. Please I beg you leave her.. Please. Please. I am yours only yours, Please.

She said with her desperate voice. Her words clearly satisfied the beast and he immediately left the badly coughing girl who fell in the arms of crying Ryan who also got free from Damon's men. Ryan didn't waste a second and picked Liliana running to his car as she fainted in his arms.

Damon crouched down to his crying wife's level and gently grabbed her cheek placing a soft kiss on her forehead which didn't fail to scare the poor soul.

He securely wrapped his arms around her and mumbled those words which never failed to frighten the shattered girl.

Damon: Your only mine Princess.

Luciana tried to speak she tried to utter a single word but her throat was dry her ankle was hurting badly. Her head was pressed against his hard chest as his heart was thumping madly.

Her eyes started to see dark dots and finally only a few words left from her lips before she blacked out. But those words didn't fail to hurt the hell out of that demon in whose arms she fell limped.

Lucy: I-I hate you.

He did what his desires and obsession led him to do. But he forgot to understand that forcing wouldn't earn her love instead he will end up making her to despise him even more.


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