Author Pov

Standing while leaning on the wall and crossed arms Damon was staring at the girl sleeping on the bed emotionlessly. Her face was pale and peace was nowhere close to her.

I hate you.

The voice inside his head whispered as he closed his eyes trying to get rid of the pain his heart was feeling. Her mare whisper resulted in a throat-ripping yelling towards his heart.

He felt numerous knives stabbing his heart. His soul hearing those venomous words from her. It wasn't the first time someone said these words to him but this time the effect was different.

He never thought that just mare three words can destroy his essence so brutally. When she mumbled those words he felt his heart ripping out and tears blurred his view.

This much. Her hate towards him affected him this much and he can't even do anything in return except to ponder on his mistakes. On his sins that he has done.

The torture he gave her wasn't something to get forgiveness easily but his devilish deeds didn't stop. Even after knowing her innocence, he kept on torturing her. With his actions and anger.

What he did to her sister he realized after hearing her poisonous words. How can he even blame her for hating him when he's the one to be blamed for everything.

He's the one who did all of this. He's the one who made her hate him. No one is to be blame but himself. He never for once tried to believe her words when she for the first time said that she's not Liliana.

But the most awestruck thing for him was he never thought that even while torturing and punishing her he will end up falling for her so madly.

Sighing heavily he remembered how badly she wanted to leave him. But he can't let her go. Not because he wants to claim her as his but now his motive and intentions are different.

He can't let her go because he can't put her life in danger. He's the only one who can protect her. It's not her life who's in danger it's her. Her everything is in danger.

One day ago when he came to know about Luciana's residence he received a call which frightened him. He might be a jerk and a heartless beast to her but he still loves her and can't see her in danger.

He knew she doesn't want to live with him but he has to make her live him it's for her. Only for her. There is nothing he will get in return except her hate.

But he's ready to embrace her given hate in order to protect her. Walking towards her laid figure he placed a kiss on her forehead before mumbling.

Damon: I love you, Princess. I am sorry but I can't let you go.

Saying that he pulled back from her and went out of the room. He saw Maxwell and Ryan standing there talking Ryan was looking extremely depressed making Damon frowned.

As soon as Ryan's eyes landed on Damon he glared at him taking fast steps towards him but Damon didn't move from the place he was standing there glued on his feet coldly.

Ryan: You fucking asshole.

He landed a hard punch across his face making Damon stepped back a little but it didn't surprise him he knew after what he did to Liliana Ryan wouldn't leave him so easily.

Ryan kept on landing hard punches on Damons face. Maxwell tried to stop Ryan but Damon held his hand up for him to not interfere.

After a while of beating Damon. Ryan breathed heavily while Damon only wiped his bloody lip and touched his swollen cheek chuckling out.

Damon: If your satisfied then tell me how's Liliana.

Ryan shot him a glare gritting his teeth.

Ryan: Do you have any idea what had happened if I didn't take her to the hospital on time.

Damon frowned at him. He knew he choked Liliana but he also remembers that his way of choking wasn't brutal it was only to scare Luciana and the way he choked her wasn't even hard.

Ryan: Liliana is pregnant with my child.

Damon's eyes got widened hearing his words. Pregnant she's fucking pregnant. He looked at Maxwell who nodded with sad eyes.

Damon: T-The child. Nothing happened right.

Damon's said in a shaky voice as he didn't want to be a reason for an innocent child's death. Only if he knew about her being pregnant he wouldn't even touch her. Choking is a far thing.

Ryan: Nothing happened but doctor has warned to not do anything which will result for her breathing to get stopped.

He answered glaring at Damon who sighed in relief. No matter how much of a cruel mafia king Damon is but he still is the same man who never hurt any innocent before.

Damon has killed many young and old men even sometimes he has to kill women but they all were criminals or a mafia-related like him. He never killed any innocent before.

He always searched about the person before taking his or her life but now he couldn't help but to curse himself that he always ends up hurting these Miller sisters.

First Luciana and now Liliana. Shooting an apologetic look at Ryan he placed his hand on Ryan's shoulder making him look at Damon.

Damon: I am sorry brother. I didn't know that your girlfriend is pregnant or I would never touch her.

Ryan yanked his hand away standing up in front of him.

Ryan: Fiance. She's my fiance Damon. A girl who's the mother of my child and soon will be my wife. She's your brothers soon to be wife Damon and you need to respect her. This sorry you need to say this to her, not to me. If she forgives you then it will be forgiveness from me too. Moreover, she's in my bedroom sleeping. Don't disturb us till morning and also I want every detail of what you did to Luciana and why you thought that I was in that condition because of Liliana. I want every answer in the morning.

With that, he walked towards his room while Damon only sighed heavily sitting on the sofa.

Max: I need to head out. Meet you later. And yeah do treat your bruises it's all over your face.

Damon nodded at him and Maxwell went out leaving him alone. He stared at the table before closing his eyes.

She's mine.

He remembered those words snapping his eyes open and staring at the table blankly. Anger starting consuming him when he remembered a single word that he heard on a call which he received in the morning.

How in the hell someone can get obsessed with Luciana when she was locked in that basement for the whole of her life. It's not like it's hard to be in love with her. Her innocence and beautiful character can make you fall for her crazily.

But the question is who. Who can this jerk possible be to call him and also threatening him? The Mafia King Damon knight he Seriously has some audacity to dig his own grave.

Standing up he walked towards the room and pulled the first aid box out. Taking a seat on the bed he started to apply the ointment on his bruises.

The bruises were intense but it was nothing for him. He had gone through much more than those simple bruises. He was busy in applying the ointment but then got froze hearing a small moan.

Instantly turning to her he found her waking up and holding her head. As soon as she turned her head and her eyes locked with his they both got frozen.

She instantly shot up bringing her knees to her chest as her eyes started getting teary realising the truth that this beast once again caught her.

Damon looked away and closed the first aid box making her confused a little. She noticed his burst out lip and swollen cheek with a purplish bruise all over.

But that time she was too much scared for herself. She wasn't able to get her strength so she could question him or even think of how he got them.

He walked towards her side making her scoot back in fear. But before she could get more away he pinned her to the bed's headboard trapping her between his arms.

Damon: Who the hell is this Luca.

Sometimes to protect the one you care for you had to be entitled as a monster.

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