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Luciana stared at him dumbfounded. How can he behave like nothing happened? How can he behave like she didn't run away and he didn't catch her? Like he didn't almost kill her sister.

Is this man for real. She just stared at him without saying anything and a glint of amusement flashed in Damon's eyes when he realized that she was looking at him in shock.

He brought his hand to her cheek and caressed it using his thumb making her flinch in fear which didn't fail to anger him but he controlled his nerves before they explode.

Damon: We will talk about your running and disobeying me later. Don't think that I forgot about that. But first who the fuck is this Luca.

He again questioned but his other statement brought a dread in her veins as she realized that he isn't letting the matter of her running away go. He's just confirming who Luca is.

Lucy: H-He. He was my c-childhood friend.

Damons eyes darken hearing her words. He knew she wasn't lying but again how can she had a friend when she was locked in a basement for the whole of her life. What kind of logic in this.

But he still didn't want to jump to the conclusion. He waited for her to continue while his inner beast was pushing his button to attack her.

Lucy: He used to give me food when my father used to starve me for days. He always appeared from the window and used to talk to me. I never had any friend except him.

She smiled a little remembering those days when she used to share her sorrows with Luca. When he used to comfort her saying that he's there for her. Her smile succeeded in displeasing Damon.

He indeed was felt a little grateful to that fucker for providing his princess with food and not letting her starved and also not letting her feel lonely. But he still felt a pang of jealousy in his chest realizing that Luca and Damon's way of treating Luciana are way too different.

Luca cared for her. Treated her better. And also helped her in her most hard time. On the other hand, Damon tortured her gave her so many bruises and even physically harassed her many times because of what. Because of his misunderstanding.

And the cherry on top. Even after coming face to face with the truth he still treated her badly and always showed his possessiveness and possession on her.

Then why should she love him when he did only to hurt her. And why shouldn't she love that Luca when he did only to care about her.

Many questions were flooding in his mind and also a fear crept in his body. A fear that he might never be able to remove Luca from her heart and carve his name in it.

Soon his train of thoughts broke out as he heard her continuing her words. Her smile fades away and sadness covered her every feature.

Lucy: But one day he disappeared. I waited and waited for him to come back but he never did. He left for not coming back.

Her eyes fell on her laps and head bent down as sadness was spreading all over her body. Damon felt his heart squeezing painfully seeing her broken figure.

Gently grabbing her chin he pulled her head up making her look at him. Her chocolate orbs met his dark ones as there was no hardness or anger in them.

His dark gaze was indeed full intensity but it showed so much softness and love at the same time. Leaning his face a little closer he brushed her chin with his fingers in a soothing way.

Damon: He was a fool to leave an angel like you behind. He was an idiot who didn't see how precious you are. Who didn't cherish your love for him.

He whispered the last sentence but enough audible for her to hear it. She stared at him not knowing what to do. She was too mesmerized in his dark orbs. Never in her whole life anyone looked at her like this except her sister.

The way he was hurt by the fact that she loves someone else but instead of renting his sadness out he hid it in order to comfort her.

Lucy: I never loved him.

She has no idea why she said this. Maybe she didn't like to see someone sad because of her. Or maybe she just didn't want him to again misunderstand her.

Damon looked at her in surprise. He stared at her trying to know if she was telling a truth or not.

Lucy: I was lonely. And his presence gave me the warmth of having someone near me who cared for me. It wasn't loved. It was just my need for having someone who loved me or cared about me. But after he left me I realized that it wasn't loved. It was just a mare affection and need.

She said everything with no fear while continuously keeping eye contact with him while he did the same. She witnessed a bright joyous emotion in his eyes even though his lips remained in a thin line.

His insides were flaring up realising that she didn't love him. She just wanted him to fill her loneliness. She wanted someone to care for her and she took it as love when it was just a need of a moment.

He didn't show his emotions to her as he didn't want her to think of him as a fool or a lovesick puppy who was happy to hear that his crush is still single.

His eyes were still staring in hers while his fingers started trailing to her jawline to her neck. His thumb kept on caressing her skin.

Leaning to her face he went to her ear brushing his lips on her cheek making her shuddered in response. Breaking the eye contact his lips touched her ear while he whispered in a low tone.

Damon: Never ever dream of another man. You have me. Dream only about me. Because next time I can't promise if your mare slap will be able to stop me.

His threatening voice brought deadly shiver in her body as she placed her trembling hands on his chest which was almost pressing against her body.

Instead of pulling away, he let his lips travelled on her ear slightly taking her ear lobe in his teeth giving a slight bit on it making her whimper.

His touch was slow and gentle. He retreated his hand from trapping her and wrapped it around her waist pressing her fragile body against his hard one making her more trembled because of his sensual touch.

His lips trailed slowly and gently from her cheekbone to her jaw. Her head tilted back a little when he pressed his lips on the side of her lip. Her hands formed into fists clutching his shirt tightly.

Her breathing starting to get heavier as he kept on moving his lips slowly on her skin. His soft and sensual kisses went to her exposed collar bone.

His fingers intertwined with her scattered dark hairs. He pulled her head back a little making her whimper. Her neck was completely exposed in front of him.

Darkening his gaze his lips landed on her throat bone pressing them hard on it making her gulp. But his lips didn't stop and kept on roaming on her neck.

He didn't suck or try to make his marks on her skin. He just wanted to feel her. These past two days without seeing her angelic face was hectic for him. He realized many things but most awestruck realization for him was the insanity of his love for her.

Now he wanted to leave his forced ways to win her. He wanted to win her and he had understood how. She wanted care and affection. She's not like those girls who would like a big bad alpha being rough on them and they will be head over heels for him.

Luciana wants love and gentle attitude. She wanted to see how much he can show his love for her. She wants a soft man who can feel her pain and he's ready to be that man.

He's ready to change for her. He wouldn't use his sick way of keeping her as his possession. He will make her his love. As his queen. Because for him.

She's no longer Damon's possession instead she's a love. Damon's Love.

She was breathing heavily as her eyes were tightly closed feeling so gentle touch on her skin which she never felt before. Stopping his kisses he pulled his head up and brought her face closer to his.

Placing his forehead on hers. He was also breathing crazily just like her. Their chest was pressed against each other. Their breathing was mixing up as their lips were only inches away.

He opened his eyes and stared at her beautiful features. Letting her hair go he brought his fingers on her cheek caressing her cheekbone using his thumb.

Damon: Open your eyes love.

She steadily opened her dark brown enchanting orbs meeting his who was already staring at her with admiration and love holding in them.

She thought he will say something which will indeed break this blissful moment but instead, he said something which left her stunned.

Damon: I will change for your love. I will prove the depth of my love. I will win you. I promise I will protect you and will take every attack coming to you on me wholeheartedly.

Is it bad to love someone to the extent that you end up forgetting about your own existence? But for him dying is worth if it is for her.


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