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Standing in the room man stared at the whole room trying to see through the pictures all over the walls of the room. It was dark and only tightening around the pictures was gleaming. His eyes finally fell on the big screen covering the whole wall with only one picture shinning in it.

How can someone be so fucked up to spend his whole life collecting the pictures which had no reality when he could easily save her and could have her for himself but the fate of his ruined everything

He knew he already had lost her trust years back but the love he had for or she has for him he still believes in it. He knew he had done many bad things to her. When she needed him the most he wasn't near her and now when she finally had someone he again wanted to ruin it.

But he just can't help it he can't witness her in the arms of another man when she's the only person he ever wished to have. Not only her but also he has waited years for her to be his. He was tied in the boundaries of being quiet he couldn't do anything except to deal with his own matters.

Yes, he is her sinner. He didn't protect her when he had his eyes on her all this time. But he's not bound to any restriction anymore. Everything is his now and he can finally have her.

He always was around her like a shadow he had seen her being abused. Harassed and beaten but he was too helpless to do anything he remained quiet while seeing her in pain.

But his every wall broke out when she got married to a monster named Damon Knight. That was the time he crossed his every limit and simply did what he finds right.

He was prepared now. Nothing can stop him now. He can have her. His angel.

His Luciana.

A small smile graced his lips as he stared at her picture with dreamy eyes. He had many cameras around the basement and Mr Miller didn't know that when this man visited his house for a business deal it was actually his motive of keeping his eyes on Luciana.

He had placed hidden pen cameras in the basement and the kitchen except for the bathroom. He did when Luciana was sleeping and after making Mr Miller drunk he snuck in the basement and personally stitched the cameras 4 years ago.

That night he witnessed Luciana sleeping. He took his chance and touched her but with full of love while she woke up. He hid himself but he still remember how she thought of him as a dream and went to sleep.

Yes, he let himself be her dream as time wasn't right but now he wouldn't keep quiet he will fight and will bring his angel back.

: Don't worry my angel. I will bring you back where you belong. You're destined to be mine. Only mine.

He exclaimed smirking at her picture finally deciding to possessed what was always him. Taking steps towards her picture in which she was sitting beside the window staring outside with sad eyes

: Be ready love. Your Luca coming for you.

Luca caressed her picture before dialing a number.

Luca: How is everything.

The person on the other side confirmed him that everything is going on point and now they can start their plan bringing a satisfied smirk on Lucas's lips.

But little did he know that the man he's going to fight for that girl is already crazily in love with her and till he's alive Damon knight wouldn't let a single finger on his princess.


Luciana didn't know what to say she was too much shocked hearing his words. Does he love her that much that he's ready to change for her? Gulping down only one thing came in her mind to test him.

Lucy: Apologize to lily.

She was expecting a glare or his regular angry reaction but instead left stunned when he smiled at her clearly showing that he's ready to do it.

Damon: Alright.

With that, he picked her up and walked towards the hallway startling her. But she didn't opposed it instead let him carry her. Reaching to someone's room he knocked on it.

A tired-looking Ryan opened the door and instantly glared at Damon.

Ryan: Didn't I tell you to not--- Luciana.

He was ready to burst out but after witnessing Luciana he stopped and instantly his eyes soften at her. Damon rolled his eyes at him and push him away making Ryan groaned in annoyance.

Liliana was sitting on the bed with a tired face while light marks of Damon's fingers were printed on her exposed neck. She glared at Damon but soon her glare turned into softness when she witnessed Luciana in his arms.

Lily: Lucy.

She tried to jump off the bed but Ryan held her on the place shooting her a warning glare. While Luciana also tried to convince Damon to put her down but he simply ignored her.

Both sisters rolled their eyes at the possessive jerks. Damon spoke earning everyone's attention.

Damon: I am sorry Liliana. I know I shouldn't have hurt you. But I can't control my anger sometimes. I am sincerely sorry for what I did.

Ryan's eyes slightly expanded while Luciana stared at Damon's face in disbelief. She wasn't expecting him to actually obey her. While Liliana scoffed.

Lily: Sorry. You want my forgiveness right.

Damon emotionlessly nodded. While Liliana looked at Luciana.

Lily: Then let my sister go.

This time Damon chuckled shaking his head.

Damon: That's the thing. I can't do. Also, I think you should talk to your sister about this matter.

Liliana looked at Luciana with a frown same goes to Ryan.

Lucy: Can you please leave. I want to talk to her privately.

Damon glanced at Ryan who nodded his head in agreement. Sighing heavily Damon carefully placed Luciana on the couch and planted a soft kiss on her forehead making Ryan and Liliana more shocked.

Ryan had never seen Damon this much soft or behaving so possessive over someone. He knew that Damon was always overprotective over him and Lia but his possessiveness over Luciana was on another level.

Both Ryan and Damon left the room giving the sisters a private time. Silence filled the room as they both didn't know from where to start until Liliana decided to break it.

Lily: So are you seriously accepting him.

Luciana sighed heavily having no idea of what to do. She was trapped between an ocean and a valley. If she stepped back she will end up in the deep ocean but if she stepped forward she will end up in a dark valley. She has lost her options.

Lucy: Accepting him is too hard Lily. But I can at least see if he can seriously try and change for me. Or not. I don't even like him yet but I know one thing it's impossible for me to escape him.

Liliana sighed looking at her laps. She knew Luciana is right. Damon will find her eventually. Moreover, they already tried their best to convince him but he seems to not even understand their single plead.

Lucy: I don't know what he will do in future. But I no other option but to stay and see. I lost my strength to fight him. To escape him, Lily. I am tired. I am seriously tired.

Luciana said sadly as a tear escaped her eyes making Liliana teared up as well. Liliana gently stood up from the bed and walked towards her sister. Sitting beside Luciana she gently pulled her sister in her warm embrace.

Luciana buried her face in her sister's chest letting more tears to stream down.

Lily: If this is your decision then I will support you. Your right. We can't always run away from our problems sometimes we have to face them. Stay with him. See how much he's willing to change for you. See if he will be succeeded in making you love him. But remember one thing, love.

Pulling away she caressed Luciana's cheek with a small smile.

Lily: Don't ever hesitate to ask for my help. If he didn't change. If he kept on controlling you then don't hesitate to tell me. I will do anything for my sister to save her from that beast. Hmm

Luciana nodded with a small smile. They both hugged each other. Liliana was still worried about Luciana. While Luciana finally decided to give her husband a chance. She wanted to see if he can do what he promised her.

But little did she know happiness comes after the tons of sadness. And the test Damon has to give in order to prove his love for her will be beyond than a mare sacrifice.

Will they be able to handle the hurdle which will soon come between them.


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