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Ryan: You stubborn girl.

Ryan exclaimed before walking towards Liliana and picking her up from the sofa as he warned her to not move away from the bed but she still walked towards couch.

Damon asked Luciana if the conversation between her and her sister is finished. She nodded and despite of her attempts to convince him that she can walk he still scooped her in his arms.

Luciana gave up and let him carry her. Both sisters said goodbyes while Damon only got a death glare from Liliana making him internally annoyed at how much this girl despise him.

Damon brought Luciana back in the room and gently placed her on the bed. Luciana grabbed Damon's hand as he was about to walk away.

Lucy: I want to talk to you about something.

Damon stared at her hand which was holding his wrist giving him weird tingles. She realized after witnessing his stare on her hand and instantly withdrew her hand.

Lucy: M-master I ---

Before she could complete her words he placed his finger on her lips hushing her up. Sitting in front of her on the bed he shook his head.

Damon: Don't call me master again. I am not your master. Call me by my name.

Luciana didn't know what to do she stared at him dumbfounded. While Damon only chuckled at her stunned expressions.

Damon: Call my name princess.

He whispered leaning to her making her gulp down. He stopped moving closer when he was only few inches away from her face.

His nose was brushing hers sending a sensual shiver down her spine. She tried to move back but he gently intertwined his fingers in her brown curls.

Damon: Say it, Luciana.

This was the first time when he took her name with so much softness and affection. Her hands turned into fists which got pressed against his chest.

Lucy: D-Damon.

Not able to cope with the close proximity she whispered against his lips which were only a few inches away. A small smile appeared on Damons lips witnessing her closed eyes and hitched breathing.

He placed a soft kiss on her cheek before pulling away from her and comfortably sitting on the bed.

Luciana slowly unfolded her orbs and gulping down. She pressed her back on the bed's headboard but instead of her this action angering Damon he only chuckled.

Damon: Relax princess I had promised you that I wouldn't touch you without your permission but yeah these kinds of small pecks I can't help it.

He said mischievously making her look at him in disbelief.

Damon: So tell me what is it that you wanted to talk to me.

Luciana straightened up and then looked at him hesitantly.

Lucy: As you already know that Lily is pregnant. Right.

Damon nodded his head with serious expressions waiting for her to continue her words.

Lucy: Actually she told me that Ryan had proposed her yesterday and he had arranged their marriage ceremony already.

Damon nodded his head with a small smile.

Damon: Don't worry princess, I already know everything Ryan had told me this when you two sisters were having a conversation. I have no problem, after all, he's going to be a dad soon and it's his responsibility to take care of his child and his future wife.

Luciana sighed in relief. She thought that Damon might have some kind of objections as Ryan just came out of the coma but right now Liliana is already 3 months pregnant and their marriage has become necessary now.

Damon: Also your sister wanted to take you to the shopping but I can't risk it so you have to refuse it, don't worry I will order a dress for you so no worries.

Luciana looked at him with sad eyes as he was still not letting her out but Damon was also forced to do so. Damon noticed her sad expressions and grabbed her hand caressing the back of it with his thumb.

Damon: Princess trust me I also want to give the whole freedom which you ever wished to have but I am sorry it's not the right time. You have to wait for some time.

Luciana looked Damon in confusion not understanding what he was even talking about.

Lucy: What do you mean.

Damon: Just remember one thing princess you're a wife of a mafia king and its not easy to say that you can live a safe life. So till I am restricting you please remember its because of your own protection.

Luciana had no idea what to do but she had understood that he was indeed telling the truth. Mafia kings wife cant live a normal life but her main concern was if Damon is ready to treat her better than shes ready to pass these hurdles standing side by side with him.

She nodded at him not wanting to question him any further. Damon gave her a small smile before standing up from the bed.

Damon: Like I said I will give you as much as space you want. So from now onwards I will sleep on the couch you can sleep on the bed.

Damon without granting her any further glance went to the couch. Grabbing the blanket from the wardrobe he laid down on the couch.

Luciana was kept on staring at him dumbfounded. But then she realized that she indeed needed a proper space and he was giving her without her asking for it.

A small smile appeared on her lips slowly laying on the bed and covering herself with the blanket. She stared at him who was laying there while his arm was covering his eyes.

Damon: Check me out tomorrow princess right now sleep.

She got startled hearing his voice. He still didn't glance at her but it was clear that he knew that she was staring at him. She instantly closed her eyes. And after some time they both drift to their dreamlands.

Next Morning.

Luciana came out of the bathroom as she got freshen up. When she woke up she didn't see Damon there. She thought he must have gone to work so she decided to do her morning business.

Coming out, a small yelp left her lips when she came face to face with shirtless Damon holding a tray in his hands. His upper tattoed body never failed to frighten her.

The tattoos on his body are of snake. Scorpion. And of weird art. But then her train of thoughts broke out when Damon started to speak.

Damon: I woke up earlier today as I had to use the gym. After swimming I decided to make breakfast. Come and eat. No need to go downstairs till your ankle is healed.

He said putting the tray on the table and forced her to sit on the couch. She gulped heavily when he took a seat beside her but extremely close. Water was still dripping down his hair.

Lucy: Why did you make. I would have done it I mean I---

He interrupted her by turning his muscular body towards her small one startling her.

Damon: Its fine princess. Sometimes husbands should take care of their wives don't you think.

Luciana's heartbeat increased hearing his words. After arranging the plates on the table he smiled at her.

Damon: I already had eaten mine. Now eat yours I am running late. Goodbye Wifey.

He said placing a quick and soft peck on her lips before walking towards the wardrobe in order to change his clothing.

Luciana placed her hand on her heart feeling her heartbeat going crazy. This was something new for her. No one ever cooked for her before. Liliana never knew how to cook properly as she was always busy in business matters.

If Liliana brought something for Luciana that was always ordered from outside. There were many days when Liliana was out of town then her father used to starve Luciana.

But in presence of Liliana, she never let Luciana sleep without a proper meal. Indeed when they were kids Liliana was helpless and has to endure her sister's harsh treatment given by their father. Sometimes she purposely used to starve herself just to feel what Luciana was feeling.

But this kind of feeling was different for Luciana. How he showered his affection on her. How he called her wife with so much tenderness just melted her heart away.

She started to eat and after some time, Damon went to his office.

2 days later Liliana and Ryan went to their penthouse which Ryan bought for his future family. Luciana's ankle had healed a lot. In a week Ryan and Liliana's wedding were going to take place.

But Damon was still nervous. He knew that he has started to make a progress in Luciana's matter but he can't forget the call he got the day before he brought Luciana back.

Her safety was the most important matter to him right now. He knew today or tomorrow Luciana will eventually accept him if he wouldn't make a mistake.

But his gut feeling was warning him again and again that something is coming for him and he has to be ready for it.

Because sometimes to win someone we have to sacrifice our most treasured thing.

They both will lose something but will she understand the true face of his love or will keep on fearing him.


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