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Doors of the hall opened and the bride walked towards the aisle. Luciana smiled happily watching her sister at last having her happiness.

Liliana walked towards the aisle and Ryan smiled at her while his eyes were sparkling with unexplainable happiness. They spoke their vows and at last, was announced as husband and wife.

Luciana stared at the beautiful scenery with envious eyes. No matter how much selfless women be. But it was every women's wish to have a not too big ceremony but at least a pleasant wedding event.

But how poor faith she has. Her marriage was a lie. Her existence was itself a lie. She was a substitute for her sister. Even though Damon has started to love her for what she is.

And somehow she has accepted the fact that Damon indeed is changing for her and no matter how much she denies. He indeed started to make his way to her heart. His caring attitude. Loving words without any greed for the response.

His soft and lovable touch started to make its way towards her heart. She never thought she will ever be able to feel something for Damon knight. A man who did so much to her but still he indeed is proving that he can change. Change for her.

Damon was standing beside his brother softly smiling at the couple who was whispering to each other. But then his eyes got stuck on his wife.

As always looking like an angel. He thought as he stared at his wife who was dressed up in a beautiful gown staring at her sister with a small smile. How much he wanted to run to her and kiss her senselessly.

But he controlled himself. He had promised to her and to himself to not touch her without her permission. His smile fade away when he witnessed her sad eyes.

His eyes turned sad as well remembering how he married her. How her father made her look like a substitute. How she was forced in a marriage full of lie. No matter how much he wanted to give her every happiness she wanted to have. He can't risk anything

He was helpless and somehow tied up because of his desperation to keep her safe. He then remembered something and instantly went to the room situated in the backside of the wedding hall.

Luciana walked towards her sister and hugged her congratulating her. She even congratulated Ryan who smiled at her thanking in return. Ryan and Liliana went to the dancing floor.

While Luciana looked around trying to find her husband but he was nowhere to be found. Her eyes then fell on a girl. A suspicious look spread all over her face when she took a good look of the girl.

She wasn't looking someone who was invited instead that girl was looking around like she was making sure that no one could see her. Not able to fight her curious self. She silently chased the girl.

Soon she heard the girl talking to someone. Hiding behind the wall her eyes widened when she heard specific words from the man's lips.

Man: Make sure to inject this and rest you know. Don't worry he wouldn't be able to resist.

The girl nodded and took the injection from the man walking towards the room. Luciana's heartbeat fastens not understanding why she was so much worried.

Something was wrong and she knew. Not able to control she followed the girl and slightly opened the door of the room. Her eyes instantly widened when her eyes landed on Damon who was holding the girl from her throat strangling her.


She yelled out when she saw a man behind Damon ready to shoot him. Damon threw the girl on the man behind him making both of them fell on the floor.

Sweat was dripping down his forehead while he was breathing heavily. His bloodshot eyes met Luciana's who was looking at him in concern.

Damon: Cover your ears and look away.

He said picking up the gun. Luciana understood his words and instantly turned around clutching her ears but still, throat piercing scream left her lips when she heard two gunshots. Clearly, Damon killed both girl and man.

Putting his gun back he grabbed the wrist of trembling Luciana. She finally looked up and met with his gaze. She frowned at how badly he was sweating and also his hands were also slightly shaking.

Damon: We have to get out of here. It's not safe here. Let's go.

He said dragging her with him while Luciana followed him without any protest. She was still shaken a little because of the gunshots she heard. It wasn't like she was expecting him to be a saint. Of course, he's a mafia and killing isn't something big for him.

Damon stopped in front of Liliana and Ryan whose smiles fade away witnessing trembling Luciana and sweating Damon who was looking baffled.

Damon: Ryan. Listen to me carefully. Take your wife and leave this place immediately. That bastard has sent his men to attack me. And I am sure they are going to attack you as well. So better leave this place.

Ryan instantly understood the situation and worked on Damon's command right away. Maxwell and Damon left the event along with Luciana.

Damon started the engine and drove his car wildly. He wanted to reach his house as soon as possible. While driving he removed his tie breathing heavily.

Luciana finally succeeded in calming herself but her concern for Damon didn't fade away. He was breathing heavily while his hands on the steering wheel were also shaking.

They reached the house and Damon instantly ran inside and didn't even glance at Luciana. But Luciana also ran behind Damon in concern. It was almost like he was running away from her. Like he was hiding from her.

Reaching the room he started removing his coat. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it across the room. Luciana entered the room and gasped out watching his sweaty body. His upper body was sweating badly.

Drops of sweat were gracing his tattoed body while he was shaking as well. Ruffling his hair he took the jug of water on the side table and poured it on himself making her more shocked.

She was unable to understand what was happening to him. He looked up with his wet eyelashes and his red eyes met her chocolate ones. He took a few steps towards her but then stopped shaking his head stepping back.

Damon: Get out.

Luciana's eyes widened hearing his words. Why is he asking her to get out instead of asking for help?

Lucy: Damon I---


She flinched at his sudden roar. He closed his eyes controlling himself. Shaking his head he gritted his teeth.

Damon: Get out Luciana. Go out before I lose my control. Get out. Please

This time he said almost whispering to her. She took steps back and instantly went out of the room closing the door.

She heard a loud growl and a breaking noise of something glassy. She held the knob. She wanted to run to him but she had no idea what's happening to him.

Then she her eyes landed on Maxwell. She instantly went to him and stood in front of him as he was about to leave the house.

Max: Mrs. Knight please step aside I am in hurry.

Lucy: Please tell me. What's happening to Damon. Why is he sweating so much? Why is he shaking this much?

Maxwell stared at her licking his lips in discomfort realizing that Damon didn't tell her anything yet.

Max: You don't know. He's drugged.

Luciana's eyes widened hearing his words. Then she remembered when the man was telling the girl to inject him. So they were talking about Damon.

Max: That girl was sent by our enemy. She behaved like she was there for a deal but then she attacked Damon and even after fighting she succeeded in injecting him that drug.

Lucy: What kind of drug.

Maxwell sighed heavily before confessing the truth.

Maxwell: Its a drug of making a man extremely desperate for sex.

Luciana gasped out covering her lips but kept quiet letting Maxwell continue.

Max: Its the most dangerous drug regarding making a man horny. In this type of drug cases. Man can't control. If he didn't fulfil his desires then he also can end up raping someone. Or.

Maxwell gulped down making Luciana more confused. She stared at him in commotion waiting for him to complete his words.

Max: Or the side effect can also lead to suicidal attempt. I know DK would never force himself on anyone. That's why I am more afraid for him because the chances of resisting in this kind of cases are almost none. And the most concerning thing is. There is no vaccine for this drug only having someone can get rid of its effects.

Max: But I am still going to try to find something so it can at least ease him.

Lucy: For how long it's effect last.

Maxwell shook his head with defeated expressions.

Max: Can't say anything. But I heard it's the most painful effect any drug can provide. It last more than 24 hours.

With that, he ran outside as he wanted to find something which could ease Damon's burning desired body.

Luciana was stunned and froze not knowing what to do. Taking a deep breath she walked towards the room again. The room's door was opened a little

Damon was in his sweatpants only walking around the room. He was still breathing heavily. The lamp was scattered on the floor of course because of the uncontrollable feeling of the drug it was making him insane.

His hair was wet clearly indicating that he had taken a shower. Luciana didn't know what to do. He was looking messed up. He indeed needed help at this moment.

He again growled slamming another lamp on the floor as well. His face was covered with pain and uncomfortable expressions.

He was so much in pain but still he refused to force her. He refused to use her to get rid of his pain when he easily could do it as her strength was nothing against him. But still, he let himself burned in pain instead of using her.

Luciana clutched her gown staring at the miserably shaking Damon. She gulped down heavily before questioning herself.

What should I do?

Love demands sacrifice. Patience and proves. And he succeeded in proving the depth of his love but will she be able to see it.


First of all guys. The drug thing is not true. There is no drug like this with an extreme need of having someone. So please don't take it seriously. It's an imaginary thought. There is no reality in it. Don't take it seriously.


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