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Taking a deep breath Luciana entered the room and Damon abruptly turned his body towards the door in order to see who came in. His jaw clenched hardly witnessing his wife standing there.

He growled loudly warning her to go out but Luciana instead of moving away she walked towards him with her trembling legs. Damon took a step back in fear. He knew he will end up jumping on her as his hormones were on fire.

Damon: Luciana get out. Don't come near me. It wouldn't end well.

Luciana didn't say anything only approached him. Standing only an inch away she gulped heavily before spitting those words out which successfully shaken the man.

Lucy: Have me, Damon. Get rid of your pain.

Damon gulped heavily as his senses started to blur. Who would say no to a woman you love and she's herself giving you permission but again he shook his desires away and glared at her.

Damon: Don't be stupid Luciana. You have no idea what you are saying. And your testing my limit. Get out its really hard to control myself.

He said grabbing her arm and tried to make her leave the room but instead, she grabbed his biceps and held them tightly stiffening him in his place.

Lucy: You need this Damon. This drug will provide you more pain. Please don't be stubborn.

Damon: Your the one being stupidly stubborn Luciana. Once I started this I wouldn't be able to stop. You need to understand this kind of sacrifice is not small. I can't have you like this. I can't use you just to get rid of this pain.

Luciana shook her head and leaned closer to him hitching his breath. His body was burning in desire. His lust and love for her were pushing him to just drag her to his bed and claim her as his.

But he still didn't let his guards down. He didn't want to use her just because he's in need. He needed her love. He needed not her sacrifice but her want for him.

Lucy: I am making this decision on my own. You have my consent, Damon.

Damon was sweating and breathing furiously. He was about to drag her out of the room but instead, Luciana grabbed his face and smashed her lips on his freezing him up.

(Mature content ahead)


He stiffened in the place as he felt her kissing him gently. This was the first time she kissed him. He couldn't control anymore. He couldn't hold his guards up anymore.

He lost it. She broke his every control with her sudden stunt. Grabbing her waist his senses blocked away as he instantly kissed her back roughly. He made the soft and gentle kiss into a rough and malicious one.

He was showing his desire. Lust and at the same time love in the kiss. Picking her up by her waist he plopped down on the bed making her body pressed completely against him.

His desires and the effect of drug heated his body up and his hands started to do their work. His fingers got tangled in her long dark locks and the other hand held the strap of her gown pulling it down.

Breaking the hard kiss his lips didn't stop and went to her jaw to her neck. His lips were pressing hard on her skin. He was sucking and biting her skin leaving his marks behind.

He couldn't help but to touch her more and more as it wasn't just because of the lust he felt. It was also because of the love he has for her. He wanted her but at the same time he wanted her to enjoy as well.

But soon his rough acts got stuck when he witnessed her eyes tightly closed shut and a tear rolling down her cheek. He knew she was indeed just sacrificing herself because of his pain and her tears were the proof.

Luciana tried her best to not stop him and to feel a little pleasure in his touch after all he's her husband and him touching her wasn't something bad but again even if she tried

His rough touch was only giving her the sense of sex not of lovemaking.

He was fulfilling his desires. He wasn't making love to her which broke her heart. And even after trying to not show anything She couldn't help but to tear up.

Then she felt him not doing anything. Opening her beautiful orbs she met with those dark orbs which were gazing at her with different emotions.

Damon wanted to stop but at the same time. His body wasn't letting him do so he couldn't stop now. He was helpless. Her giving him her consent broke his every control and even if he try he can't stop now.

But again it doesn't mean that he needs only to fulfil his desires. He wanted her to enjoy as well. He knew she was a virgin and he was as well. He wanted to make both their first time memorable.

Locking his eyes with her he gently wiped her tears away and kissed her eyes. The kiss was like a soft and gentle peck making her whole body shudder at the touch.

Damon: I wouldn't hurt you princess.

He mumbled kissing her both cheeks. The soft pecks indeed brought an unexplainable shiver down her spine.

Damon: I love you, baby. Just say you don't want this and I will stop.

He again whispered nibbling on her lower lip. He took her lip in his teeth and pulled it out in a gentle way making her whimper feeling a weird sensation pooled up in her body.

Damon: Let me make love to you.

Saying that he pressed his lips on hers. Her plump lips got swallowed by his thin ones. He kissed her passionately without showing a single ounce of hunger or lust.

Her tears dried up and an intense feeling in her heart raised up. Her breathing started getting heavy as she placed her hands on his bare shoulders.

His bare chest got pressed against her clothed one. His lips sucked her lips hardly as he wasn't filling his desires anymore. He was indeed making love to her.

Her lips parted because of the sensation when his lips moved down to her neck. He placed butterfly kisses all over her neck reaching to her collarbone.

He earned a small moan from her when he bit her collarbone. Her grip on his shoulders tightens when she felt his hands on the back of her gown.

But instead of unzipping it he held her back and pulled her up a little making her arch her back and threw her head back giving him more access to her neck.

He trailed long kisses on her throat bone before giving a slight bite on it. Her hands clenched his shoulder as the sensation was digging inside her body. The feeling was new for her. She never felt this much pleasure because of someone's touch.

Even Damon's previous touch never made her feel something like this. But the way he was holding her so gently. The way he was making sure to not hurt her left her awestruck.

He wasn't filling his needs. He wasn't using her in order get rid of the drug instead he was making her feel loved and wanted. He was showering his care and love on her.

He was proving her with his acts that how much she meant to him. His lips trailed down to her chest making her let out a small moan. Her mind was clouded with the sense of his lips on her skin.

She wasn't in her right mind. She was feeling weirdly satisfied. Damon pulled the straps of her dress down and covered her shoulders with his lips leaving open mouth kisses.

Lucy: Ah D-Damon.

She unconsciously moaned loudly in his ear earning a satisfying growl from him. His body was begging him to just take her already but he didn't want their first time to get wasted just because of that drug.

Drops of his sweat fell on Luciana's body as well giving her goosebumps. Finally, he pulled her up making her sat up on the bed. Her eyes were closed tightly and breathing was uneven satisfying him as he knew she was afraid but was also responding to his touch.

Damon: Look at me princess.

He mumbled against her lips as her almost bare chest got pressed against his hard sweaty one. Luciana steadily unfolded her orbs and their eyes locked for a couple of moments.

Her breathing got heavier when he unzipped her gown and removed it fully from her upper body revealing a light pink bra giving a compliment to her snow-like skin.

He placed his rough palm on her cheek before pulling her face closer to his.

Damon: Don't worry love you will never forget this night of our love.

Sometimes sacrifice can be sweet.


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