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Author Pov

Damon skillfully removed her gown and threw it on the floor. Her half-naked body got pressed against his bare chest. Her eyes were staring in his dark ones with fear and somehow anxiety holding in them.

His fingers brushed against her jawline making her shudder at his touch.

His rough hand cupped her covered bosom making her breathe heavily. His every doing was felt like heaven to her.

Gently pushing her on the bed he travelled his rough hand on her exposed stomach making her let out a small whimper.

He dug his head in her crook making her let out a shaky breath. His hot bare skin was now touching her exposed frosty one.

Her pale neck invited him to do many things to it. And he eventually did by placing soft salacious kisses on her neck before starting to suck in order to leave his marks behind.

He held her bare waist tightly before increasing the pace of his sucking making her neck to turn purplish with pleasurable marks.

Her whimpers and moans started to become louder as she was feeling a weird giddy feeling in her stomach. Her heartbeat was drumming in her chest indicating how scared and nervous she was.

But Damon's actions were indeed making everything so pleasant for her. She felt scared but at the same time the need to have him engulfed her mind.

Her small nails got pressed against his shoulders. His lips trailed to her covered chest as he placed rough and hard kisses all over her covered bosoms making her moan louder.

Lucy: A-Ahh

Damon smirked in satisfaction witnessing her having full time in enjoying his given pleasure.

Damon was indeed desperate to just Claim her as his and get rid of his pain but still just for her pleasure and to make her first time memorable he took everything slowly and sensually.

His hand went down to her undergarment as he slides it down to her legs and threw it on the floor. She unconsciously squeezed her legs in embarrassment.

She felt too much exposed. She squeezed her eyes shut feeling too uncomfortable at how Damon was staring at her body with his heated gaze.

Damon: Damn princess you're so fucking beautiful. I am one lucky bastard.

He said clearly insulting himself but praising her making her body to jump in anticipation.

His lips landed on her knees before gracing the soft kisses all over her leg reaching to her thighs leaving light pinkish marks behind.

She let out a yelp when she felt his lips landing on her inner thigh. She felt him slightly biting her skin making her jump in surprise.

But Damon held her body on the spot. He came in front of her face and attached his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

Her hands wrapped around his neck as she kissed him back. She gave up and accepted him. She knew that there was no turning back. She permitted him and he didn't force her to do so.

A whimper left her lips when she felt him unclasping her bra and sliding it off to her body completing leaving her naked.

Her husband finally witnessed his wife's full body without any cloth on. His lips sucked on her collarbone while his hand caressed her bosoms making her to just moan out.

Lucy: D-Damon.

Damon's lips travelled down to her chest as he sucked on her bosoms. His other hand slide down to her womanhood.

Lucy: Ahh

A loud yelp left from her lips when he entered his finger in her. He didn't thrust it instantly but waited for her to get adjusted to it.

Luciana's breathing started accelerating as she felt him moving his finger. He started to thrust his finger and earning another yelp from her he entered another finger.

His thrusting becomes faster as he kept on slamming his fingers in her. She left out loud moans pressing her fingers on his shoulders.

After a while of moaning and crying in pleasure, she came and Damon abruptly removed his sweatpants completing coming naked in her view.

Luciana's eyes were shut closed as she was breathing crazily. Her sweaty chest was going up and down in rhythm while he hovered over her coming between her legs.

He guided her legs to wrap around his waist making her understand what was coming next. Her body started to tremble again which didn't go unnoticed by him.

Damon: Open your eyes princess.

She slowly unfolded her orbs and instantly they got lost in the eyes of each other.

Damon: Relax love. I will never hurt you. Never.

He whispered with so much love that Luciana couldn't help but get mesmerized in his eyes. His dark gaze wasn't giving any sense of lust instead they were only shinning with desire and love.

Damon: I love you, Princess.

With that, a scream ripped out of her throat when he slammed himself in her with one hard thrust. Her virginity got ripped and the blood ooze out of her womanhood.

For a second Damon was shocked at how painfully she screamed then he realised instead of taking her gently he ripped her insides.

He had no experience in all of these and he thought that this is the only way of entering in her but was left stunned at how painful it must be for her.

He instantly stopped his actions and caressed her cheeks which were started to graced with tears.

Damon: I am so sorry love. If you want I can stop.

He asked her and was ready to throw his needs away but Luciana shook her head and held his neck tightly. He understood her answer and smiled at her.

Smashing his lips on hers he kissed her gently but because of the pain, Luciana fastens the pace. She moaned in the kiss when he started to move inside her.

He wasn't having sex with her instead he was making love to her and his actions were the proof.

Breaking the kiss he started to fasten his pace while his lips moved down from her neck to her chest.

Lucy: Ahh D-Damon.

He growled in pleasure while she became a moaning mess. Her whimpers and moans were filling his ears with unexplainable pleasure.

Damon: Ughh princess I l-love you so much.

He whispered near her lips increasing his pace and slamming himself more hard and fast in her making her body to tremble under him.

They both felt the ecstasy of the moment. That time there was no mafia king or an innocent possession but instead, there was only a husband making love to his wife.

The night just fell making the whole room turned darker as Damon already broke the lamps but the moans of pleasure and growls of satisfaction filled the darkroom with only the proof of a big bad alpha.

Damon knight claiming his only precious possession as his. But not as a possession but as his love. His first and last love.

Damon fell on her sweaty body as they both ride their pleasure and came to an end. His face was dug deep inside her crook.

The effect of drug turned off and his body started to get tired. But his heart still wanted to have her again and again.

Moving away he stared at her face as her breathing was calmer than before. She opened her tired eyes and stared in his dark gaze which had not have a single ounce of tiredness in them.

He pulled away from her and laid beside her pulling her to his chest. He kissed her forehead lovingly before whispering.

Damon: Thank you, my love.

Luciana was too tired to say anything. He knew she still doesn't love him as much as he does. But was he willing to give up? No.

Today he proved her how much he loves her and that was enough for him to be assured. He knew at first it was nothing but a mare sacrifice of her but after him taking everything slow he eventually made her needy for him as much as he was for her.

He covered their bodies with the blanket and tightly squeezed her in his arms feeling weirdly energetic and enthusiastic.

He finally claimed her everything. She was finally his only his.

But the only thing he needs to win afterwards was. Her heart. And he vowed that he will. Soon.

Love sometimes becomes stronger when it's expressed with actions.


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