Author Pov

Peering his eyes open Damon extended his arm to bring the cause of his warmth back in his arms but instead met with coldness. He instantly looked beside him and was met with an empty bed.

His heartbeat accelerated and fear crept up in his veins not finding her near him. Instantly jumping off the bed he let the blanket fell off the bed. He was only in his sweatpants as he took a shower before sleeping.

He looked around like a mad man in panic and finally heaving out a huge sigh of relief he found her standing in the balcony. His princess.

She was only in an oversized hoodie which belonged to him. Letting out a small chuckle he found her tiny body looking too adorable in his oversized hoodie which was already big enough for him and it was looking way too much big for her.

Walking silently he stood behind her without making her notice about his presence.

She got stiffen in her place when two bulky arms wrapped around her tiny figure pulling her in a warm embrace. He placed his chin on her shoulder and again sighed in relief.

"I know princess." He started speaking breaking off the silence between them.

"I know that you never wanted this. But trust me I don't regret. Because for me it was the most beautiful and peaceful night of my life. Thank you for everything."

She said nothing made him continue his words.

"I love you and all the things that happened between us last night was my love. Only love. Maybe for you, it was a mistake. Maybe you regret I ---"

Halting his words she instantly turned around still being in his arms while he stared at her with a frown. She shook her head.

"It wasn't a mistake. For me, it wasn't."

She said making him stunned but she didn't stop. "I don't regret it either. I knew what I was doing and I allowed it. It wasn't a mistake. I know I don't feel the same way as you but I still don't regret what happened last night. I just wanted that. And I allowed it."

Hearing her words he couldn't help but feel so grateful. Palming her cold pale cheeks he leaned down to her height and placed his forehead on hers.

"Thank you. Thank you so much for saying it wasn't a mistake. Thank you for not breaking my hope."

He whispered near her lips. Both of their eyes were closed as they enjoyed the ecstasy of the moment.

Damon couldn't help but to feel extremely thankful for her to not breaking his heart by naming their first time as a mistake or a moment of lust instead it was a desire from both sides.

They both wanted each other equally. Yes from Damon's side it was because of love but from Luciana's side, it was a desire. A want that she needed to fullfil and she felt no remorse.

Luciana gently unfolded her orbs and stared at her husband who was still standing in the same position. He seems to have a peace of mind.

She placed her cold palms on his bare shoulders. "Come on let's go inside or you will catch a cold."

Finally opening his eyes he smiled at her nodding his head. But soon his smile fades away when she asked him another question.

"Who was that girl. Why did she drug you? Why someone wanted to make you lose your senses. Why." Damon sighed heavily before grabbing her wrist and pulling her with him.

He entered the room and plopped down on the sofa before pulling her on his laps. Luciana didn't protest and let herself be sitted on his laps. He grabbed the small blanket on the sofa and covered their bodies with it.

"I think it's time for me to tell you everything." She stared at him waiting for him to continue.

"You remember princess when I came to get you back after you ran away." Luciana nodded her head making him sighed out.

"A night before that day I was planning to talk to you and to let you free. I wanted to give you some time. I wanted you to decide on your own for giving me a chance. But things got ruined when that night I got a call. "


"Are you sure Damon? I mean what if she even after being away from you refused to give you a chance. "

Ken questioned Damon making him sighed out in sadness.

"Then it's fine. I am ready to wait for her even if it take years I will wait for her because I love her Ken and I can't force her to love me back like this. I can't keep on being this much foolish of seriously believing that after doing all these shits to her she will start loving me."

Ken looked sadly at Damon and was about to say something but got cut off when Damon's phone started ringing. He picked up the call.

"Hello, Damon knight how are you. " Damon frowned and replied to him "Who are you."

He heard a raspy chuckle "I am your death."

"What the fuck. What is this rubbish." He snarled thinking that it might be someone just messing around but again how that person knows his name.

"Because I can only have what's mine after your death." Guy said and this time his voice was more husky and serious.

"And what is that yours." Somehow Damon already had an idea of what that bastard going to say but still, Damon played being dumbfounded.

"Luciana she's mine."


Ken got startled at Damon's sudden outburst. Damon heard an amused laugh from another side.

"I am coming for her. Soon." With that, he hung up the call. In anger, Damon slammed the phone on the wall.

"That bastard I will kill him." Ken was confused at Damon's sudden anger. He asked Damon about what happened and Damon told him everything.

"You have to bring her back. She can only be safe with you. That guy can easily have her if she's out of this house. You need to bring her back for her own safety Damon."

Damon nodded in affirmation and eventually they both planned everything of what they have to do next.

Flashback End.

Luciana was left stunned after hearing the truth. So he again brought her back because he wanted to protect her.

"And about the attack yesterday. It was actually to make me lose my senses. That woman drugged me so I wouldn't be able to resist her and will eventually become busy with her and will cheat on you. But those fuckers didn't know that I hate cheaters then how can I be a one. "

"Moreover it was just a distraction so he could attack me and could get you but his plan got ruined when I killed that woman and took you back with me. And after you know what happened."

She stared at him in shock. Her lips were parted in astonishment and mind was functioning. How can someone know her and even wanted her when she was locked up her whole life.

Your Mine.

Her mind clicked and then she remembered those familiar words. Looking up she stared at Damon in anticipation making him frown.

"What happened princess." He questioned her gently caressing her arms in a soothing way when he saw how heavily she was breathing.

"He. That man at the party. Remember the one on whose head who slammed the tray of champagne glasses."

Damon thought for few seconds before nodding his head with a questionable frown.

"When he was dancing with me. He said he knows me. He even told me my full name Luciana Millers. And he."

She gulped halting her words making Damon more curious. "Tell me, princess, what he said "

"He said. He said that I am his. The same thing that guy on the phone said to you." Damon clenched his jaw and closed his eyes in anger.

He didn't want to scare Luciana so he tried to control his anger. "Why didn't you tell me this before."

He said still keeping his eyes closed and jaw clenched. Luciana knew he was angry. He was burning in rage.

"I-I tried but you didn't let me." This made Damon extremely guilty remembering that in the car after the party she tried to tell him something but he didn't let her.

And the cherry on top he made her more scared. Nodding his head he controlled his anger and finally opened his dark eyes.

His eyes soften witnessing an obvious fear in her orbs. He placed his palm on her cheek and started caressing her cheek using his thumb.

"Don't worry love. I wouldn't let anything happen to you. Everything that is going to snatch you away from me needs to face me first."

Luciana smiled at him a little still feeling a little scared. He pulled her head against his bare chest and made her rest her body against his warm one.

They both knew that a new hurdle is coming. And God knows how it will affect their lives and what will be the overcome. But they knew they both have each other's back.

Life is the name of good and bad times. Enjoy your good time till it lasts.


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