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She stared at him in pure shock. While Luca was smiling happily. That bracelet was made by Luciana. She gave him as a thankful present.

He expected her to jump in his arms and hug him tightly but instead she took a step back shaking her head.

"You. Why are you here. After so many years. Why." She questioned him with her sad and disappointed tone. Luca then understood that she's still angry with him for leaving her like that.

"Lucy I know I shouldn't had left you but it wasn't in my hands. I will explain everything but first didn't you miss me." He said taking a step closer to her but she only stepped back but this time her back came contact with the wall screen.

Luca stopped walking, feeling hurt seeing her continuously stepping back from her. He sighed heavily before continuing his words.

"I know your mad at me for leaving you love. But I was forced to do so. I had no other option but to keep myself away from you. It was hard. But still, I had to do this."

He said trying to make her believe him but instead, she shook her head making him madder. He slammed his hands on the screen beside her making her gasp. It wasn't a weak or cheap screen but it was extremely expensive and made of hard glass that's why nothing happened to it.

"What is your problem huh. Why are you behaving like you don't love me." He said making her look at him in pure disbelief.

"Because I don't. I-I don't love you. Ah." Small shriek left her lips when he harshly grabbed her hair and pulled her face closer to his. His nerves were burning hearing her confession.

She doesn't love him. That can't be. He didn't believe her. He didn't want to believe her. Pulling her away from the wall he harshly pulled her in front of the wall screen slamming her back against his chest.

Her body was trapped in his arms. She struggled but in vain. He forced her to look at the screen that was showing her pictures.

"Look at this. I never left you, Lucy. I never did. I had my eyes on you every second. I knew everything about you. Trust me my love for you never fade away. Never."

He said heaving his head in her crook and nuzzling his nose deeper in her neck making her cry out in disgust. She was feeling disgusted because it wasn't her husband's touch it was a stranger. For her, he's nothing but a stranger.

"Leave me, Luca, what are you doing." She said raising her voice and increasing her struggles which didn't fail to irritate him. He roughly turned her around making her face him. His eyes were burning in anger because of her continuous rejection.

He wasn't expecting this. He never expected her to reject him or to even resist him like this. He always thought that when he will found her and will bring her with him she will give up to him. But everything was happening so different from what he expected.

"What is wrong with you Lucy. You always said you love me. You waited for me and now I am here. Why are you refusing my touch? What that bastard has done to you."

Luciana shot him a glare through her glossy eyes. She tried to free herself from his grip but instead, he tightened it pulling her more closer.

"He's my husband Luca. I never loved you. It was just an illusion of mine nothing else." She said trying to push him but her words didn't fail to add fuel to fire.

His nerves started burning up hearing her confession. Harshly throwing her on the floor he stared down at her with his burning eyes. He took a step closer but she scooted away from him in fear.

"What the fuck you said. You don't love me. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW." He yelled harshly kicking the wall near him making her gasp out in shock.

"You know Lucy I never left you. I never did. I never told you but I was an orphan and was living in an orphanage when I met you. I was so intrigued when I saw you sitting near the window and staring at the moon with those big baby eyes."

He smiled creepily while kneeling in front of her. He sat down on the floor crossing his legs in a sitting manner. He wasn't the cold silent boy who Luciana used to know.

He was looking mentally sick. Retarded and insane. He was behaving so soft and sweet but his actions were only scaring her. He was looking like a psycho.

"When you confessed to me I was so happy. I didn't know what to do. So I went back to the orphanage to decide but then someone adopted me. I didn't want to but as I was only 15 years old so I had to. I went with that man and then I came to know I was his son. Real biological son but an illegitimate."

His eyes started becoming teary and red in anger while telling her.

"I thought he might love me like his son but I was wrong. He only wanted me for his business because my brother Jack Snider gonna handle his mafia group. You know Lucy I craved for your love day and night. I wanted your love. I wanted you to be in my arms but you weren't there."

"I craved for your presence so badly that's why after father's death I made a partnership with your father and attached the cameras all over the house. Just to see. Just to see your face in the morning and before going to sleep."

Her eyes widened in shock staring in his smiley ones. He had no remorse in his orbs for intervening in her privacy. He was watching her for years and she had no idea of it. But suddenly his eyes turned into a glare as he unfolded his legs and started crawling towards her making her breath hitched in fear.

"But then that bastard married you off. I tried stopping him using my brother's name but he still did. I couldn't do anything because I didn't have a power like my brother so I did what I find right."

He said making her shudder in fear as he leaned to her face too closely. His face was only inches away. He was standing in a cat position while she was leaned back a little in a sitting manner.

A small creepy smirk appeared on his lips before spitting out the truth which didn't fail to stop her breathing.

"I killed him. I killed Jack Snider."

Someone had said right. People indeed change. Some for good. And some for bad.


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