Author Pov.

"You did what." She whispered in shock while he only chuckled finding her stunned expressions adorable.

"It was his fate. He had to die one day Lucy. He had committed so many sins and the one I can never forgive was. He touched you. Not once but many times. He brought this on himself I just did what always has been written in his fate."

He said with a bored face having no remorse for killing his stepbrother. Luciana couldn't believe that this guy is the same Luca she used to adore so much. The man who was like a pillar to her on she always wanted to lean against.

"I changed my name and also build myself up. I wanted to be powerful and strong for you love. I wanted to have a reasonable power so I could protect you from every evil eye. From your bastard father. From Jack. Away from everyone."

He said looking deeply in her glossy eyes. She stared at him still trying to find her old friend but he was nowhere. This man wasn't her first friend. Her Savior. Her supporter. He wasn't him.

He was indeed right. He's changed. Not only his body has bulked up but he mentally had swollen too. He's not a cold and kind little boy. But he was bulk up monster.

"You knew. You knew everything. And you only watched me being beaten. Punished. Accused. And even getting married as a substitute. But you did nothing. Nothing."

She said heartbroken. It wasn't like she wanted his help. She just wanted her same friend to at least try to help her. But he did nothing except to watch her going through all of this.

And now when everything has sorted out in her life. She has started to accept her husband. He has started to love her. Now he came. When there was no need for him to come.

"You have no idea how much I wanted to. But I had no power. I was---" she cut his words before standing up with her twisted ankle but that pain was nothing against what her soul was feeling.

"Power. Luca. You said you love me. Then how did you endure watching your love being treated like trash? You had no power but still, you could at least become my supporter just like you used to be. I would at least be relieved that I have someone but you. You didn't even care when I was sold to Damon. You watched him torture me for nothing. You didn't even try to tell Damon about my innocence what kind of love is this."

Instead of being ashamed, Luca chucked before standing up towering over her fragile figure. He stared straightly in her chocolate orbs without a single ounce of guilt.

"Because I wanted you to hate him. I wanted you to never accept him. That's why." She stared at him in pure disbelief while he only smirked at her. Then she remembered how Damon tortured her.

Burning her hand. Harassed her each time. Calling her with names. Even after knowing the truth, he treated her like his possession and this man did nothing. The same man who said he loves her but did nothing to prove it.

"You're not in love with me. You don't love me." Hearing her words snatched his smirk away and a grimace look appeared on his face.

"You're questioning my love now. Come on Lucy. I do love you what are you saying." He said gritting his teeth trying to control his anger as he didn't want to hurt her.

"This is not love. You can't watch your love being in this much pain. You just watched and left me alone to suffer when you could at least hold me saying that you're with me but no you did nothing. You wanted me not my heart. You're in love with the thought of me as your possession, not your love. Your obsessed which can never be a love."

He stared at her deadly for some time before chuckling like a psycho.

"Damn I never thought my little innocent Lucy will ever be able to speak with this much confidence. But it's not like I mind. You look hot while glaring at me with those teary beautiful eyes."

He said ignoring her protest. He knew her every word was right but he refused to accept that he was just obsessed with her and wasn't in love. He had always considered his desperation, his madness to make her as his a love. But after hearing her words his mind clicked and somehow her words do make sense.

Shaking his thoughts away he leaned to her body but before she could get away from him he picked her up as a bridal style making her yelp out in fear.

She moved and punched his chest multiple times but instead he had no affect. He kept on walking enduring her beating which was nothing for him.

Finally reaching an abandoned place more like basement he placed her on the chair. Before roughly grabbing her wrists and tying them up with the help of rope.

She tried to protest but her strength was nothing against his. He easily tied her up on the chair and then nodded at his man. Luciana kept on twisting her wrists to free them from the rope but failed miserably.

Luca didn't stop her his eyes were stuck on the old man who was roughly pulled in the room by his man. He was thrown on the floor. His face landed near Luca's shoes.

Luciana stopped struggling and looked at the man. She wasn't able to see his face but soon Luca smirked at Luciana before harshly grabbing old man's hair and pulling his bloody face up making her gasp out.

"Father." Mr. Miller looked at Luciana with sad eyes. This was the first time he had looked at her with something which wasn't disgust or hate.

"Don't call him that. He doesn't deserve to be called as one." Saying that Luca slammed Mr. Miller face on the floor making him cried out in pain. His body was already drowned in miserable pain because of Damon's continuous torture for last month and now this.

"K-Kil-ll m-me." He stuttered in extreme pain. He just wanted to die. Luciana stared at her father with teary eyes. She indeed hates this man for treating her like trash all these years but again the emotion of being his daughter was tearing her apart seeing his so miserable state.

"Gladly," Luca said smirking at the old man. Standing up Luca brought his knife out and stared at Mr Miller with a sadistic smile.

He glanced at trembling Luciana who shook her head with wide eyes. She tried to say something but Luca's man covered her lips with a tape.

"Now look carefully what will happen to the person who hurt or lay a single finger on my Lucy." He said to his men and then looked at Mr. Miller who was laying on the floor miserably.

He crouched down to Mr. Miller's level and within a second he did numerous cuts on his throat making him growled in pain. He wasn't even able to move. That punishment and torture was the most gruesome Luciana had never witnessed.

His man handed him a bottle of alcohol which he instantly poured on Mr. Miller's throat. After giving him another proper torture he pulled a lighter out and burned Mr. Miller right after his daughter's eyes.

Luciana was traumatized. She couldn't utter a word or even look at her father's burning figure. Her mind started spinning and finally, the darkness consumed her but not before she heard that monster's words.

"Soon Damon knight will be in his place."


"Done," Max said smiling at Damon who sighed in relief. Ryan and Ken also smiled at Damon.

"I found her location. Let's go." They nodded and stood up before discussing the plan for the last time.

"Finally princess I am coming for you."

People say to not lose hope. But it wasn't her hope it was her last string of being sane which he successfully snatched from her.


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