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Damon and his men reached the place where Luciana was kept. Yes, he knew he was taking a risk but does it matter. No, for him he only wanted to save his wife as soon as possible.

He knew the plan was a little risky but it was Do or Die situation for him. They all covered the whole place. It was an abandoned place in the forest and there so no escape for Luciana even if she tries to run away.

Damon nodded at Maxwell who came with him. While Ryan and Ken were waiting for plan b. They both barged in the house but was left stunned seeing a burnt dead body and also the whole house was messed up. Everything was destroyed.

Then their eyes widened when the realization hit them. They all instantly jumped out of the house and within a few seconds the whole house was blasted and only flames covered their visions.

“Fuck. He planned everything, he knew about our arrival.” Maxwell nodded his head gritting his teeth. But still, Damon didn’t give up he stood up from the floor and looked at Maxwell.

“It’s time to work on Plan b.” Maxwell nodded with a heavy sigh before calling Ken and Ryan. They both knew the plan b will be the most dangerous one but they had to do this. For Luciana.


“Yes sir, the house was blasted the minute Damon knight and his men reached there,” Luca smirked in satisfaction before hanging up the call. He wasn’t sure if Damon died or not but he was indeed sure that he wouldn’t be able to find Luciana any sooner.

Turning his head towards the unconscious girl laying on a king-sized bed. This room was also filled with her pictures. It was hard to say that her traumatized figure affects him because it doesn’t. For him, that man deserved to die with that gruesome death but again what does that poor soul’s fault. Why did he make her witness that horrifying death? And that be her own father’s.

He took a seat beside her laying figure and started caressing her head while keeping his psycho gaze on her. His eyes travelled on her body which was only wrapped in a silk negligee it was reaching below her thighs leaving her beautiful milky legs on display.

He let out a shaky breath feeling himself getting turned on but again he stopped his lustful desires as he didn’t want to do these things without her feeling them.

He wanted her to feel him touching her, he wanted to hear her loud moans. Her yelling his name in pleasure. He knew she’s just mad at him for leaving her but somewhere in his delusional world, he was still sure that she loves him and will always love him.

Because for him she has to love him she doesn’t have any choice. She’s his and he can do whatever he wished to. The only problem was her being still married to Damon. He just needs to kill that man and then he can have her for himself in every way possible.

He bit his lip while tracing his fingers on her legs reaching to her sensitive point. He felt her body trembled up a little when his cold fingers traced till her womanhood. He smirked at her whimpering uncomfortably.

Goosebumps covered her skin. Not able to control himself he hovered above her before dipping his head down in her neck. His lips finally landed on her pale skin making his body shook in satisfaction. He waited for this for many years. And today she was finally in his arms. His Luciana was in his arms so close and on his mercy.

He heard her groan softly when he took her skin between his teeth giving it a slight bite before licking it to calm the sting.

Luciana felt extremely uncomfortable she tried opening her eyes but her eyelashes felt like a mountain and the stinging pain on her neck making it harder for her to move.

She felt her body being crushed under a heavyweight. It took her everything to finally open her eyes and understand what was happening. She felt chills on her body feeling cold breeze attacking her skin.

Her dark brown eyes finally came in contact with a white ceiling but it still took her proper minutes to make her mind start functioning but as soon as she felt a hand on her thigh caressing her bare leg with his cold fingers. A horrified gasp left from her lips earning the man’s attention who didn’t notice her waking up.

“So your awake, thank god it was getting hard to control.” Saying that he once again let his lips met her sown like skin but this time the force of his kisses were hard and full of desperation.

She let out a horrified shriek in disgust before weakly punching his chest. He only chuckled at her useless tries but didn’t stop her.

She had no idea why she was feeling so weak. It was almost like her body wasn’t attached to her anymore even she couldn’t be able to move her head to the side.

“L-Leave m-me.” She out a small whimper but it didn’t affect the devil. Stopping himself from attacking her beautiful skin he pulled his head up before leaning to her face and looking in her bloodshot eyes.

“Oh, my Lucy. Don’t even try love. You wouldn’t be able to move your body. I had given you a sedative of not making you unconsciousness but this sedative wouldn’t let you move your body. Your body is extremely weak you can’t even sit up without my help baby. So better not try.

His words shocked her to her core. She was completely on his mercy. And it was true she couldn’t even be able to move her leg without feeling weak. Her eyes started getting teary when she felt his hands all over her body and how pitiful it was that she couldn’t even be able to do anything. Can’t even protest using her mouth.

A small gasp left from her lips when he pulled her limped body up making her sit upon his laps letting her legs fell beside him. Her hands fell on his shoulders and head ended up in his neck because of the weakness.

He dipped his head on her shoulder sniffing her enchanting scent he felt satisfied when she didn’t do anything. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to do anything but she just couldn’t be able to do anything.

Her tears started trailing down her eyes damping her pale cheeks. She was just praying for a particular person to save her. Her husband. At this time she just wanted him to save her from this monster.

“D-Damon” She whispered feeling his hands sliding inside her negligee and touching her bare skin while his lips were busy in kissing her slightly exposed shoulder.

But soon his actions halted hearing her mumbling weakly her husband’s name. At this time she was feeling too weak and helpless. And in sadness, she only remembered the only person in whose arms she ever found real peace. In whose eyes she ever saw herself as a human and not as a mare thing that anyone can claim as theirs.

She was harshly pulled back by the angry Luca who looked in her teary eyes. Her head was about to again fell on his shoulder but he held the back of her head staring deadly in her eyes.

“You will never be able to meet him again love. Your mine and get this thing in your mind.” Saying that he forced her head on his shoulder before dipping his face in her hair and mumbling those words which didn’t fail to break her every hope.

“Damon Knight is dead. He went to save you in that house where we were but sad. He must be burnt to ashes till now.

Don’t crush me like this it wouldn’t gain you, my love. That was her painful wail but little did she know her love wasn’t the thing he ever wanted. It was just her.


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