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The next thing was the sounds of gunshots that Luciana was able to hear. Luca got startled hearing the aggressive gunshots and the noises of his men fighting against someone.

He gently laid the limped Luciana on the bed and looked outside the window. And soon his lips curved into a small smirk when he witnessed one particular person shooting his men.

“So your not dead huh. But don’t worry you will be soon.” Saying that he instantly took his gun checking the bullets before glancing at the poor girl who was trying to sit up but was failing miserably.

“Don’t even try love. You wouldn’t able to move an inch. Now rest well. I need to kill the reason why your so hesitant to accept me.

Placing a hard kiss on her forehead he went outside leaving struggling Luciana alone. At first, when he told her that Damon is dead she wanted to just give up not to Luca but on her life.

She wanted to end her life. Damon and her sister were the only reason for her to live. Damon was the only man in her life whoever regretted his wrongdoings and was ready to redeem them.

But hearing him leaving her alone she felt an urge to just take away her useless and full of sorrows life. But a ray of light again sparked up when she heard Luca’s words.

She wasn’t sure if it was Damon who came to save her but when he called him the reason for her couldn’t be to accept Luca. She understood it was Damon who came which made her heart to bloomed up again with happiness.

While on the other hand, Luca came out of the house before walking in front of burning Damon who was ready to just lunged at him and ripped his head anytime.

“So you finally reached huh. I thought you’re dead. Well, no problem I can make it happen right now.” Luca said with a smirk plastered on his lips.

“Sure you will Liam Black. But would you like to tell me why her. Why my wife.” He said emphasizing the words my wife which didn’t fail to anger Luca but the smirk still didn’t wave away from his lips.

“Luca. This is my name, not Liam Black. Liam is just my fake identity. My real name is Luca. Luciana’s Luca.” This time his last words didn’t fail to anger Damon who was to jump on him if it wasn’t for Maxwell who held him back.

“So you’re the fucker who left her when she needed you the most and now your telling me that you were keeping tabs on her all the time through Jack Snider and didn’t dare to even help her. What a coward dog you are.

Luca’s every control broke out hearing Damon’s mocking words and without wasting a second he jumped on Damon landing punches on his face.

Everyone started fighting again. Damon’s men were strong but they were less in number as compared to Luca’s. But it didn’t stop them from attacking each other and trying their best to win.

They kept on fighting and finally Damon had the full control on Luca. He slammed the back of the gun on Luca’s head making him fell on the ground growling in pain. Both Damon and Luca were covered in blood and bruises.

Pulling his gun out he pointed it at laying Luca. Damon’s men finally won against Luca’s. Only a few were left which were shot down by Maxwell who was holding his stomach as he also got beaten up badly.

“Look who’s on his knees now. Whose life is on stake now huh. One pull of the trigger and your done Liam Black aka Coward Luca.” Luca pulled his head up coughing out blood.

“Then go ahead.” Damon stared at him for some proper minutes before lowering his gun.

“To tell you the truth I want to kill you right now but too bad I don’t want my princess to think of me as his childhood friend’s murderer.

Damon saw some emotions flashing in Luca’s bloodshot eyes but they disappeared as soon as they appeared.

Damon motioned his men to keep an eye on Luca and ran inside the house to get his wife back. He searched every room and finally, he heard a sound of groaning.

Instantly running towards that room and he slammed open the room startling the girl inside. They both made eye contact and as soon as his dark eyes met hers. Her eyes started getting teary.

She was hardly able to stand on the ground with the help of the side table. She took a step forward but instantly lost her balance and was about to fell.

Damon instantly moved and grabbed her waist pulling her in his arms before she could fell on the floor. He frowned at how weak she was she couldn’t even be able to move her leg properly.

He picked her up as a bridal style and she hardly wrapped her arms around his neck. Her tears started falling on his neck while he kissed her head again and again.

“I am a sorry princess. I am so sorry I couldn’t protect you. I was late. I am sorry.” She shook her head only as she couldn’t bring herself to say anything.

Bringing her outside he looked at Luca who was still kneeling down but now was looking extremely sad. He looked up finding his love in someone else’s arms.

Damon started walking towards his car but stopped when Luca started talking earning everyone’s attention.

“You were the reason why I did all of this. You were my aim, Lucy. I wanted to win you. You were the success that I wanted to accomplish.” Luciana heard his voice cracking up while Damon only stared at the broken man coldly.

“But I think I lost you the day I decided to stay still while watching you suffer, I am late and no one’s to be blamed but me. It’s me. And only I am to be blamed for everything, I become what you never wanted me to. I am sorry Lucy I failed you but remember my love. That your my first and only love. And you will remain as my last love as well.

Saying that he punched Damon’s man snatching the gun from him. Luciana turned her head to him who smiled at her sadly before placing the gun on his head.

She shook her head while crying but he only smiled closing his eyes and pulling the trigger. She cried out burying her head in Damon’s neck while Damon only sighed in sadness.

Everyone knew that Luca had a clear chance to kill Damon. He could easily shot him right now and could make Luciana as his but would he be able to gain her love.

No, instead it would have only made her hate him even more. He knew he already lost her the day he found her whereabouts and decided to stay quiet.

He lost her love the day he left her alone going through all the torture. He lost her trust the day he let her get married to Damon as a substitute and let him torture for nothing.

And he lost her completely when he kidnapped her. Touched her without her will. He lost his love and his Lucy. He lost his last piece of hope to live.

He lost the reason to live.

Some people come into our life only to leave us one day. He came and left her not once but twice. And this time he would never come back.


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