Author Pov

Damon sighed heavily while staring at his wife who was laying on the bed same as for the last 4 days.

From the day he saved her from Luca and she witnessed his death she has been either just kept on fainting or simply started crying and begging in her unconscious state.

Doctors have instructed Damon to not leave Luciana for even a second. She’s mentally unstable and needed someone.

All of the deaths in front of her left a huge impact on her mental health. Every time she wakes up she only remembers Luca’s bloody body and her father’s burning one.

She’s just too afraid to even open her eyes. It’s almost like she just wanted to never wake up. She’s losing herself every second and that’s what weakening Damon as well.

He couldn’t help but tear up while holding her trembling and crying figure in the night. He didn’t even for once move away from her.

He just wants her to wake up without crying, trembling and begging. He wanted to see those beautiful dark brown orbs.

He wanted to just drown himself to death. He was blaming himself for her condition. He didn’t save her earlier. He also had an equal hand in her condition.

He also tortured her for nothing. Even after knowing that she had no fault in all of this he still forced her to be with him. He still forced her to love him back.

He hates himself for testing a fragile soul so much. She didn’t deserve all of this. She never did then why every bad thing has to happen to a poor soul like her.

Damon instantly brought out of his thoughts when he heard a soft moan coming from his wife. He instantly went towards her and sat down beside her.

“Shh Love I am here. Relax Luciana I am here for you. Your Damon is here.” He mumbled softly before caressing her cheeks with his big hands.

Her soft whimpers turned into loud sobs as once again her tears started spilling out of her eyes. Her cries started to echo in the room but those cries were stabbing his heart again and again.

He pulled her small frame in his arms hugging her tightly. He rocked her back and forth while mumbling soft words which reached her ears.

It took few proper minutes for her to calm down but again she went unconscious. He sighed gently stuffing her in the heavy duvet sitting beside her.

Placing a soft kiss on her forehead he went out of the room before entering his office. A loud growl left from his throat.

He punched the wall multiple times. He never in his whole life felt this much helpless and vulnerable the way he was feeling right now.

He kept on punching the wall before bursting out in tears. For the first time after he vowed to not be weak again today, he cried.

Damon Knight cried.

He was helpless. He couldn’t be able to do anything for his angel. His princess. She was dying slowly slowly and he was too helpless to help her.

Tears kept on falling on his cheeks as he placed his forehead on the wall. He wanted to wake his wife up. He wanted to see those beautiful eyes. He wanted to hear that honey-like voice calling his name.

He felt a soft hand on his shoulder making him turn around. Ryan looked at him with his soft and sad gaze before pulling him in his embrace.

“Brother don’t worry Luciana will get better. You need to get yourself together. You need to be strong for her.” Damon hugged his brother tightly before sobbing on his shoulder.

Ryan was at first shocked to see Damon’s condition but then he realized that not only Luciana is in pain but seeing her in that condition is killing Damon as well.

He let Damon cry on his shoulder. He knew Damon needed to let out. For the past 4 days, Luciana’s health had left a huge impact on Damon as well.

He couldn’t be able to have a proper sleep for the past days. He had stopped eating properly. Luciana has also been kept on only medicines and vitamins.

And how can she even eat when she didn’t even once open her eyes. Damon’s daily routine had been messed up.

“Brother please be strong. You need to be for Luciana.” Damon shook his head as he pulled away from Ryan and walked towards his seat.

He wiped his tears away before plopping down on the seat. His mind was messed up. He wanted his wife back. The same girl who just started to trust him but this Luca once again ruined everything.

“I can’t do this Ryan. I can’t see h-her like this. I am losing myself.” He said in his cracked voice because of all crying.

“You can. You have to.” Both of their attention went to the voice. It was Liliana whose eyes were red as well.

She witnessed Damon’s condition as well and couldn’t control herself. She cried seeing her sister’s condition.

“You can’t Damon. She needs you. You need to show her your love. This is the time you have to prove to her that no matter how bad condition she might be in you will always be there for her.

Her words clicked something inside Damon as he looked at her with a small smile. Now he understood what she needed.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t leave her. I will be strong for her. I will bring my wife back. My Luciana back.” Hearing his words Liliana smiled happily.

At first, she always doubted Damon’s true feelings but now she realized he’s indeed in love with her. Crazily in love with her.

Damon ran towards Luciana’s room and took a deep breath before walking towards her unconscious figure.

She had lost so much weight. She looked smaller than before. Laying beside her he pulled her small frame in his arms hugging her tightly.

He felt her whimper a little but then he started mumbling whatever he had in his mind.

“You know princess. I was only ten years old when our parents died in a car accident. I had to take over my father’s work. I had no one to support me only Jack and Luca’s father. He supported me but not for myself but for his own benefits.

He felt her body being relaxed. It was almost like she was listening to his words.

“I was beaten. Whipped and shot many times in so early age. The age when I was supposed to play with toys I was forced to handle guns and knives. The age when I should be shooting using water guns I was forced to shot dead my enemies.

“My life. My choices. My happiness never mattered. Not to anyone. I worked like a dog and was treated like a slave till I became 18 years old. In so early age I was given the responsibility of being a Mafia King. I am heartless, ruthless, and merciless. I never believed in love and never really wanted to be involved in women.

“I just wanted to find a simple woman and wanted to marry her so I could have my heir. In my life, I always wanted to give my brother and sister the life that I couldn’t have. Everything was going according to my plans until you came.

He stopped as he heard her breathing becoming heavier. He kissed her forehead before caressing her back tightly pressing her body against his.

“I accused you and tortured you in rage. I was angry about seeing my brother’s condition. Every evidence was against your sister and eventually, your father also betrayed me. But then slowly your innocence started playing with the strings of my heart. Your innocent eyes started to make me a slave of them which I hated.

“I didn’t want to be weak in front of my brother’s sinner. But with time I lost. I lost my control. I lost my ego. I lost my heart to you. I fell crazily in love with you. But again my inner demon becomes selfish. After knowing the truth I was afraid of losing you. I was afraid of being lonely again. I become selfish and started to force my love on you. I thought if I keep on caging you then you wouldn’t leave me and with the time you will learn to love me.

He laughed a little at his stupidity. He felt her arms weakly sliding around his hard torso which brought a small smile on his lips.

“But when you run away from me. When you told me you hate me. That time I understood love can’t be forced. You will never love me if I kept on forcing you so I decided to let you go but again Luca destroyed everything.

He felt her arms tightening on his body like she’s trying to soothe him which didn’t fail to make him hold her more closely.

“I know wifey the things I did can’t be forgiven this easily but I am ready to redeem them in any way. You can ask me anything I am ready to give you. Because this time even if I have let you go I wouldn’t stop you because for me your happiness matters the most.

He said kissing her forehead and pulling her more in his warmth. He loves her and for her happiness, he’s ready to even kill himself.

“Please just wake up. That’s all I want. Please open your eyes and look at me. Tell me your fine and then I am ready to do anything. Just for once wake up.

He mumbled before glancing at her but only sighed when he got no response. But he didn’t push her and simply went to sleep holding his wife in his arms.

Next morning, Damon felt something soft in his hair and snuggled more to the soft touch. He felt someone caressing his hair.

This made him relax and unknowingly he whimpered like a baby when the movement of the fingers stopped. But soon his whole body was frozen.

Who was it? To whom those soft fingers belongs. The touch was familiar and eventually, he knew who was it. Slowly unfolding his dark gaze he finally met with those beautiful chocolate eyes which he was yearning to see.

She had a small smile on her lips while her eyes were looking extremely weak but what matters right now was.

She was awake. His Luciana was finally awake.

He opened his heart out in front of her and she accepted it wholeheartedly.


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