Author Pov

Damon stared at his wife in pure shock. He was frozen in his place before steadily extending his hand and touching her cheek.

“Your awake.” He whispered still not believing that she was awake. She smiled weakly at him before nodding her head.

“Oh my God. I missed you so much. Wait let me call the doctor.” He tried jumping off the bed but she grabbed his hand which was on her cheek and shook her head.

He looked at her with a frown and was about to ask her why but once again froze in his spot.

When she extended her arm and wrapped it around his torso before snuggling her head in his chest.

Damon had no idea what she was doing and why. She had never done anything like this before.

“S-Stay like this. Don’t go.” She stuttered with her dry throat before tightening her grip on his waist.

It took proper minutes for Damon to come back to his senses but he eventually did and gladly accepted her request.

He wrapped his arms around her weak and petite figure pulling her more closer. They both laid there for God knows how long.

The peace and calm Damon felt was indescribable while the warmth and protection Luciana felt was everything for her.

Yes, after Luca’s death Luciana didn’t want to live. She was mentally upset. She lost her first sincere friend but what saddens her more was the way he treated her.

He drugged her and was ready to rape her if Damon didn’t come. She was traumatized how he killed her father. She was beyond shook seeing the same man she used to call as her friend and saviour.

That man was changed. He wasn’t the Luca she used to know. That Luca would never think of hurting her like this.

He not only mentally tortured her but sexually left her traumatized. She didn’t know how she will remember him.

She wanted to forget everything. She just wanted to be free from everything but then after hearing Damon’s past and his words.

She realized that there is someone who had suffered more than her. There is someone who needs her more than herself.

She had no idea how she will be his pillar but she convinced her mind to give herself and this man a chance. He needs her and she needs him.

“I am sorry.” She whispered licking her dry lips. Damon looked down at her with a frown.

She gently pulled away from his chest and placed her head on the pillow only inches away from his face.

“I am sorry I became selfish, I was tired and wanted to end my life. I wanted to free from every pain but I didn’t know that in doing so I was hurting you this much.

She whispered making him chuckle at her words. He smiled shaking his head.

“Don’t be. I can understand princess. I know how hard it was for you. Everything I know. Just don’t do this again. I love you so much that I can’t live my life without you anymore.

He said caressing her pale cheek making her nod her head weakly. Suddenly she pouted at him sadly making him concern.

“What happened, baby.” She gulped before answering him.

“I am hungry and thirsty.” He chuckled in relief before nodding his head.

Suddenly his neck and ears turned red when he heard a growl coming from his stomach as well. She pursued her lips controlling her laugh.

“Don’t.” Couldn’t be able to control herself she let out a small weak laugh making him more embarrassed.

“So, it’s not only me whose hungry. Don’t tell me you starved yourself.” She asked him with sad eyes.

“I just didn’t feel like eating seeing you in that condition but now I will eat everything.” He said loudly before leaning to her face with a mischievous smirk.

“Including you.” Whispering that he pecked her lips and got up from the bed before walking towards the room while whistling happily.

While Luciana was frozen with wide eyes. She looked at the bathroom door before chuckling out at his childish tactics.

She sat up on the bed with the help of the bed and rested her back on the bed’s headboard. Suddenly she heard the knocking on the door.

“Come in.” She said and smiled instantly when she saw Lia and Ken entering the room.

“Thank God, your up. We were so worried about you Luciana.” Lia said looking at her with concern gaze.

Luciana only smiled at them and Ken started checking her condition.

“Damon called me a few minutes ago and I immediately came,” Ken said making her smile at how worried Damon was.

Ken started examining her while Damon also came out of the bathroom. He and Lia said nothing just waited for Ken to finish his work.

Lia gave Luciana a glass of water which she gulped down instantly. Ken sighed in relief before turning to Damon.

“Nothing to worry Damon. She’s perfect. Just need to keep her nutrition in check and also make sure she eats her food properly. And, try to take her in fresh air like the garden more often it will be good for her.

Damon nodded his head and asked them to go out. He sighed in relief before smiling happily at his princess who was finally awake now.

Luciana tried to convince him to take her to the dining room but he strictly refused it and after washing her face and helping her to brush her teeth he brought the food in the room.

They both ate their breakfast in a peaceful silence. Damon couldn’t help but keep glancing at her still not properly believing that she’s sitting in front of him perfectly.

“Damon. Liliana where is she.” Luciana asked Damon who smiled at her.

“Don’t worry she’s fine. I already told Ryan that you woke up. I am sure she will be here anytime.” She nodded her head in relief before sliding the soup bowl away.

“I am done.” She exclaimed but got a glare from Damon when he noticed how little she ate.

“Princess, more than half of the bowl is left. No, you’re going to drink the full soup bowl and also this glass of juice and no objection.

Luciana pouted but he only raised his eyebrows in warning making her sigh. She started drinking the chicken soup and with a heavy heart.

After some time, Liliana came to meet Luciana she told her about how devastated Damon was when she was unconscious.

Liliana left but Luciana couldn’t stop thinking about how much Damon loves her. That he cried. The great big bad alpha cried for her.

Days kept on passing and Luciana’s health started becoming better. Damon didn’t leave a single chance to take care of her.

She never in her whole life felt this much love. She felt like a real princess. He made sure to make her feel like his princess.

But today was something different in Damon. His eyes were sad as they were gazing hers who was curious to know why he seems so different.

He grabbed her hands softly before sadly smiling at her making her more confused.

“You know how much I love you right.” She nodded without any hesitation. These past days he had proved her how much he loves her.

“You know princess, I never want these moments. The moments when I can take care of you. When I can hold you in my arms. When I can stare at you as much as I want. I don’t want them to end but.

He paused gulping down before kissing her small hands.

“But I am not good enough for you. You deserve far better than me. I don’t deserve you. So I decided to finally grant your wish. I am letting you go.

Luciana stared at him without a single word. He left her hands before standing up from the couch and back facing her.

“I am going out and will return at midnight. You can pack your bags and leave. No one will stop you. Maxwell will drive you to your sister’s house.

He said before walking towards the door but before he could disappear he said the last words.

“Just remember princess, I love you and will always do.” With that, he disappeared from her sight.

Luciana sighed heavily before taking a suitcase and walking towards the wardrobe.

Time Skip.

Damon came back just like he said past midnight. It was almost 3 am. Somewhere in his heart, he was still wishing to see his wife’s face.

But then let out a sad chuckle when he found the house empty. She was nowhere to be seen and it was obvious she left.

She left him.

He went to the wardrobe and her clothes and everything was disappeared as well. He felt several stabs in his heart but didn’t blame her.

He convinced himself that he deserved it. She is too good enough for him. She finally can live her life as she wants away from this man who gave her nothing but pain.

With that thought, he took a shower and changed his clothes again accepting his lonely life which he used to have.

Wearing his nightwear he walked to the balcony with gloomy thoughts and eyes. He placed his hands on the railing and stared at the garden where she used to roam happily.

But then his whole body stiffens and was frozen in the spot when he felt two soft arms around his hard torso and a head on his back.

A familiar scent invaded his nostrils but his mind was frozen not believing that she’s still with him.

“Your so cruel Damon. You were right. You are selfish. You always do what you want. Do my consent. My agreement matters nothing to you.

Damon was still trying to function his system which was frozen. She left his body and forced him to turn to face her.

His dark gaze met her soft and sad ones. She held his hand and placed it on her cheek smiling at him.

“I am here Damon. I never left.” She whispered making him place his both palms on her cheeks.

“You didn’t leave me.” He breathed out in disbelief making her shook her head.

“I don’t want to leave you. Just like you, I can’t live without you. I want you and only you.” She said making him lean down to her level.

Their faces were only inches. His breathing was hitting on her lips. Their eyes were gazing with so much softness and love.

“Why. Why didn’t you leave? Why you can’t live without me. Why.” He whispered near her lips making her breathing heavier.

They both kept the eye contact for proper seconds before she said something breaking the silence. But what she said didn’t fail to make him crazier for her.

“Because I love you, Damon.

A small whisper from her lips flared multiple sparkles in his body.


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