Author Pov

After Luciana's words. Damon froze in his place... He looked at her with a shocked face but soon his shocked expressions changed into a mocking one. He clenched his jaw and stared at her with hard expressions... But soon he let out a mocking and humorous laugh making Luciana stepped back in fear.

He was looking like a psycho. Fake laughing while his eyes were turning red in anger. Veins were popping out of his neck and bulky arms. But soon before Luciana could do anything Damon grabbed her throat and smashed her on the door. Her hand flew up and held Damon's wrists.

Damon squeezed her throat even rougher and pulled her up a little to make her reach his face level.

Damon: Do you fucking think I am joking here.HUH.

He growled near her ear almost making her deaf.

Damon: Your tricks can't work on me. So get this in your pea-sized mind. Because I wouldn't mind making you understand it in my way princess.

He growled while putting more pressure on her neck almost knocking her out...

Damon: Welcome to the hell wifey.

He threw her on the floor and stormed out of the room leaving the poor girl coughing and trying to catch her breath on the floor.

Luciana's tears started to embrace her red cheeks. Her throat was aching like hell and all the strength from her legs was fade away. She gave up and laid down on the floor while curling up into a ball. She was feeling more than just helpless and hopeless.

she was feeling devastated and lonely. How can someone's fate would be this bad. This worst. She thought she's going to be free from a horrible nightmare in which she was living for the whole of her life. But now what.

She never knew that she's gonna end up in a more worst nightmare. She closed her eyes feeling her leg burning because of the wound...

Luciana: I hate you, Father. I hate you... Help me Lily please help me.

She mumbled to herself while sobbing and crying on her cruel fate...

Damon Pov...

I kicked the glass table making it break into pieces.


I yelled at my man's name... He came towards me and looked at the shattered glass table on the floor with a confused frown.

Max: What happened DK (Damon Knight)

I shot him a glare.

Damon: Who is she.

Max: What do you mean by who is she.. Of course, she's your wife Liliana Miller...


He flinched at my growling but soon clenched his jaw...

Max: How can this be possible.

Damon: And why not.

Max.Because Miller has no other daughter. He only has one daughter Liliana he knows very well about the consequences if he tries to play us.

I chuckled.

Damon: Then why do I think we already got played by him.

He clenched his jaw. Anger started to rush in his dark orbs...

Max: Then I will be the one chopping his head off.

I clenched my fists... If you really lied wifey then you should just pray because I wouldn't spare you.


Author Pov.

Mr. Miller: P-please listen to me Ahh... please... I b-beg you.

He begged to the heartless monster sitting in front of him...

: You really fucking think that I wouldn't know it.

Man said and glared at the pathetic Old man getting beaten up.

Mr. Miller shook his head still groaning in pain. Man held his hand up signaling his men to stop which they obeyed right away...

He walked towards Mr. Miller's beaten up figure and grabbed his hair harshly...

2: Didn't I tell you she's mine... I told you the only man in her life will always be me.



He yelled pulling his head so hard that Mr. Miller felt his scalp ripping off.

: Didn't I tell you. She's mine..mine... I waited for her so long and you gave her away... I'll kill you...

He throwing a hard punch on the old man's face knocking some air out of him... Mr. Miller coughed and shook his head.

Mr. Miller: L-Listen, please...I was forced... I never wanted to do it but I

had no other option.. p-please...

Man crouched down to his level and shot his glare making Mr. Miller gulped in fear.

Mr. Miller: You know h-how cruel Damon Knight is. He said he wanted Liliana no matter what. But Liliana.. that bitch couldn't marry him and you know why...

: And you sacrificed my Lucy... HUH

Mr. Miller flinched in fear and shook his head.

Mr. Miller:  No.. You know how cruel and ruthless Damon Knight is... He would have killed me if I didn't marry Luciana to him instead of Liliana...

Man raised his eyebrows and let out a chuckle.

: So he wanted to marry Liliana. And he thinks my Lucy as Liliana.

He said and surprisingly in amusing tone... A small smirk made its way towards his lips.

: It will be fun provoking Knight then...

Mr. Miller gulped at his dark aura.

Mr. Miller: B-but don't worry... I will tell Damon everything and then I am sure he will leave Luciana then you can have her.

: No... Don't tell him anything...

Mr. Miller frowned at his smirking face full of evil intentions.

: I always wanted to break Damon Knight completely... And this chance is the best. An innocent girl like her will definitely break him apart when he will know the truth but it will be too late.

: Plus. She also deserves a punishment for always resisting and pushing me away.

He said smirking at the shivering old man. But soon his thoughts break away when he heard footsteps

making him frown. He stood up and looked at the door. Soon his lips curved into a smirk witnessing his most close enemy walking towards him.

Damon's eyes hardened staring at the bastard in front of him.. How much he wanted to slit his throat away but still hold him back. Because he knows one wrong step and there will be a mafia war which he doesn't want.

: Damon Knight... My love what are you doing here.

He said sarcastically making Damon grind his teeth.

Damon: That's what I should ask Jack Snider...

Jack smirked before pushing Damon's buttons.

Jack: I was here for two things. First for this.

He pointed at beaten Mr. Miller on the floor making Damon confused.

Jack: He has something that belongs to me but unfortunately lost It. And second.

He smirked before successfully provoking Damon.

Jack: I want to meet my baby girl. I heard you married her...

Thousand of trials are left to go through. Her life was a cluster of trials. After completing one she always ends up in another...

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