Chapter 6 A Pure and Charming Face

"Yes, I am... Lynn Aagard..." Lynn said quickly and changed the subject, "Uncle Talty, did you come upstairs to ask me to eat? I'm starving..."

As she spoke, she did not even dare to look at Samuel and quickly ran to the door of the room to escape from the place where Samuel was.

Samuel was so scary. Not only were his eyes, but also the aural from his body was extremely frightening.

"Yes!" Uncle Talty nodded in cooperation, "Mr. Laris, Mrs. Laris, dinner is ready!"

Samuel watched Lynn leave and suddenly realized that she was still wearing a bathrobe, and under the bathrobe... He frowned and felt a surge of anger in his heart. He stepped forward. He pulled her into his arms and closed the door of his room behind him before she was about to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" Samuel growled.

Lynn felt strange and a little embarrassed. She wanted to break his hand off and whispered, "I... I'm hungry. Go downstairs to eat..."

Samuel frowned, "Are you going downstairs dressed like this?"

Although he was not interested in her and didn't even give her the wedding ceremony, she was his new wife. How could he let her go out dressed like this? Didn't she have any consciousness?

Or... Samuel wondered if she pretended to be innocent or did she like that?

"Ah?" Lynn was in a daze. Then she realized that she was still wearing a bathrobe, feeling even more embarrassed. She lifted herself out of his arms with a red face and ears, "I'm sorry... Mr. Laris, I didn't mean to go to your room. I'll leave now..."

Samuel frowned even more, "Change your clothes before you leave!"

This woman really didn't know how seductive she was at this moment. Although Uncle Talty was an old housekeeper. He was a man. She shouldn't have dressed like that in front of him.

"Okay, okay..." Lynn nodded. She was holding his white shirt in her hand, so she turned and walked into the bathroom, trying to close the door and change.

However, as soon as she entered the bathroom and turned around, she saw Samuel follow her in.

Lynn was shocked, "What, what are you doing? I'm going to change..."

"Go outside and change. I want to take a bath!" Samuel glanced at her and said expressionlessly.

With that, he chased her out.

Lynn was so angry that it was hard to be a stepmother. Samuel, her son, who was older than her, was not easy to get along with at all.

Vigilantly, she changed into Samuel's white shirt and then awkwardly tugged at the hem of the shirt. The shirt was very big and long, but it only reached the root of her legs, not her knees. It felt really... Anyway, it's better than wearing only a bathrobe without wearing underpants...

After comforting herself, Lynn left Samuel's room and went downstairs.

The food was already prepared well in the restaurant, and before she went downstairs, she smelled the fragrance, which was really tempting.

Lynn ran over excitedly. When seeing the table full of dishes, she felt that she was starving to death. And she really had an appetite.

She quickly sat down, but Uncle Talty motioned for her to wait.

She was a little depressed. She was about to starve to death, but when thinking that Samuel and Senior Mr. Laris had not come, she sat up straight. She had not seen Senior Mr. Laris yet, and she did not know why this old man chose her as his wife, so she was just waiting obediently!

After a while, Samuel came downstairs. When he saw Lynn at the table, he glanced at her indifferently and ordered the kitchen to serve dinner.

Lynn was surprised and asked hesitantly, "Senior Mr. Laris, your father. Isn't he... Coming for dinner?"

Samuel looked at her in surprise and did not answer.

Seeing that he didn't speak, Lynn could only stop talking and silently chewed the rice in the bowl... Samuel, who was older than her, had a strong aura and seemed to dislike her very much!

But she didn't mean to marry into the Laris family to be his stepmother!

Thinking of this, Lynn felt wronged. She was just a girl who had just turned 23 years old and was about to graduate from college. She was in her prime. If she hadn't been forced, how could she have married a man older than her father?

As Lynn thought about it, her tears couldn't help but fall. Tears rolled down her face and she cried hard. Even if Samuel beside her, wanted to ignore her, he couldn't.

He frowned, saying unhappily, "Just eat. Why are you crying?"

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