Chapter 8 Woman, Fulfill Your Obligations

Samuel curled his lips. Uncle Talty just came over and said that this woman wanted to live alone...

"Aren't you my stepmother? You have to fulfill your duties as a stepmother!" Samuel said with a gloomy look and a sneer.

Lynn was so scared that she swallowed subconsciously, "It's so late. Let's talk about it tomorrow..."

"What do you think you should fulfill?" Samuel stepped forward and threw her down.

Lynn was shocked, "Ah, you... You can't do this to me. Your father will be angry..."

Samuel's face suddenly darkened, "I don't know if my father will be angry but now I'm very angry!"

"Um... You don't like me? To be honest... I didn't want to marry into your family. I'm telling the truth! Please believe me!" Lynn showed a so determined look that she almost raised her hand to swear.

However, Samuel didn't seem to be relieved but became even more gloomy after hearing her words. He gritted his teeth and said, "You mean that you have been wronged to marry into our family, right?"

Lynn nodded heavily but she then saw that he was even more unpleasant. She immediately shook her head heavily. Due to his fierce look, she could only disregard her conscience and reply, "No! Absolutely not! I mean... It's actually my... my blessing to be able to marry into the Laris family!"

"Since it's your blessing, you should be grateful and fulfill your duties!"

Samuel glanced at her coldly and ordered indifferently, "Come here."

Lynn shuffled forward. It took her a long time to walk up to him as she was afraid, "Mr. Laris... What can I do for you?"

After saying that, she couldn't help but scold herself in her heart for being too spineless. She was at least his nominal stepmother now. After all, she was his elder. How could she be intimidated by her stepson?

Thinking of this, Lynn straightened her back and moved her eyes slowly to his handsome face. This time, she changed her words, "What do you want me to do?"

Samuel stared at her thoughtfully with a hint of cunning in his eyes, especially when he saw her pretending to be calm.

His expression did not change and he said coldly, "Come and undress me."


Lynn was shocked but she quickly understood what he meant. Her look froze and she retorted on the spot, "No!"

Perhaps sensing that she was too emotional, Lynn softened her expression a little and said in a pleasant tone, "I mean, although I'm your stepmother, men and women are different after all, so it's not so appropriate for me to undress you."

Seeing her evasive look, Samuel didn't want to follow her words. He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

She was only wearing one of his shirts. Looking down through her shirt, he could see her perfect figure, which was partly visible under the almost transparent fabric...

Samuel's gaze gradually deepened and he felt a dull pain in a part of his abdomen.

"Damn it! How would I have feelings for this woman?!"

"Is it because I had been abstinent for too long?!"

Lynn looked at him, as if sensing his intention, and clenched the buttons of her shirt with both hands, "You can't do this to me. I'm your father's woman..."

Her words immediately pulled Samuel back from his thoughts. His thin lips immediately pursed, and his tone was full of ridicule, "What are you thinking about? Which part of your body do you think you can attract me?"

After being scolded by him, Lynn's face turned red with shame. Her pretty face was like a bright red peach. She was tongue-tied and didn't know how to answer.

Seeing her like this, Samuel was relieved as he knew that his words had worked.

At this moment, seeing that he had a hard-on, Samuel looked back at her and asked coldly, "Who allowed you to wear my clothes? Or did you deliberately enter my room early, wanting to..."

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